Friday, March 26, 2010

The Dreaded WVB

I haven't been very productive lately and (obviously) haven't been doing much blogging. What better time could there be to work on learning a new language. You know the one. The Dreaded Word Verification Box (WVB). Although we all agree that this can be an inconvenient hassle, it is also a way to work on our foreign language skills.

Here are a few of the new words I have learned.

1. relie-that is the problem with lying. Once you start, you usually end up needing to lie more and more to keep up with the original lie. It can sometimes be very confusing keeping all those lies straight. Therefore, I strongly suggest that you avoid lying. That will prevent the need to relie.

2. stogger-one with an abnormal fascination / obsession with any certain blogger. One who stalks any certain blog and perhaps makes copies of this blog and wall papers his/her room with it.

3. refreak-what Chatty Kelly will do next time her husband allows people into her office when she hasn't cleaned it.

4. menope (me-no-pe) I went into the ladies room but after I got there, I changed my mind, menope.

5. prophy- false quotes from The Prophet.

6. alquit- What Al did when he was losing the game. Al is SUCH a poor sport!

7. ferfo- One who protests the wearing of fur.

8. inedov- When you have a strong craving for something. When I wake up in the morning, I am inedov a diet coke.

9. Archinewho- Second cousin of Archinehow.

10. tarintub- What a Mess! After Berr Rabbit got out of the tar, he went home and had a bath. He really needs to learn to clean up after himself.

11. fatenal- Medication for obesity.

12. noper- Sound made by a mute cat.

13. maywar- The battle that came after the April War.

14. bratop- Well, it makes a lot more sense than brabottom.

15. ovenizi- This is the product that was invented before the Easy-Bake Oven. Not sure why it never took off.

16. submene- The part-timer that takes over for the Full-Time Mene when he or she is on vacation.

SO, until next time.........




KrippledWarrior said...

You wit is very interesting. I always try to pronounce those wvb. But I never considered giving them a definition.
Simians are hysterical.

Bonita said...

I love it when you do the word verification dictionary. Such fun!

2Thinks said...

Me no pee- heeheehee. This happens to me sometimes.

Tar in tub- I remember Brer Rabbit. The story was in that one volume of the Disney encyclopedia set or something like that, right?

Easy bake ovens- I loved mine!! I made muffins and little cakes. Ahh, the memories...

refreak- I'm always re-freaking out about something- less now though, because of my paradigm shift implementation.

If you ever cut your hair off, do not send to Locks of Love, send to 2 Thinks in Michigan- just getting my order in early. I really shouldn't have typed that. Locks of Love is a very worthy cause. Fash gave her locks to them. Okay. Send to Locks. *sigh*

My wvb word is peric- pee r ick- don't get it on your pantleg.

Blasé said...

#3 CK needs to 'clean as she goes', and that way she will not need to worry when her husband invites me to see her computer and things of that nature...

Word Very Thingy tends to make me feel retarded.

HAAA! I had to do it TWICE just now for some reason.

Edie said...

menope... Whahahahaha!

ovenizi... I think those were a hit in Italy.

You're such fun!

Sue J. said...

I thought inedov was the name of a Russian figure skater, but...nyet! You have me back on track--thank you!

Kelly Combs said...

Fatenal - I think I saw the commercial for that. LOL!

Edie said...

I hope you're feeling better. Still praying for you my friend.

2Thinks said...

I love hearing from you in the comments. Just saw yours there. Are you on facebook? Friend me if you are

Heidi Booher Trumble

Irritable Mother said...

I love it when you do this!
Takes me back in time to when we played the 'Dictionary game' at family get-togethers. You would fit right in with us. *grin*
And, boy, did you're closing ever take me back in time!
I'm feeling quite young this morning. Thanks!

WVB: lootte
I'm sure you can come up with something for this one.