Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Answering Machine

Telephone answering machines are wonderful inventions. They do, however, have one VERY large flaw. You need to LISTEN to your messages!

Listening to the messages that are left when you aren't available to answer the phone aren't too too bad, but those messages that are left while you're on the other line are the ones that kill the joy for me.

I tend to get behind on corresponding...(ok, I just heard a great big DUH out there from everyone that knows me). When a message is left on my machine I may put off listening to it for "just a few minutes" and the next thing you know, there are 8, 9, 10, or 11 messages. Then it seems overwhelming and I end up putting it off longer. BUT at least the number is flashing there to remind me.

The messages that are left when you are on the other line is a whole different story. Other than a strange clicking noise when you go to make a call, there is no reminder.

My last phone was a lemon. It would cut you off in the middle of a conversation, make buzzing noises, go straight to answering machine etc. I didn't even know it had the devise that took messages while I was on the other line.

Well, I finally broke down and bought a new phone. I was setting up the voice mail, etc and the recording said...YOU HAVE FIFTY FIVE NEW MESSAGES. (in the lovely monotone computer voice). BTW, 55 is the limit on my phone so who knows how many others there were.

I figured I'd do a quick partial listen to each and delete and start new. Well, first of all, on this phone, you have to listen to the entire message before deleting it. HHmmmm, this could take a while.

1st call-It's from Chatty Kelly-"Hi. I just heard you got a new dog! I was SO surprised since I know you aren't an animal person. I'm glad you did. Call me and tell me about it". Well, this phone doesn't leave the date but we got our dog, Sydney on June 18, 2008.

Numerous other calls go by that I have to listen to. Many, MANY of them are someone saying YOU NEVER RETURN YOUR CALLS!

I'm thinking it has to be getting close to the end. Then I hear calls from people at auto dealers about parts for the car that we got to replace the first one JM totaled. I think he got the 2nd car in October.

More calls.

Then there were those LONG winded ones that are pre-recorded before the election about who to vote for...along with all the particular candidates qualities....still had to wait for the entire thing to end before deleting.

OK, it HAS to be getting close to present time now.

Then my Mom-In-Law "Just calling to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!"

More calls. More calls. More Calls.

"Hi", from Chatty Kelly, "Want to go look at Christmas lights with Dad this Monday?"
Well, we ended up seeing the lights so she MUST have called back.

Various...."Why don't you call me back?", "You NEVER call back", "I'm leaving a message but I know you won't call back".

"Hi. This is the dentist office calling to remind you about your dental appointment." (good thing that was already on the calendar)

*** This is taking FOREVER. I took a quick break. Just for a few minutes.***

^^^ Three Days Later I remember and listen to the rest. ^^^

My good friend calls and says. "Hey, where are you. Weren't we going to lunch today?". OK, I KNOW I called and left her a message that I had to work. Geez, all she had to do was to check her messages........

"Hi, this is the doctors office calling to remind you about your appointment"
(again, good thing I keep my calendar up to date.)

Various hangups.

Various sighs.

FINALLY! The monotone voice returns. "You Have No More New Messages."


OK, that does it! I AM going to remember to check my phone messages. One day I'm even going to tackle my email.....ONE DAY......Don't rush me.

In the mean time, when you hear "Hi. We're not available to answer your call right now. Just leave a message and we'll call you back"........... I Will Call Back!....HEY! I just looked at my phone. The message light it we go again!


Chatty Kelly said...

But how many email messages do you have????

You crack me up.

Sue J. said...

This technology stuff....who needs it?! Good thing I lost your phone number. :-)

My ADHD Me said...

I have 3 email accounts.
The first one was for everything. It got WAY out of control. At this point there are over 1000 unread emails.

The second one is just for the kids school. That way I don't miss anything important. I do somewhere between average and so-so on that.

The third one I opened so that my blog comments wouldn't get caught up with the first account because then I'd NEVER get it caught up. THEN because that one was so caught up, I started giving it to other people so now it is getting full...

...HEY,,,Wait a minute...that's a whole new post!

My ADHD Me said...

Sue J--My newest goal-Answer the phone while it is actually ringing (except 1-800 telemarketers or blocked numbers) and also to not ONLY check my messages but to return those calls.

P.S. If I can find your email address is my vast assortment of email clutter, I'll email you my number. If I call, let the machine pick it up. It would serve me right!! :)

Jeff and Valerie Carr said...

1,000 emails??...a moment to just start over I think...

at least you eventually get back to your messages...I often just delete (usually cause I don't understand the message in another language) and figure if it was important they'll call back, right?

Marla said...

I try to check my answering machine when I have been out of the house. Mostly because it could be work and someone needs my advice or permission for something. But I must say there are more that a few days that I forget. When I listen, I figure, oops, they must have solved the problem without me! I just can't remember everything! You always make me laugh! I love that about you!!

Beverlydru said...

Oh- I feel your pain. I actually disconnected the answering machine from our home land line because of that issue. Now I figure if it's someone who REALLY needs to reach me, they will call my cell. If they don't have that number, then it can wait until they call me back. Some people think it's archaic, but it works for me!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

That is so funny. I dread picking up messages because I know someone is going to want something from me, usually time.

God's girl said...

Too funny...

You sound like my sister. When she misses my call, she'll see my number on caller ID, then call me to find out what I needed.

I tell her, "Well, I left you a message on your machine. Check that and you will find out what I wanted."

Grrr....O-kay, so I am learning a little more grace now-a-days...

I figure if that annoys me so much about her, what am I doing that annoys the heck out of her that she's giving me grace over...


Edie said...

LOL!! I used to have a phone that forced me to listen to the whole message before I could delete. I hated it!

I listen to the messages on my home phone. I never do on my cell phone. I use the caller ID and delete all messages.

I would have just deleted all 55 calls and called it even.

Edie said...

Go read your email. Maybe I should call you and leave a message. LOL!

Beverlydru said...

Your letter is "B", since B follows ADHD. Does that makes sense? LOL.

Edie said...

I love the comment you left at 2nd Cup. LOL!!

The Patterson 5 said...

You could have that one that answers while you are on the line taken off and the people will just get a busy message like in the old days! We did that... I kept forgetting how to take off the messages.

My ADHD Me said...

Mrs P.....Now THAT's a great idea!!