Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today Is Tuesday. You Know What That Means

Today is Tuesday.
You know what that means.
We're gonna have a special guest!!!

One of my favorite things about Tuesday special guests is that I get requests for those artists that we all love but don't always like to admit it. I love all the "corny" favorites but yes, I have been known to roll UP the windows in the car before I turn up the radio and belt out the lyrics.

Barry Manilo, Marie Osmond, Karen Carpenter (oh I LOVE Karen Carpenter) and so many others. They are icons but somehow ended up on the "it is uncool to listen to" list. Well, here's a huge surprise......I've never been cool anyway, haha. Thank Goodness!! Way too much pressure.

Today's Special Guest was requested by Meredith.
She asked for the Bee Gees or Shaun Cassidy. Love it!

Way too many choices for the Bee Gees, (Like it or not, they were HUGE!) I'll have to get back to them.
Shaun Cassidy.......easy choice.

One of my sisters had his poster on their wall. Was it you, CK or ET?

My wall had John Travolta, Fonzie, and a life size poster of Clark Gable. (a bit of trivia there...no charge).

OK, back to today's guest, cause.....

Today is Guest Star Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Meredith said...

bwahahahaha! LOVE IT! Shake that hair Shaun! I usually don't get to check blogs before going in to work this early, but I just happened to today!! Thank You!! THat was great! .......Hardy Boys (sigh)
Ya'll have a great day!!:)

Mocha with Linda said...

A walk down memory lane!

And for the record, I loved the BeeGees' music!

2Thinks said...

Haaahaaahaa, hee heee heee he looks like he borrowed Farrah Fawcett's hairstyle without the hotdog roll curls. I'm pretty sure I had the same cut. Such a pretty boy.

Why is he wearing a baseball uniform shirt? Shaun surly didn't play on a baseball team. Maybe he had a softball game before the show.

My heartthrob back in the junior high day was: Bobby Sherman.
"...and I've cried like a baby...in the dark ness of my room- with nobody there to love or understand...."

John Travolta, eh? heh heh- I liked the cleft in his chin.

God's girl said...

I don't know who this person is, so I feel young today!!! Woo hoo! That doesn't happen very often! LOL Have a great day!

Sue J. said...

2nd time Blogger has nipped my response. I will try again today.

I was always partial to Parker Stevenson. But Shaun could sing, and that made him a highlight on many a Hardy Boys episode. Plus, with David Cassidy as a half-brother and Shirley Jones as his mom, he had a lot going for him. (Parker would inherit Kirstie Alley; enough said.)

What came as a big shock to me at some point after the song came out was that it was a remake! Without going to Wiki, it was somebody like the Ronettes or the Shirelles who first did the song in the '60s, only without the most excellent sax solo.

"C'mon, everybody, get down and get with it....that's rock and roll...."

Kelly Combs said...

Haha! I was also wondering why he is wearing a baseball shirt with silk bell bottom pants. And oh the hair. Remind me why I thought he was so cute? I don't remember him being so feminene.

It was me with the poster.

KrippledWarrior said...

I wasn't aware we could submit requests! No one thought my music choices were cool either. But I had a different taste from the pop culture anyway. So maybe you could put up some FUNKADELICS, URIAH HEEP, GRAND FUNK RAIL ROAD or THE JAMES GANG?
Just nothing with a disco ball.

Meredith said...

AFter a long hard day at work, I just had to come back and watch it again! Hilarious! I had the poster and the little radio with the microphone!

Edie said...

I was wondering the same thing as 2Thinks and Kelly. A baseball shirt and, were those silk bell bottoms? I thought they were satin. No man would be caught in an outfit like that today.

I liked his older brother David and looking at those videos now I realize he had a feminine look about him too. I guess the pretty boy look was in. LOL!

I enjoyed the music. :D