Thursday, January 8, 2009


You remember the Censor Ship, don't you? It was the one between the Nina and the Santa Maria. It didn't get the attention that those 2 (not to mention the Pinta) received. As a matter of fact, those 3 didn't even want to be seen with the Censor Ship......They were traveling as fast as they could to a land without a Censor Ship. However, the Censor Ship came in with a couple of other guys who were up to no good. They started making trouble in the neighborhood. I got in one little fight and my mom got scared, and said "You're moving with your Auntie and Uncle in Bel-Air....opps....sorry.....Monkeys Are Funny...

What was I talking about?....oh yeah, Bugs Bunny.

This past Tuesday's Special Guest was Bugs Bunny's Rabbit of Seville.
That is my #1 favorite cartoon of all time...what? Doesn't everyone have a Number 1 favorite cartoon of all time? The only other cartoon that runs a close 2nd (in my humble opinion) in the frog one. You know! Remember One Froggy Night? This homeless guy finds a box, and when he opens it a frog jumps out and starts singing "Hello my Honey, Hello my Baby, Hello my Ragtime Gal...." The homeless guy thinks he's going to get rich off of the frog but every time he tries to show anyone else, the frog just sits there......You KNOW you remember it. Were we talking about Censorship?

I did a little bit of checking on the Rabbit of Seville and found out that ABC censored some of the cartoon before airing it. The clip I showed yesterday is the uncensored copy. Before airing it, ABC cut out some of the sounds of gunfire at the beginning, the part of Bugs slashing Elmer's face with the razor while shaving him, and the part where Bugs Bunny ties Elmer Fudd's gun into a bow.

I could probably ask 100 people what they think and get 101 different opinions. (I tend to see both sides of many situations,,, hence 101). And I DON'T WANT TO GET INTO ISSUES WITH ANYONE!!! This post is not about gun control (pro or con). This is not about violence and some of the old cartoons are DEFINITELY a lot more extreme than today's Dora The Explorer and Blue's Clues (is that still on????It was for my boys). BUT, there is another part they cut out that I think was a bit over-the-top / unnecessary. They cut out the part of Bugs Bunny dancing as a senorita because he "thrusts" his cottontail at Elmer Fudd...THUS...suggesting "continuity" between the two. ?????? PUHLEEZE!!! Am I the only one that finds that just a wee bit excessive?

ANYWAY, to wrap this up, I was just wondering what other people felt about it. If you want to, go back to the previous post and check out the scene and/or scenes I am talking about. I just feel pretty strongly that Bugs Bunny was not making any kind of "advances" on Elmer.

So, I'm about finished for now. This wasn't a rant or a soap box, it was more like, well, just an observation. Oh, and again, this isn't about gun control or violence on tv. I was just wondering if I'm the only one that doesn't think Bugs Bunny was coming onto Elmer Fudd. AND, if he WAS, wouldn't it be politically incorrect to say anything negative about it....ALSO, they were both pretty busy film stars. When would they have time to get together? They would be lucky if they made it home at night around seven or eight. They would yell to the cabbie, "Yo, home, Smell ya later". Bugs would look at his kingdom, he'd be finally there. To sit on his throne as The Prince of Bel-Air.


Beverlydru said...

Oh the connections you make in your head are funny, unique and even well-said.

I think the type of censorhship you mention would wipe all of current TV off the air immediately. I am truly shocked at what the major networks broadcast daily.

I find it rather comical that they scrutinized this cartoons that carefully and censored meaningless things. Pun intended. : )

Chatty Kelly said...

Parents just don't understand, huh.

Well you know Bugs & Elmer were both guys, so I did have a problem with that whole marriage thing. What, do they live in Vermont? And that whole cross-dressing thing with Bugs...I ddn't realize he was a transvestite too. And obviously the whole scene with who has the biggest ax/gun/cannon was a phallic reference, wasn't it?

Geez - I'm glad my kids watch Dora...but she does have a bit of an unnatural relationship with that monkey, don't you think? And what's with those boots he wears? Reminds me of that gay teletubby.

But what I really want to know is why that Censor Ship struck ground on the shore of this unchartered desert isle? (I thought it was going to be a 3 hour tour...a 3 hour tour.)

God's girl said...

It's not about guns or violence...ok, got it.

It's not about Fresh Prince of BelAir(?)...ok, got it.

It's not really even about Bugs...ok, got it.

It's not about censorship...ok, got it.

So, what are we talking about again??? Oh yeah, Elmer Fudd and Bugs...right?

I would have never guessed all that was going on over one cartoon. You have totally done your homework girl! I would be more worried over the violence, and the fact that no one ever dies in these cartoons, rather than the fact that Bugs was cross-dressing, which by the way, I never even thought of like that until you did your research. Goodness, I'll never watch Bugs the same again:)

Greg C said...

Yes I did see some flirting between the two and I believe I saw lust in Elmers eyes just for a second as he imagined himself with a bunny. I think he was thinking pl*yboy bunny though. For petes sake. There was nothing wrong with this cartoon. It is one of my favorites as well. Isn't it amazing the things that are sensored these days while other things are allowed to go on.

Edie said...

Well since you asked for an opinion... :)

Ok I know this wasn't about the violence but the razor scene kinda shook me up just a little. I mean OUCH! I did think as I watched it that they could've left that out. I'm a visual thinker so even though they didn't show so much as a scratch on Elmer's face (I was looking for it), I was visualizing something faily gruesome.
Monkeys are Funny....

Now that I'm back to the REAL topic (I think)...
I never even thought twice about Bugs in a dress or the bunny tail shimmey. Not now or as a child.
1. Anyone with half a brain, and who has been watching the cartoon, can clearly see that Bugs is NOT making advances but just pulling another prank on Elmer to tick him off. AND if you (anyone) continue to watch the cartoon you (anyone) will clearly see that it WORKED! DUH!

2. In this day and age when there are so many more who don't have half a brain, I can see (now that you have pointed it out to me cause I didn't notice it to begin with cause I have at least half a brain) how some would claim that Bugs was making an advance but that Elmer should be sued or brought to justice for not accepting the offer. I'm sure it would be labeled prejudice.

3. There's still the issue of promoting beasteality that was not brought into the picture.

4. I also don't consider upholding moral appropriateness to be censorship.

Edie said...

Not that I'm an opinionated person mind you. :)

My ADHD Me said...

1.I wasn't sure if censorship was the correct word either but that's the one they used on Wilopedia....and YOU KNOW...if it's on the internet..IT MUST BE TRUE!! (haha)

2.Also, I agree that if ANYTHING had to be cut it was the slashing scene.

3. I wonder if Elmer had a hunting license?

God's Girl...actually, Bugs Bunny does die in one cartoon. It's titled What's Opera Doc? It is considered the #1 cartoon of all time. After Bugs dies at the end, Elmer pops up and says, "What did you expect in an opera....A Happy Ending?".
And no, I am not an expert in cartoons, I found that when checking on the Rabbit of Seville. :)

Greg-You saw that look in Elmer's eyes too? I was afraid it was only me, so I didn't mention it.

Kelly- PURPLE (brings on a whole new meaning, eh?)

Beverly LouWho-Pun

God's girl said...

Well, I am shocked to know that Bugs actually died. Wow! Did the roadrunner or Coyote ever die??? Or what about Sylvester and Tweety? Or Daffy Duck?

Chatty Kelly said...

Well, if we're going to be serious, I think MORE censorship is needed, especially on teen-focused shows. AND video games. Just my opinion.

But I was going for funny last time.

Parents just don't understand.

Edie said...

CK - You were funny!

GG - The Road Runner never dies. Never! LOL.

God's girl said...

o-kay, so bugs died before roadrunner??? How could they do that? That's wrong. Bugs should have lived on...RIP bugs...

Sue J. said...

I was with my nieces over the break and Cartoon Network was running a Looney Tunes marathon on New Year's Day (made me forget all about the Rose parade).

Anyhow, I was shocked at what I was watching, because I had no idea how much innuendo and violence and such I had consumed as a child in watching that! I almost turned it off on the girls, except that they didn't see what I noticed. (And, like most of us did at the time, we thought it was funny.)

Anyhow, then my 4-year-old niece pipes up, after somebody took a shot from someone, "Did he get hurt?" I was relieved that she was paying attention and thought enough to ask the question. Eventually, they all left the TV to play Wii (hmmmm....)

No morals, no issues, no comment, really--just observation, right?

Loved Roadrunner! (And Pepe le Pew!)

Edie said...

Oh yea Pepe le Pew! I liked him too!

Marla said...

I think you can percieve it any way your brain wants! If your critical you can find fault with just about anyting! I see nothing wrong with the cartoon, but I wasn't viewing it with the midset to find offensive things in it!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

YALL watched ALOT of toons! I didn't.... !!! I was too busy climbing trees and riding my bike. haa
The only thing I remember is how I could not STAND pepe' LAPEW!!! (SORRY EDIE) I DETESTED THE SLIMY LITTLE STALKER. HOW dare he grab what was her name... I'm sure yall know*... but I hated that he'd chase her down, grab her and start kissing up her arm. YUCK. Probably why I never got into cartoons. PEEEYEWWW IS RIGHT

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Oh yeah, and you really had me with the whole CENSOR "ship," ... that was cool! heehehaoaoaoa

I loved reading everyones comments!
GOOD STUFF! YALL always totally make my day.

Irritable Mother said...

Well, since you brought it up, I have seen some things in a couple Disney movies which seemed, uh, suggestive? There was one moment in Bambi and another in Robin Hood. But even if the adult who wrote it was trying to make a statement, no kid is going to pick up on it. Surely, we need to present our children with good things, but I don't think we need to go overboard.
Maybe that's the problem. Someone was over-bored and had to look for something to do, so he/she started looking for things to censor?
Just a thought.
Monkeys are funny.

Edie said...

There are indications that you may need to sign into "Gameaholics". LOL! Bet Ashleigh can beatcha in those games. She's a little wiz she is. :)

Lea - You know, I never actually thought about what Mr Le Pew was doing. I just thought he was a cute little skunk. I never could understand why the girl didn't like him. LOL!

Karen - Now I have to go watch Bambi to see which part could have been suggestive. Anybody else ever see that?

HisPrincess said...

I'm more of a Garfield fan myself. But as for my opinion...I think we've gone overboard on silly unnecesary things and then we turn a blind eye to important things. Like the news. Lets censore that. Or at least put it on when the kids have gone to bed.

Is one of the teletubbies gay? No one told me!

Edie said...

Hey girl, I think this ship has docked. :D

Hope you're feeling better.