Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just in Case You Forgot....Today is Tuesday. You Know What That Means!

Hi there! My name is MyADHDMe. Many of you may remember me. I used to write a blog quite regularly. I also used to go and visit other people's blogs. I enjoyed writing, reading and chatting with all the friends I had met through this blogging adventure. Unfortunately, I got into a slump and seemed to never get into the "groove" to even mess with it. At one time the writing came fast and easy but I had gotten into a rut and even when I did sit down to write, the words didn't want to come.

Luckily, due to today being Tuesday (and you know what THAT means), AND knowing how difficult it would be for many to get going on their day without a special guest, I am drawn back to my computer.

SO, today I am drawn back to my computer to re-introduce myself to the thousands of you that are on the edge of your seats every Tuesday, anxiously awaiting to see who will be visiting.

Perhaps, just perhaps, there will even be a new post here again BEFORE next Tuesday. Perhaps, just perhaps, I will go back and visit some of the great people I have met and catch up on their blogs. And perhaps, just perhaps, I will get back into the swing of things!!

On the other hand, it IS Spring break so perhaps, just perhaps, I will go back to bed and catch another hour (or so) of sleep.Who know? But I do know this...and so do you...

Today is Tuesday.
You know what that means (see, I told you that you did).
We're gonna have a special guest!!!

So put on your ears
Like good Mousekateers.
Cause Tuesday is Guest Star DAY!!!!!!!!!

Some time ago a young musician began a "year long saga" trying to get United Airlines to repair his guitar that their baggage handlers damaged. After receiving "complete indifference" and being told "I'm sorry sir your claim can go nowhere", he informed United that he was going to write 3 songs about his ordeal and post them on You Tube. It became an overnight sensation and had MILLIONS of hits after the first day! He was even featured on CNN.

You may remember that I was lucky enough to have him visit as my Tuesday Special Guest for his first 2 songs. His first song was a wonderful catchy tune that I still catch myself singing at times. His second song was good but kind of left me with a feeling that 3 songs was going to be too many....kind of like "enough already". But he had told them he was going to do 3 songs and he did. His 3rd song is another fun one and a great wrap up to the entire ordeal He also thanks United , as his career skyrocketed because of them and his United Airlines fiasco.

Today, he is back with his 3rd and final installment of his United Airlines ordeal. After I post the 3rd song, I'm going to post the first 2 songs also...just in case you don't remember. Their songs are fun and catchy and I know I'll be humming them all day.

I'm sure that Dave Carroll and his band, Sons of Maxwell, have decided that although "They've heard all their excuses and they've chased their wild gooses" and "I'm sorry sir, your claim can go nowhere.", United may Break Guitars.....but.....United DEFINITELY helps jump start music careers!!

One comment on the YouTube song made me laugh. Someone said they should change the name of the song from "United Breaks Guitars" to "Guitars Break United".

MAYBE United Airlines learned that a little bit of customer service can go a long way, (and not to mention save big headaches down the road)! Well, maybe they did....

SO, (whew) without further ado....

Introducing (again) The Sons of Maxwell singing the final song of their United Beaks Guitars Trilogy, "UNITED WE STAND......On The Right Side of Right".

"Why?" you ask.......




Kelly Combs said...

Here is someone who has milked an extra 5 minutes out of their 15 minutes of fame! Wow! Not to mention 2 Taylor Guitars.

Happy Spring Break!

Edie said...

I enjoyed all three of the songs but I think I like the first one best.

It just goes to show that sometimes what appears to be a bad situation really is a blessing in disguise. I need to remember that. :)

2Thinks said...

Every time someone in this family has to fly somewhere, I always say first "not United", because of you. Now that is pretty special.

I just noticed the .9999 solid gold award you received from KW. Now that is also pretty special.

I'm excited that you will be writing again soon. I need to read your blog. It is part of my therapy. Your blog is the only thing that has made me smile in the last 48 hours. Now, that is pretty special.

Thank you. And blog on!!

samurai said...

Thank you for helping me smile today. 8)

2Thinks said...

You light up my life...and give me hope....to carry on...

Thanks for the comments today. Needed those.

Just for you, I come back to say: the funniest person I know is actually, you.

And now I share with you this true story, from mere minutes ago:

You know it's an interesting world when while at the stop light, a big Chevy truck jacked up on oversized tires vrooms up beside your Malibu, with the sound of a hundred Harleys, glances at you like "wanna drag?" and on the green, roars ahead with a pair of steel balls swingin' from his hitch.

I don't even know what to make of it.

KrippledWarrior said...

Taylor guitars ain't cheap. I'd have been a lot more sardonic than this guy. But this was fun. Thanks.

Greg C said...

Now what were we talking about? :) Oh not flying. I haven't been flying because of this guy. Well that and because I haven't been going anywhere. :)

Meredith said...

Those are great! If I ever get the chance to go anywhere again, I guess I won't be flying United!!