Wednesday, September 30, 2009

5 Words From Krippled Warrior

5 more words given to me.
Now what will I come up with?
These weren't random chosen words.
You know I'm not a wordsmith.

Krippled Warrior sent them.
"They're plain old words! " he'll say.
But, hey, that's cool it really is.
Cause turn-abouts fair play.

My Five Words From Krippled Warrior.

1. cetacean (si-TEY-shun)


3. diabolical

4. eponymous (uh-PON-uh-muhs)

5. gallinaceous (gal-uh-NEY-shuns)

This summer I could not decide
Where I should spend vacation.
I read a book called Moby Dick.
And dreamed to see CETACEAN.

The whales and dolphins were so big,
No matter where I went.
They better not eat quite so much.
They'll end up CORPULENT!

I then went to the next place .
The noise could wake the nations.
No thank you, please, I like mine fried.

I did not like the place I chose
Was feeling oh so woeful.
This place had just as much finesse
Of someone DIABOLICAL.

I KNOW! I'll make my own resort.
What Fun! You wait and see!
So what if I've EPONYMOUS,
It's called MyADHDMe!



Anonymous said...

awesome--no idea what it means!!


Sue J. said...



And it rhymes! That's the best part!!

Anonymous said...


Edie said...


Kelly Combs said...

Love it. But not sure about the 713 comment.

My ADHD Me said...

713...that is secret code for WOW!! GREAT POST!!

KrippledWarrior said...

Excellent job young lady. I applaud your fortitude and mental prowess.
713 could be a genetic reference to gene code C1QB, or taken as an alpha code 713 would be FAC. But 713 is also an area code in Texas.
maybe ANON will enlighten us later...

My ADHD Me said...

KW...Now that you mention it, I do believe that 713 IS the genetic reference to gene code C1QB.

2Thinks said...

Oh my! I'm laughing and I don't know why. I can hardly understand a bit of it. I have to go and look it all up in the dictionary. Do you suppose I can do the same with my five from KW? I don't know.

I am lost on 713. I don't know what in the world 713 is or why it is mentioned in the comments. Can you tell me? Or would you have to then shoot me?

Okay, I'm off to look up the words- I'm still smiling.
Bloggies are, for the most part, just too smart for me.

Kelly Combs said...

713 being the genetic reference to gene code C1QB is way too obvious. Everyone would guess that. I'm thinking its something more random.

HisPrincess said...

I'm thinking because it is YOUR family, it would definately be something random!

Highly entertaining as usual!

Irritable Mother said...

Hey, I knew one of those words!
And how did I know it? Because it's in Robin Hood, which Matthew watches for days-in-a-row. I think it's Prince John who describes Friar Tuck as a CORPULENT cleric.
Yes, I can learn something from kids' shows! LOL

Beverlydru said...

Did she REALLY send you THOSE words?! What a challenge - that you met with such humor and grace. Did you expect someone to tell you today that you're full of grace? Well you are!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Why do I feel like I'm back in school on the outside of a joke. I shall laugh and pretend I understand the 713 ref: HAHAHAHAHAHA. Whew. Almost lost my "cool."

Anonymous said...


Greg C said...

You lost me on this one. Heck I got lost when someone said; Define "is".

My ADHD Me said...


Sometimes 13 year old boys who inherit their ADHD tendencies from their mom, seem to think it is hysterically funny to type in random things to make everyone crazy-er. (not stating any names).

I think said boy would probably get a kick out the fact that the comments went from the fact that the writer excruciatingly poured over the dictionary, to instead, the main interest of deciphering the genetic reference to gene code C1QB.

I found out, said information, last night and was sworn to secrecy. HOWEVER, the deal was that he wouldn't do it again. I MEAN, IF it had been my 13 year old that left the random number AND IF I was the ADHD mom. I would have blown his cover too. :)

Kelly Combs said...


KrippledWarrior said...

Okay sweetie,
kudos for manipulating the pages of an unabridged dictionary. Not only did you get the correct definitions. But you used them in proper context.
Simians are capricious. Their off sping as well.

Edie said...

Hope you're feeling better!