Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today is Tuesday. You Know What That means!!

Today is Tuesday.
You know what that means.
We're gonna have a Special Guest!!

So put on your ears,
Like Good Mousekateers,
Cause Tuesday is Guest Star Day!!

Comedy from the 1970's and today has changed drastically.

If my Special Guest was an unknown and went on stage today to do his song, I can only wonder how an audience would respond.

I think Steve Martin is hilarious. I have always loved his off-beat comedy. But he isn't just a comedian. He is also an accomplished actor, author, musician, producer and composer. He has won EMMY, Grammy, and American Comedy Awards.

SO, without further ado.....AND because it is already 3:45PM on Tuesday and I haven't posted yet.....I give you Steve Martin!!! Cause Tuesday is Guest Star Day!!!!




Kelly Combs said...

Love the guy crawling over to give him teh guitar. Subtle. Real Subtle. LOL!

A classic. And he was "old" back then. At least I remember thinking he was. Now I suspect he was about my age now. NOT OLD at all!

Andrea said...

Love Steve Martin!

Blessings, andrea

Edie said...

I have never seen that before. I always enjoy a good laugh and he never disappoints...

...but then, neither do you. :)

Darn, I just signed out and now I have to sign back in or go anon on ya. And I have a hard DWV too! :)


My Army Brats and Me said...

Hope you check my giveaway:) I know you have won one of them. It is not pink this time but just money:)

fighting like a girl

Sue J. said...

First, check your E-mail....

Second, we have this 45; played it over and over and over again as kids. In the end, it's not his best stuff, but, at the time, it was really funny. As with the best comedians, he is way deeper than that.


My ADHD Me said...

e-mail? What's that?
I'm on my way now....really.