Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today Is Tuesday. You Know What That Means...

Today is Tuesday.
You know what that means.
We're gonna have a Special Guest!!!!

I had my back injections last week but they don't seem to be kicking in as quickly as I expected. I haven't given up hope yet. I'm not getting around too well so for today's special guest I am going to FLY. I just ran this clip back in September but it makes me feel good, SO......5...4...3...2...1........

Cause Tuesday is Guest Star DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Before I introduce today's special guest, let me tell you something. 100 feet looks a LOT farther when you are 100 feet in the air and looking down, than when you are looking at it straight on.

Thanks to Chatty Kelly's computer finesse, I am able to show today's video clip.

Not surprisingly, when I made up my mind that I wanted to go Bungee Jumping, it was bound to happen. I climbed and climbed and climbed the multiple ladders/stairs until I got to the top. I had every intention of diving off. I couldn't wait!

You know, your body has this thing called self preservation. God probably put it there especially for people like me. Anyway, as badly as I wanted to dive off, my body simply would not let me. Even jumping was harder than I expected. Although my brain was saying JUMP, my entire body was saying, "Hey Stupid! Get away from the edge!". (or should that be the other way around?)

ANYWAY, It was time to (in the words of NIKE) "Just Do It!".

And I did! Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I would have been SO cool.....except for some reason, without even realizing it, I held my nose as if I were jumping into the ocean or something....what a nerd. lol.

(that big yellow tube is something you have to hold onto when you jump. You hold it a different way for diving which is why I was switching back and forth.

SO, the first video clip is a little bit longer, it shows me hemming and hawing and trying to make myself jump. The second clip is if you just want to see the actual jump.

It doesn't feel like this was very long ago, but when you see the camera flash over to the man and 2 kids watching, those 2 little boys are now 13 and 18!

Here Goes! Heads Up!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

loved it. was the water cold??


Mocha with Linda said...

Wow. My hat's off to you. I HATE the falling sensation. Heights themselves are no problem. Bungee jumping, high dives - no thanks!

Sue J. said...

I will not be bungee jumping, that is for sure.

And I am a nose plugger, too! In 8th grade, we went on a several day retreat to the country. Part of that retreat included those infamous "trust activities." Everyone took a turn falling backwards into the arms of kids who were lined up, arms reaching across, all the way down a line.

I held my nose. They said, "How's the water?!" It's like blinking when you sneeze....

You are a special guest, and always a special host!

Edie said...

Yaaaaah Whooooooo! I LOVED THIS! You make me want to do that! But not really. I don't think I could. I'm sure I couldn't. But you make me want to. I think it's really good that we don't like too close because I bet you could talk me into stuff I wouldn't do on my own.

Thanks so much for being the special guest today. You are always special.

I have a special guest today too, but she's no where near as special as you. I'm gonna go watch your video again. This is great! :D

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

I SOOOooooooooo want to do that....And I think it would be better that way than the kind where you fall upside down and the leash thing-y is on your feet. My ankle still hurts where I broke it. I want to do it! YAY Mary!

Kelly Combs said...

Fun times (for you)! I would NEVER do that. NEVER EVER! Nor would I run into a burning building (unless my kids were inside or something).

Are you sure we sisters? you don't even like chocolate or coffee, which are my two favorite things. Strange.

But I'll agree with everyone else. You are special. Awww.

Edie said...

I love listening to you laugh at the end. You look thrilled to death. :)

Edie said...

Ok I watched it again. I think your sweet sister needs to put this in your sidebar.

KrippledWarrior said...

Burning buildings and bungee jumps. I'll get you or a scooter one day. But you'll need a permission note from Kelly. 70 mph with the wind in yer face singing your favorite gospel hymn, or anything but C/W, at the top of our voices.

2Thinks said...

I'm sitting here stunned. I can barely type. The whole type I watched video #1 I was saying out loud, "don't do it, don't do it.."

I could never, never, never and a million more nevers. What inspired you?

Your hair looks good. It's all curly and long, it's bungee jumping hair, so it sort of balances out the holding your nose part.

I mean never, baby!

So, I am just stunned- to have seen this- for real. Stunned.

Feet on the ground forever, Heidi

2Thinks said...

The whole TIME I watched video #1- not the whole type....see...I can't type, I am so stunned...

Edie said...

I meant "don't live too close.

I'm going to go watch the bounce again.

Irritable Mother said...

So, you mentioned the fact that this actually took place a long time ago to let us know you made this jump when you were, uh, young and, um, stupid??? *grin*
The swinging part at the end looked fun, but I don't think I could get myself to do the jump part. You're more brave tham me!

And I'm glad the Wait and See song was what you needed this morning. I had no idea. But GOD knew!

Jenny wren's nest said...

I think you are very courageous,

Kelly Combs said...

Wow - a rerun. heehee.

Great post!

Irritable Mother said...

You are so much braver than I!
While I think it would be fun, I am quite certain there is NO WAY you could get me to go bungee jumping.
What can I say? You're just too cool! *grin*

But I am sorry to hear that your back is still hurting. :(

Greg C said...

And you wonder why your back hurts? Duh, this can't be good for you. LOL

Edie said...

I still love it! But I have to agree with Greg, this can't be good for your back. :)

I responded in my comments to your comment on my blog. You understood that right? :)

In short, I think it's chronic. Come on over, we can hold each other up. LOL! I hope you're feeling better soon my friend.

2Thinks said...

My comment from last time is still down there. How 'bout that. I still feel exactly the same as I did then. :)

Your hair looks very, very good. It is truly bungee jumping hair.

I am so glad you held your nose. I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't held on to it.

Hope your back feels better real, real, real, real.....soon!

You're very special! And I like you.

2Thinks said...

Actually the former comment is up there. Up.