Monday, March 15, 2010

Blah Blah Blah, & Facet Joint Injections

blah blah blah blah blah

That is what comes to mind when I sit down to write lately.
I've done a few memes and entertained my Tuesday guest, but other than that there just haven't been too many posts.I get these great ideas throughout the day, I even write them down. But then I sit down to write and.....n....o....t...h...i....n.....g.

Hmmm....lack of segway...

2 or 3 weeks ago I got Facet Joint Injections in my back. They use an x-ray machine to get the injection in the correct spot. It did help but not enough. HOWEVER, I had been at a point where the sofa was becoming my world. These injections helped take away about 50% of the pain.

Anyway, I'm going back Thursday for more injections. I would appreciate a prayer of two if you can arrange it. I must admit that I am "over" this pain thing. Unfortunately I don't think it is "over" me. The injections are not a cure and I'll still need the surgery but I can put off the surgery for a while this way. If it works for me, each visit should relieve pain for 12-14 weeks. It has only been 2-3 weeks for me but the doc did say I may need to come back sooner the first time.

I told him that I didn't want to use pain killers as a regular part of my day just to be able to get around. he agreed completely as he wrote out a script for 300 Vicadin...monthly!! DOn't worry, I'm not taking anywhere near that amount. Seems a bit reckless to me, but....

Anyway, Going back Thursday to get it done again. That will be at the 3 week mark.

Then maybe, JUST MAYBE....

Less Pain.

Wouldn't that be great!

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Kelly Combs said...

Okay, people, please realize that this post is a HUGE step for ADHDme. The first time she had it done she didn't even tell ME. You know she is more a control freak then me, at times.

So let's all pray for her! And send cyber hugs. Maybe she can tolerate them. {{MyADHDMe}}

"Lack of segway." heehee.

Hope it works!

My ADHD Me said...


samurai said...

Most definitely, praying...

Blasé said...

oops, it didn't take the first time, apparently. I was in a rush for work.

"Things are not always what they appear to be"

On Purpose said...

Ouch...this does not sound fun. Definitely praying and knowing He is hugging you too!

Irritable Mother said...

I don't know, maybe the Vicadin would help you come up with some fun posts. LOL!
And, so sorry, but I totally had to laugh about CK's cyber hug comment. Cuz I love to hug, and I have filed that little detail about you in my brain - in case I ever have the blessed occasion to meet you. Don't want to crush your personal space. *grin*

Let's pray.
Father in heaven, thank You for Your love and perfect care for each one of us today! Thank You that You can manage this pain that MyADHDMe is experiencing in this moment.
Father, would You be gracious to her and bring relief? And would You reveal to her the purpose for the pain?
In the midst of it, LORD, please show her Your goodness and power!
I'm asking it in the wonderful, powerful, beautiful, matchless Name of JESUS. Amen and amen!

Love you!

Edie said...

Am praying now to Jehovah-Rapha for your complete healing. Have been praying for you for a while.

That picture was blech!

I thought about you quite a bit today because I haven't been able to sit at the computer without a lot of pain for the last few days. Spending a lot of time down with an ice pack on my back.


Oh look! My DWV: squzz
Seriously! LOL!

2Thinks said...

Did you say Thursday? Good. I still have time to throw a prayer heavenward on your behalf before the next round of shots.

I'm like you when it comes to blog thoughts. I think of many posts, but often sign in to facebook first during my limited (lately) computer time, get stuck there talking to old classmates I hardly knew 31 years ago and by the time I'm done chatting, the fire to write the post is burned up- poof- gone.

I haven't posted anything new since a week ago Monday and there is little hope for a post today, since I have to get to the bookstore soon.

*sigh* Hope your back gets better soon by some amazing miraculous occurance- or from the shots.

Beverlydru said...

I'm in! For prayer. I freaked out at the picture you posted so now you know why I could never, nver, never be an EMT or paramedic. Nope no way. But I can pray. Thanks for letting us be part of your healing by TELLING us. You goober. Monkeys are funny.

gianna said...

my husband had horrible back pain last summer into the winter up until now. Well, I guess for the past month he hasn't needed to take 800 mg ibuprofen everyday like he was needing to do, but yeah, he didn't want to get through life on painkillers either. I get it.
I'm sorry you are in so much pain.
I will pray for you right now.

My ADHD Me said...

goober-hee hee