Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Here We Go Again.... Is There An Echo In Here?

You all know the story.

I've referred to it more than once.

If you arrived late and missed the previews, you can go read them at Step Away From The Car, Step Away From The Car Again, Here We Go Again, and Please, Please, Step Away from the Car.
I doubt anyone needs to go back, but I needed practice on linking anyway.

So Here We Go Again.
It's time.
He has to start driving again one day.
He has been punished.
He has not driven for 4 months.
He's been to driving school.
He is taking money out of every paycheck to help out.
He did his community service hours for the accidents.
Both accidents were due to inexperience, weather conditions and probably not paying enough attention.
Neither accident was due to recklessness, drugs, alcohol, speeding or acting careless.
The police liked him.
The judge liked him.
I love him.
It's time.
I'm , well, understandably, nervous.
But we've worked together.
We've practiced.
We've have talked about just about every possible scenario.
We've talked about how it would affect me and SO MANY OTHERS if he was killed in an accident.
We've talked about how it would effect him, me, and SO MANY OTHERS if he accidentally killed someone else in an accident.
We've talk about injury from accidents.
We've talked about the fact that he will lose his license for 18 months-2 years if he even gets a ticket.
We've talked about INSURANCE.
We've talked about the fact that we CAN NOT buy another car.
We've talked...
and talked...
and talked.
He's a teenager, but I THINK he listened.
We've practiced...
and practiced...
and practiced.

The judge still trusts him to drive.
So do I.
I'll say a prayer every time he gets behind that wheel.

We have REALLY, REALLY been blessed that there were no injuries before.
He obviously has an angel on his shoulder.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I present to you, Car #3.
The 1989 Chrysler New Yorker Landau. Mary Kay Pink with Red Plush Interior. (I told him, No Fuzzy Dice Hanging From The Rear View Mirror!)

SOMEONE will see him at all times. "Surprisingly", it's the only one of its kind in the area.
He knows that EVERYONE will recognize him and that if he is goofing around while driving I WILL FIND OUT.


OK, He would have loved ANY car at this point, but he actually LOVES this car. He says it is the coolest car he could have hoped for. Except for, of course, the famous El Camino.

Not too many teenage boys could get away with driving a pink car.
JM can.
Not only will he be able to get away with it..... but I wouldn't be surprised if a few more pop up in the area within the next year.

One last thing.
When you say your prayers tonight, please ask God to keep him safe.
Thank You!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today is Tuesday. You Know What That Means.... 2-24-09

Today is Tuesday.
You know what that means.
We're gonna have a special guest....

Recap of JM's driving "minor incidents".

7-07 Got Driver's License. We gave him my 1991 Nissan Sentra that I had driven for 16 years, (best car I ever owned).

Within 13 months of having his license...

1. I showed him how to check oil...forgot to replace oil cap....after driving a day like that, entire engine soaked in oil and alternator ruined (I take responsibility for this one).

2. Hydroplaned, ended up in ditch.

3. Forgot to turn off headlights. Battery dead.

4. Went to spit out window (a guy thing?), missed, looked away for "1 second" to wipe off window, drifted out of lane, over-corrected, ran off road, blew out 2 tires.

5. Hit a deer, knocked off side mirror, broke rear window, cut hand (minor cut...the guy at "Waffle House" told him he didn't need stitches.

6. Learned that when the little arrow is pointing to E that your car won't move.

7. Backs into friends garage, breaks tail light.

8. Stopped at stop sign but didn't see other car coming. Pulled out in front of it..... Little red Nissan is totaled.

2 months later we find him another car.
Great deal. 2004 Chevy Cavalier with 54,000 miles for $2,000. Excellent condition.
Drove it for 16 days.

9. Rear ended a car that was turning....Little Blue Cavalier is totaled.

Court, Fines, Community Service, Driving Class, made him deposit money from every paycheck into a bank account for insurance AND we took his license for 4 months (can hardly believe the judge let him keep it).

ANYWAY, today's special guest, The Playmates 1958, is a prelude to my next post...">

Monday, February 23, 2009

Computer Games Challenge February 23 thru March 23

I have never been able to understand how people can get addicted to video and or computer games. Especially adults. After all, they are mindless and an INCREDIBLE waste of time (not the adults, but the games...well, now that I think about it....ANYWAY).

Just for fun, a few months ago I tried out this mindless Bubble Game on my computer (
All you do it pop the bubbles. Pretty easy. A bit relaxing and a chance to give your mind a break. Over time I pretty much mastered it.

Looking around I found another game called Flash Gold Miner. Well, it was good for eye-hand co-ordination....

Need to use your brain just a wee bit? solitaire is easy and fun.


Each level in the Gold Miner Game is one 1 minute. What's the harm? Reminds me of a Happy Days episode. Richie was drunk and he told his dad that all they had to drink was beer in teeny tiny little glasses. His dad asked how many glasses did he have. his response, "78".

um, Monkeys Are Funny

Too much of even an innocent thing can be ridiculous and a MAJOR time killer. (not to mention, in Richie's case, an awful headache the next day).

I'm done with all silly (and even not silly--if there are any) PC games. No, not forever, but for... hhmmm. ONE MONTH!

I have put a jar on my computer desk. If I even open up a game on the screen, I am going to put 50 cents in the jar. Because I played gold miner this morning before I made this post, I'll even put in 50 cents just to start things off.

HOPEFULLY, the jar will remain empty, but if it doesn't, All the money in it will go to a gift to give away on my blog. It could end up being a dollar store gift or something much more. it depends on my self control. (no fair rooting for me to play more games just to up the ante!)

Everyone that comments today will be entered into the drawing. I will put that list aside and then 3 or 4 more times within the next 30 days I will tell people that the comments that day will go into the drawing. Just think, some of you may get 2, 3, maybe even FOUR chances to win!!!
HOW EXCITING!!! Of course, I don't plan on your prize costing more than 50 cents.... we shall see.

This is a one month challenge I am giving myself, starting today, .

Wish Me Luck!!!!!!!

P.S. And don't worry about me not putting the money in fairly...thanks to Kelly and that dag-gone lying thing, I have to be honest.....sigh* : )

*Also my kids know and they are going to be watching and probably even checking my computer history!*

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dear Mary

What if you could send a letter to yourself and then back date it so you would have received it when you were 20 years old?I know we cannot live in the past but what if.....

Can you imagine? If you were anything like I was at age 20, you would have read the letter, smiled politely and then, more than likely, continued on just as if you hadn't read the letter in the first place.

Still, just suppose...

Pam, at Alert & Oriented X 4, wrote a letter like that at her post, (no, not to me when I was 20 but to herself).

I wonder what I would say to myself. hhmmmm

Dear Mary,

THINK! Just take 5 minutes to think before you act.

For someone so young you have been through a lot. You've changed from a stocky, quiet and insecure teenager to a thin, attractive and seemingly self confident young woman. If I didn't know you so well, I would think you had everything under control. To everyone else you appear confident, happy and able to handle any obstacle that comes your way. You like almost everyone and almost everyone seems to like you. The only person that I can think of that really doesn't like you. SO, at the risk of sounding like ...... well, sounding like you will sound like in 20 plus years, I want you to take a deep breath and open up to someone. Tell SOMEONE what's going on inside of you. Otherwise you probably never will be able to.

And Mary, you're a good person. Remember that you have options.
THINK! Just take 5 minutes to think before you act.

I'm only going to nag you about one more thing and then I am going to tell you some really neat things. KEEP VISITING YOUR GRANDPARENTS!! I know you are getting to an age where you want to spend time with your friends and have fun but, remember all the wonderful summers that you spent with them? Well, they are getting older and won't be here forever. Cherish the time you have with them. Would it hurt you to visit them once every 1-2 months?

OK, I'll try to stop being a pest now. Anyway, guess what? Remember how everyone (including yourself) was almost POSITIVE that you would never want or have children? Well, you are going to have 2! They are going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!! Don't laugh, but the phrase "Stay at Home Mom" isn't as bad as you think.

Oh, and guess what again. You aren't CRAZY!....well, maybe just a little but not in a bad way. You have something called ADHD. The good news is that there are medications for it. The bad news is that you will be "still very symptomatic" by the time you are diagnosed so the meds just sort of take the edge off. It's ok though. You won't mind most of your quirks and it really seems to help you find the humor in everyday life. Oh, but do yourself a favor. Try to remember that everyone doesn't always appreciate or even understand that "humor". You may want to work on not rambleing off every single thought that comes into your head. If all else fails, hum The Brady Bunch theme song to yourself before you speak.

Oh yeah. here are just a few quick things you may want to think about..

1. Please PLEASE take off that headband! It's ok to wear them in your hair, but not around your head like you are a cross between a Solid Gold Dancer and Pocahontas.

2.Henry Winkler really isn't as cool as you think he is. Think about it. Who skies in a leather jacket? Maybe you can write a letter to the producers of Happy Days and tell them not to let him "Jump The Shark"!! (but save your full size poster of him...maybe one day you can sell it on e-bay, (no, e-bay is not a fishing hole...well, some people might say it is!)

3. The world will not end if you miss an episode of Knots Landing! In 20 years you won't remember whether Gary and Valene ever got back together anyway. BUT if you do want to know, you will be able to BUY entire seasons of it on DVD. (Don't'll know what DVD's are, and believe me, they're a lot better than Beta.).

4. Donate that set of 1976 Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedias. You will NEVER, EVER use them. When you have kids, they won't either. They won't need to.....they can get all the info they need just by Googleing! (don't'd never believe me).

5. Don't let your oldest son drive before he is 18 years old. BELIEVE ME!! You'll save THOUSANDS of DOLLARS AND A LOT of STRESS!!

6. Be happy with how you look.

7. Buy Circuit City stock but BE SURE TO SELL it in 2007!!

8. You know that old Bible that you have on your bookshelf? Well, pick it up and read it once in a while.

9. Take a few college courses. One day almost all job interviews will be done on a computer. Even though you are a good "people person", you don't look that good on paper.

10. You may not think it is vital, but it REALLY wouldn't hurt you to put a little moisturizer on your face once in a while! I KNOW that you know you are never going to age, but just for kicks, try it anyway!

There is a ton of advise I could give you, but I know you well and you're going to do what you want anyway....SO....if you get just one thing from this letter, then let it be.....


That's all,

Oh yeah, one more thing, believe it or not, one day you will be able to sigh your letters "Love, Mary", instead of just "See ya!". (I knew you wouldn't believe me!).


Thursday, February 19, 2009

And the "Winners" Are...


1. Pam @ Alert and Oriented X 4.

2. God's Girl @ Heaven's Journey.

3. Nichole @ On Purpose

4.Cindy @ My Army Brats and Me--who has been Paying It Forward for months with beautiful bracelets and THEREFORE has the OPTION of Paying it Forward but WILL receive one of my wonderful, handmade, unique, fabulous crafts.

5. Karen @ Surviving Motherhood. (Irritable Mother)

6. Lea@ Shabby Olde Potting Shed!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners.

I will be visiting your blogs and leaving you my e-mail address so you can send me your mailing address...if you dare!

As I said in my previous post, you will be receiving your crafts in 1 to 2 weeks....possibly 3.....definitely no more than 4...

Good Luck finding someone that will Pay it Forward when you post. It's starting to look like almost everyone has "Paid" their dues...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For....Pay It Forword

Pay it Forward.

What FUN!

Someone posts that they are giving away a homemade craft, (actually 3). The 1st 3 comments on their post are the lucky recipients.

What Fun!!

I love getting fun things in the mail!

I'm game. I played.
I won twice!! YEA!!

I'm going to get 2 fun gifts in the mail!

...wait an I have to "Pay It Forward".

"Thank you for your gifts and the talents you have given me Lord. I know you have gifted me with many talents. I am sure that there are talents hidden inside me that I am not even aware of. I also know that if you gave us all the same talents, then our own special talents wouldn't be so special. I suppose that is why when I was standing in line at the craft talent registry, the CLOSED sign came up before I got there. That's ok. I'm not really into making things that end up looking like they were made by a preschooler anyway. (and believe me, mine always do!)

HOWEVER, I played the game, Lord. It's called Pay it Forward,,,wait a minute,,,you already know that. Not only did I play once, but I played TWICE!! (I know, I know...You already know that too!)

Now I have to make SIX gifts to mail out to my very good bloggy friends. I'm going to do it. They are going to open their gifts, shake their heads in wonder , perhaps even hang on to it for a few days and then it will probably end up at the local dump. And you know what, that's ok. They will know that I cared enough about them to try. That's really what it is all about anyway.

Oh, and Lord. Thank you for these people. These friends that I have never met have become like friends I've known for years.


"P.S. God, could you make my colored pencil tips quit breaking? Every time I sharpen them, they break off again. OR are you telling me NOT to enter any more of these contests....yes, that's it. I hear you loud and clear God!"


SO, the first SIX commenters get a HOMEMADE gift from me. (because I won twice). But remember the catch, if you win... YOU MUST PAY IT FORWARD,. Remember, you only have to forward to 3 people if this is the only one you win. Oh, and I don't want any of those comments that say "Nice Post, but I'll pass on Playing". You comment, you play. AND NO FAIR NOT COMMENTING!!! In the wise words of Greg, "Don't Be A Party Pooper!". (AND if you already won before, and THEN you win mine, then go back to your post and pick the next 3 people to Fay it Forward to).

I'm serious here...DON'T LEAVE ME HANGING!!!!! ---from a limb, upside down, with a banana in my hand.......because....
Monkey's Are, Well, You Know.....Crazy!

Oh yeah, according to the rules, you have 365 days to get the gift completed and mailed. Mine aren't that complex. They'll be done and mailed within a week...2 at the most.....maybe 3.... but no more than 4.

So here we go...Who is brave enough to PAY IT FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today Is Tuesday. You Know What That Means... 2-17-09

Today is Tuesday.
You know what that means.
We're gonna have a special GUEST!!!!!

I guess it is pretty obvious to you all by now, that I LOVE musicals. (Sorry, Linda at 2nd cup of coffee, but the truth must come out).

This next clip is from one of my favorites...yes, I know I always say that whatever clip I am playing is from one of my favorites, but well, they are.

ANYWAY, it is kind of long, (passes the 3 to 3 1/2 min mark) but If you have seen this movie, you will probably love watching it, but if you haven't seen the movie, it may seem odd to you.

If you don't want to watch the whole thing, then at least fast forward to the 4 minute spot. Look at his expression when he sings about studying the Bible. His love for it seems SO intense.

My other favorite part is right at the end when he is singing to God and asks, "Would it spoil some vast eternal plan...If I were a wealthy man?!"

The movie Fiddler on the Roof was released in 1971.
It won 3 Academy Awards and 2 Golden Globes.
It was first made into a Broadway musical in 1964 that was based on the book, written in Yiddish by Sholem Aleichem in 1894.
The Broadway production won NINE Tony Awards.
(Although not in this clip, if you watch this movie, you may notice that Perchik is played by Starsky (Michael Glaser) from the TV series Starsky and Hutch.

My Trivia- I LOVE the power and feeling that this actor, Chain Topol, puts into his acting and singing, as the character Tevye.


Sunday, February 15, 2009


Gelotology-The study of humor and laughter, and the effects they have on one's body.

Research has shown that laughter helps protect the heart.

According to psychologist Steven Sultanoff PhD, "With deep heartfelt laughter, it appears that serum cortisol, which is a hormone that is secreted when we're under stress, is decreased. So when you are having a stress reaction, if you laugh, apparently the cortisol that has been released, during the stress reaction, is reduced.".

Laughter has been shown to improve the bodies tolerance to pain.

Laughter has been shown to boost the body's production of infection fighting anti-bodies, which can prevent hardening of the arteries, stroke, angina, and heart attacks.

A study in Japan shows that laughter lowers blood sugar after a meal and concluded that laughter is good for people with diabetes and "chemical messengers" made during laughter may help the body compensate for the disease.

Laughter improves your sleep.

Laughter is good physical fitness therapy. It has been estimated by scientists that laughing 100 times equals the same physical exertion as a 10 min workout on a rowing machine or 15 min on a stationary bike.

So.....Go ahead............ WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

Please Calgon!!

Please Calgon..PLEASE!!

Come on Calgon...don't you get it?

TAKE ME AWAY!!!!! I did my part. I bought it. I bathed in it...I'm Still Here!!

Hey Calgon....Wake Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(note: after the clip plays, the face of the guy that originally posted it pops up for about 1 second. Pretty weird.)


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


My poor, poor Alberquando, (yes, I know I was going to stop using that as his name but it is the original name I chose for him for this blog and anything else just doesn't seem right). Some of you thought that was his real name. Even though I did have a difficult time choosing a name for him, I didn't name him Alberquando. To see how I ended up using the name Alberquando, you can click here. I'm sure every one of you that wasn't here from the early days of my blogging are clicking away at that link and that's good. I never knew how to link until I had been blogging for a while and it was a HUGE accomplishment for me. I even got an award!! Check it out. My Degree from the School of Linkology is on the right side of my blog. (thanks again Edie).

Monkey's are Funny.

My poor, poor Alberquando. He told me he has a very serious disease. It is called Noselphonitis. I had never heard of it and there are no google references. He told me that there is only one cure. Only one thing will make this awful condition go away. My poor, poor Alberquando. He is going to have to suffer through this condition. The only cure available just isn't going to happen. Well, the cure will be available to him one day I am sure. But not today. Not this week. Not this month. MAYBE in December, but that is a MAYBE!!

I'm sure many children must suffer from Noselphonitis, although Alberquando ASSURES me that he is the ONLY one that has it. The ONLY one at his ENTIRE school.

Poor little thing. I think he'll survive.

Are you wondering what the cure is?

I'll sound out the diagnosis for you and perhaps that will make it easier..

Noselphonitis = No Cell Phone Itis.

Poor Alberquando.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today is Tuesday, You Know What That Means....2-10-09

Today is Tuesday.
You know what that means.
We're gonna have a Special Guest!!

Today's special guest was requested by Edie at Rich Gifts....(ok, that was probably redundant, because if you are here then you Must know that Edie is from Rich Gifts. Never-the-Less, here is a link to Edie's blog...just ....aren't ....the ..... loop ....... yet ......

The gentleman in this clip is definitely in my top 5 list of all time favorite actors. Well, I don't actually have a list, but if I did, he would definitely be on it. Hhmmm...maybe I'll make a list...

Monkeys Are Funny...

Dick Van Dyke stars as Caractacus Potts in the outstanding movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
This clip is from the song and dance act Me Ol' Bamboo.


1. Mr Van Dyke was noted saying that Me Ol' Bamboo was one of the most difficult dancing acts he ever undertook.
2. This movie was released in 1968 and Dick Van Dyke was 43 years old. (If you saw Chatty Kelly's post last Tuesday, you may notice that that is just 1 year younger than the actor was that played Uncle Remus in Song of the South).
3. Lionel Jeffries, the man that played Grandpa Potts, was actually 6 months YOUNGER than Van Dyke.
4. Coggins, the junk dealer that sold Potts the car, was played by Desmond Llewelyn. Mr. Llewelyn later went on to play the part of "Q" , the man responsible for developing all the gadgets in the James Bond films.

Well, what are you waiting for?
Me Ol' Bamboo!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wow! Thank You!!!!

A surprise in my mailbox!

WOW!! A surprise from Lea!!

Monkeys Really ARE Funny!!!


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!!!!!!!!

(and if you press the monkeys chest, he makes a monkey sound!!) You know...eee,eee,eee,eeeeeeeeeee!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Cars and Stethoscopes

Ha Ha Ha. JM, my 17 year old, He's a riot. Yep. he is just so so funny I can barely contain myself, (insert sarcasm).

We were at the doctors office. I had to talk to the doctor, so after the exam, he and I were in the examination room waiting for the doctor to return. JM looked over at the stethoscope that was hanging on the wall...

This is the conversation that occurred...

JM- It would be cool to have a stethoscope.

Me- I have one. (in my EMT bag).

JM- No, I mean a REAL one.

Me- Mine is real.

JM- No, I mean a real one that can be used by doctors.

Me- Mine is real. It is the exact same kind, bought at the exact same type of store that the doctors use.

JM- Not REAL doctors.

Me- Yes. Real doctors use the same kind I have.

JM- Mom, you know how parents go out and buy their little baby a little toy steering wheel and set it up in front of their kid and tell them it is a REAL car? They tell the kid that he is really driving a car and the kid believes it? The kid is so proud of himself as he "drives" the car down the road, beeping and waving. Your stethoscope is like that little toy car.

Me- Ha Ha. JM, my stethoscope is real, though. It isn't a toy.

JM- That's what they WANT you to believe. they give you your toy stethoscope and "Presto" you're a doctor!

Me- (a tad bit exasperated) JM, I was just saying that it is a real stethoscope.

JM- I know it is. (smiling) And it's a "real" car that baby is driving too!

I think the reasons for my mental state are becoming more and more clear to everyone......

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Look Ma...No Cavities!!

Went to the dentist yesterday for a check up and cleaning.
No Cavities!!
I do need to go back next week to get a chipped tooth repaired but that is pretty typical for me---tooth grinder!!

It could be worse.
Today I am thankful for that tank of Nitros at my dentist's office.
As I am just a TINY bit high strung....well....let's just say it is better for everyone involved that they keep the gas turned all the way up to bring me down to Normal.

Today Is Tuesday You KnowWhat That Means.....2-3-09

Today is Tuesday
You know what that means,
We're Gonna have a Special Guest!!

When you think of fast food that is prepared in a spotless environment with eager to please, clean cut and groomed's could only be one place....


Monday, February 2, 2009




I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.

I'm not quite sure how the two could be compared on a similar scale.

According to Alfred Joyce Kilmer, the author of the poem, it must be possible, and the poem doesn't stand a chance against the tree. Which, can only make one wonder...why he didn't work in a greenhouse or a tree farm as opposed to writing poetry....Yes, I know he did other things too. I can check Wikipedia as well as the next person. I was just saying....

Anyway, I have tons of things to do today. Don't we all. Just the phone calls I need to make could take half the morning. I DO NOT LIKE MAKING PHONE CALLS (hmm, didn't I mention that before?). You know, to schedule appointments etc. Each one expects you to leave a message so they can call you back WHICH of course, means that if you make your next call, you will be in the middle of it when the first one calls back.

Tons of calls to make...ok, not exactly tons, but a lot. I don't think it would be possible to make tons of calls. After all, a ton is a weight and even though my phone itself may weigh a pound or 2, I'm quite sure the actual calls don't. ACTUALLY...although a ton of calls isn't possible, a pound of calls is, if you are in Europe and are making a call since that is the currency... or did they change that .... I know there isn't a lira anymore but who would say that they need to make liras of calls anyway? Especially if there's something strange, in the neighborhood, who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

Opps....Monkeys Are Funny.

Maybe I'll make the calls tomorrow. Or maybe I'll just make a quart of calls today and save the rest for another day.
After all.....Tomorrow IS Another Day...