Saturday, April 10, 2010

Well...That's Good.

The English language can sometimes drive me crazy-er. If I had to learn it as an adult, I would be mute forever....hhmmm, interesting theory. Even so, there are situations where I just cannot come up with the correct word, pronunciation, or grammar.

Definition of Well-In a Good or satisfactory manner.
Definition of Good-Satisfactory or high quality.

So, when one is sick, we say "Get well soon". After all, saying "Get Good Soon" would just be silly.

How about "How are you feeling today?"
"I feel good"
"I feel well"
"I am well"
"I am good"

Then the person that asked the question would respond "Good".

So I suppose that new dress looks good because I wear it well. But if I ask you how it looks and you say "good" then I will be pleased but it I ask you and you say "Well" then I will be standing there waiting for you to finish your sentence with something like, "Well, I've seen better" which would be better than saying "I've seen gooder".

Quite often we will say "Good Luck" but I haven't heard anyone ever say "Well Luck".

Also, if Well is Good then why do we use it to start a response that usually is not the response about the dress "Well, I've seen better". Isn't that like saying "Good, I've seen better"? But it could also mean "UGH, I've seen better".

Well is a wonderful segway into any new conversation but Good would be odd.

On the phone, Well usually means "I'm getting ready to end this call". Which can sometimes be Good because you may have been on the phone too long and your head is starting to hurt in which case you aren't feeling Well at all.

Not to mention that it would be hard to fetch a pail of water out of a Good. But quite easy to fetch a pail of water out of a well.......except does anyone really ever use the word fetch other than when talking to their dog?

Well, that's another thought for another day.

Have a Good Day!

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Andrea said...

Well said....good job!

Kelly Combs said...

Good said...well job.


Very confusing - just the way you like it.

Mocha with Linda said...
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Mocha with Linda said...

This is a very well post.

You're goodcome.

(BTW, I took your name "in vain" in my post yesterday.)

April 10, 2010 9:51 AM

Andrea said...

Where are you in chester? I live in chester! Email me:

Maybe we can meet for coffee.

Blessings, andrea

gianna said...

awesome! just what a tired mama of four needed for a smile!

KrippledWarrior said...

I think the "well" you are talking about4 is a shorting of the term, "Oh well" which was a cleaning up of the term "Oh Hell"
I made that up...

Meredith said...

Oh Well......then......that was funny! You crack me up! Just trying to catch up a bit on your blog. Sorry you were down for a bit and glad you are feeling better. No more facet joint fun??

Beverlydru said...

I'll get my Wellies on and have a brilliant day now that I've rung in on you. Oh yes, that's altogether another kind of English, isn't it??

Thinking about you and came by for a smile and a...well, I can't hug you 'cause you'll cringe. I could sing for you - or better yet, we could do a duet. Hope you're back is better and better.

Andrea said...

Are you a member of James River Writers? Let me know and we can meet for coffee sometime. Occassionally, I drive up to "Crossroads" on forest hill/semms! A friend's son owns it. Not sure if you have been there...very eclectic...great food...some organic..etc. I can't believe we live so close.

Edie said...

Goo this was or is a really well post. Very good written indeed.

Have a well day! :D

Oh btw, today is Tuesday. :)

Edie said...

Well grief if I could spell that would be a well thing cause you would be able to understand what I was saying.

My previous comment was supposed to say Good, this was... Not Goo, this was...

My wellness!

And you thought you were off. Ha!

Catch ya later my well friend. Speaking of well, I hope you are well and good.

Now I'm going to go fetch me another cup of coffee. :)

2Thinks said...

Good heavenly days, I've been away too long and missed a couple well done posts by none other than good old you. It's all true, what you said here- every word makes complete sense and you just never see such a good job explaining things these days. I wonder why.

Oh well.

Now back to my good ole gluten-free bread baking. Thanks for the smiles.