Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Art of Getting To The Point

Good Morning. I was sitting here and as usual, I wanted to write but couldn't come up with anything. I can't understand this! I used to be able to write everyday. So, I took a few moment s to go take a peek at some of my past posts. I wanted to see what I wrote about then. I figured I'd spend 5 minutes max to take a look and maybe would have some huge inspiration.

SO....1 1/2 hours later (did I mention I tend to get sidetracked) I was still reading and I realized that most of my posts were about....Well...i have no idea.

I can't believe how muc
h I rambled on about things. I wrote about answering machines, junebugs, My Fan, The FBI, Bunnies, Burritos, and a dead mole...just to name a few. And yet, you wonderful people still keep coming back!

My! How I used to ramble on. I just rambled and rambled about anything and everything. I'm so glad I don't do that anymore! Can you imagine still reading this blog when all I did was to write about anything and everything? Not only that, but it took me 3 paragraphs to write what the average person can write in 2 sentences. WHEW! I'm glad I don't do THAT anymore. What a lot of reading and writing it would take just to try to get one thought across. Yes, it's a good thing I don't do THAT anymore. addition to "walking aimlessly", "sprawling" and "wander about", you could also say...
talk aimlessly
talk endlessly
beat around the bush
dwell on
rattle on
talk nonsense
go off on a tangent
talk off the top of ones head
get off the subject
among others.

I got these from my Thesaurus.

Thesaurus: A dictionary of synonyms and antonyms. Any dictionary, enclyclopedia or other comprehensive book. A store house or Treasury.

I absolutely love my Thesaurus!!

Man! I am so glad that I don't ramble anymore!!

have a terrific day!!

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Sue J. said...

And I'm glad the thesaurus is not extinct, as in, gone the way of the stegosaurus, which is extinct. I think the thesaurus survived because it learned to live in moderation, going with the flow, taking one day at a time, living in the moment, rambling here and there....

[OOH WV: amboying]

gianna said...

You forgot "bunny trail"
It might not be in your thesaurus, but it should be!
he he he!

Mocha with Linda said...

We'll just call you Ramblin' Rose!
(And I'm probably the only one who remembers that song!)

Kelly Combs said...

I love Sues' word verification. As in sometimes your blog can be amboying. (annoying). LOL! Just kidding.

Sue J. said...

Linda, that's a Nat King Cole classic, of course!

samurai said...

The thesaurus is da b0mb!

Wait, can we say that here? No... then i would like to formally retract my previous statement and just say how much i appreciate all teachers... and law enforcement... and airline hostesses... and the airline industry as a whole. Oh, and NCIS... now that is a cool show!

Although my taste in TV shows is not all indicative of how successful it's going to be. Casees in point: Max Headroom, Space Above and Beyond, The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

I'm sorry, what were we talking about?

Edie said...

My first thought when I saw the title of this post was "I hope this isn't a hint." :)

You like words. I like people who like words! :D You and your Thesaurus make a great team!

I have recently gotten lost in reminiscing my old posts AND the comments from good friends. It's not such a bad thing. :)