Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Reason IS The Season

I looked out the window.
I stifled a yawn.
The blanket of snow
is finally gone.

Although it was pretty
So pure and so clean.
When my toes are ice cold
I can be rather mean.

Now the grounds covered
With sticks and with mud.
The river is rising
We might have a flood.

Each morning I'm freezing
And wanting a fire.
By noon I'll be sweating,
(opps, ladies perspire).

The weather in April
Is hard to predict
Even the weathermen
often get tricked.

So I wake up each morning
and bundle up warm.
As the day starts to progress
I start to transform

I change from my blue jeans
To shorts around noon.
I know that the sweatshirt
Will have to go soon.

So I'm changing my clothes
on and off through the day.
The windows I open and close
on the way.

I'm telling you this
So you'll know the real reason.
It's NOT menopause!!
It only the season.....

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Kelly Combs said...

Excellent. Prize winning! Fabulous.

Mocha with Linda said...

Oh my goodness! That is phenomenal.

Andrea said...


Blessings, andrea

samurai said...

LOL - i liked that poem. 8)

Sue J. said...

Are you saying menopause isn't a season?

You're in mighty nice form here!

KrippledWarrior said...


On Purpose said...

Hey you are an amazing and gifted girl...and just blessed to get to read your art!

Blasé said...
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Meredith said...

HOW?....Do you come up with this stuff?? I agree with KC, Prize winning! Fabulous! and what in the world is a 'quebalic' (wvw)?

Edie said...

ROTFL! Such creativity!

DWV - mishess

Edie said...

No comment but I had to share the next DWV with you.


My ADHD Me said...

undies - hmm what can that mean?

Debbie said...

Loved it! Anything that brings menopause into the picture is good with me:)

Irritable Mother said...

Love it!!!
I agree with CK. You should get a prize for this one. *grin*

Saturday I took Matthew to his soccer game - not realizing that even tho it had been in the 80s the days before, I would be freezing my tail off in my light-weight coat Saturday morning. Seriously, the wind was terrible!
I wore my winter coat and ear muffs to Joshua's game later in the morning.
Looking forward to consistant temps in another month, or two.