Friday, September 25, 2009

Lets Try Again --- 5 Words

Skipping the introductions and formalities, here I go.


I LOVE songs. I go through phases where I listen to different genres all the time. Music is something I am very (for the most part) open minded to. I think I leaned that trait when my oldest started playing a genre called Grind Core. After listening to that for months, you would be amazed how so many types of music sound better than they used to. Luckily, his style has changed a bit in the last 3 years. If you are brave, you can watch this clip of one of his rehearsals before a "Big Gig" at his high school. This is from about 3 years ago. He is the guitarist (and "vocals?") on the left side. He had that hair twirling down like a pro. Actually he IS very good. He writes a lot of his own stuff and the "grind Core" genre is slipping away. (crocodile tears). Oh yeah, all that long hair and face scruff is gone now too. (He looks older than 15 years old that he is in this clip.)
I'm quite sure you won't understand any of the words. And actually, that may be for the best. 15 seconds of this clip may very well be enough for you, (it may very well be too much!).

(What was the word I was supposed to be doing again?

Oh yeah...SONG.....well, that's what they called it!



Now! Wasn't that special!!!


Expound on the word Blink ( go ahead, try to tell me that 2Thinks didn't pick out these words just for me!)
OK, Blink.

Think of all the things we miss because we have to blink.
Add up the moments and you'll see. Just close one eye and think.
You'll note I said, "close just one eye". You thought I was a nut.
But how you can see anything when both your eyes are shut?


OK, 2 things come immediately to mind. One is a song from elementary school.

I've got that joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart.
Down in my heart.
Down in my heart.
I've got that joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart.
Down in my heart to stay!!!

And the other thing that came to mind was my darling little "Pride and Joy"!


Perhaps a word that I need to do some more research on. You've heard "The sky's the limit!". People with ADHD seem to take that message to heart.
Limit.....Use it, Say it, Remember it!!!!!!


Oh Puleeze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thththththththth....that's all folks!!



Kelly Combs said...

Sounded like a dog barking to music to me, then squeeking. Very bizarro. :-)

I like him better with the hair cut. Imagine that?

Mocha with Linda said...

You are so funny.

And your comments on my five words absolutely made me laugh.

Edie said...

Your son is certainly good with the hair twirling. :)

#2 - That's called a little wink.

#3 - Love the little Pride and Joy. Haha!

Lots of fun over here as usual!

Beverlydru said...

I'm still laughing. The things we go through with raising boys! LOL. Oh my stars - grind core, huh?
What was the word I was supposed to be doing again? WAHAHAHAHAA

Sue J. said...

I'm just wondering if they actually made the "Big Gig" after their audition? I would like to see your guy do some solo guitar work sometime, because his fingers were certainly flying over the fret board.

[In fact, maybe he could learn "Pride and Joy" by Stevie Ray Vaughn; that would be an excellent choice!]

Hair twirling. Can you put that on a resume? Somebody's gotta need a hair twirler somewhere. VA Film Board Office, special effects, perhaps....

Irritable Mother said...

I have come to believe that it is impossible for you to write anything that will not make me laugh. (Oooo! Could that be a challenge? *grin*)
Seriously, I love visiting you, because I always leave with a smile on my face.

KrippledWarrior said...

Tell the boys to invest in a mixing board. Not enough bass, and the drums sound too shallow. My tastes in music are way beyond anything you might listen to. Go to youtube and find something by Emilie Autumn. Industrial rock. Try her "I Want My Innocence Back". She has a tough message for bad boys.
Thanks for the grins. Again.

2Thinks said...

You did it! It's very, very funny. I laughed out loud at Pride and Joy. Unfortunately something is up with my audio and while I played the clip, I couldn't hear a thing, which made me focus more intently on the hair and the hair shake, especially on the right. Wow! You know how you aren't supposed to shake a baby? Well, what do you s'pose happens to the brain of a teenager when he shakes it like that? Dunno.

You're some kind of wonderful- love visiting this blog!

Hey, do you have something against cheese? I'm tellin' ya, the words were completely random sista, opened the dictionary and pointed with one eye closed- 5 times.

Have a great weekend!

Oh, I know what you can do. Give me five and I'll do the meme again, then we'll be even, right?

KrippledWarrior said...

Heidi gave me an idea, and I gave her five random words off the top of my head. So I want to give you five off the same pile:
cetacean, corpulent, diabolical, eponymous, gallinaceous.

2Thinks said...

What in the world are we gonna do with the Five from Krippled Warrior?! Yikes.

I posted my answers to the five you gave me tonight.

I also left a message on Chatty Kelly's last post that you should read. She clued me in and I was amazed.

Greg C said...

Those were 5 crazy words. I guess I was supposed to pass mine along too but I didn't.