Sunday, January 18, 2009

Picture Tag!

I've been tagged by Mrs P at the Patterson 5. I can't argue about whether or not she got me, (as opposed to last time I played tag). She got me fair and square. As a matter of fact I think I may have a bruise.

ANYWAY, the rules are to go to your picture file, go to the 4th file and pick the 4th picture and show what it is and then explain it.

SO.....hold on while I go to the picture file. I'm a little slow on these things so if you go get a soda or a cup of coffee while you wait, I'll completely understand.


OK, I'm back.

This picture is at our fire dept. It was taken last year at our open house. We have goody bags, food, games, exhibitions, and other things for the kids to do. One of the things we do is have a steel bin. In the bin we start a small fire, with the help of a propane tank. Then we let the kids put out the fire with a small hose. Directly to the right of the picture is one of our members sitting next to the propane tank. Many of the kids can't get the fire out. After about 20-30 seconds, that individual turns off the gas, the fire goes out and the child feels like a fire fighter.

So there you have it. My 4th picture from my 4th file. Now I need to tag 4 more people. I'm tagging God's Girl, Beverly LouWho, Lea at the Potting Shed, and Alert & Oriented X 4.

Have Fun!!


Marla said...

Nice photo. At a previous job the firefighters would come and do our yearly fire inservice and everyone had to practice putting out a fire with an extinguisher.

Beverlydru said...

I got tagged- I'll post my photo tomorrow. Thankfully the photo that qualified is not of me.

I like your picture. Of course I happen to think firefighters are the bomdiggety. : )

My ADHD Me said...

I LOVE that word......bomdiggety.

Sue J. said...

And does anyone have any concerns being near the propane tank with an active fire going??? I don't think I'd want that job.

CJ went for a birthday party to a station once. She loved it. I was terribly worried that she have some kind of collapse after the got the siren going. She did OK.

Nice selection!

Mocha with Linda said...

What a fun picture and event!

Chatty Kelly said...

Obviously Sue has never grilled out, because the grill fire is way closer to the propane tank than that one is. Does make you think.

Good picture. (nice post!)

My ADHD Me said...

If you want to see a neat picture, go to Alert & Oriented X 4. Looks like a puzzle of people.

Greg C said...

I already did my photo on Saturday. Seeing that photo, I wanted to shout "Fire in the hole" but instead I turned and ran. I used to get a thrill from going into a burning building but in my last year in the Navy, I lost my nerve and knew it was time to call it quits. I will tell that story one day.

Edie said...

I LOVE it! I bet those kids had a great time putting out the fire. :) How fun.

The Patterson 5 said...

How extremely cool! Thanks for playing...sorry about the bruise!

Irritable Mother said...

We have gone to a couple of fire station "open houses" and always enjoyed them. My favorite was when I got to put out a fire with a fire extinguisher.
Of course, now I'm trying to remember if there was someone sittin nearby controlling a propane tank - or if I really did put it out! *grin*

God's girl said...

Yaaaa! I've been picked. I've been picked. Yaaaa! I've been picked.

My kids would have loved to practice putting a fire out.

Thanks for not picking me last. I am honored to accept this invitation and will do it good... (at least if my pics are in the right place.) If not, then I just post a really off the wall pic I suppose:)

On Purpose said...

You let the secret out...I am sure these kids just knew they got that fire out! I hope that doesn't crush their future hopes of being firefighters...hehe!