Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Dreaded Word Verification

The dreaded word verification.

You know what I'm talking about. It's that little square that comes up after you have written a comment on someone's post. There is something about that, that drives me crazy-er. It's just a minor inconvenience. It's just the fact that sometimes they write it so blurry or "squiggally" (new word) that I end up having to type it in more than once.....sometimes more than twice. Once I think I had to write it in 3 times but I don't think I've ever had to do it four times. What is even worse is when you copy the word incorrectly and your comment erases. Remember, my attention span isn't quite what it should be. My first comment may be full of compliments or funny responses, then it erases whe
n I mess up the word then not only have I forgotten what I wrote, but there is a good chance that I have even forgotten what I read! You know what happens then.....the notorious "Nice Post" comment. hhmmmm....that made me think of The Notorious Missionary in Spain. Notorious comment....Notorious Missionary..... I haven't visited her in a while. I think I'll pop over there after I'm done here.

Where was I? Monkeys are funny.

Oh yeah. Anyway, as much as I dislike the Word Verification, it looks like I am going to have to enable it on my blog for a while. It seems that I have a new "blogger buddy" straight from, um, straight from, er, straight from a county that doesn't speak English. China or Japan maybe? I don't know.

As much as I enjoy new readers, somehow, I don't think this individual is actually reading my posts. Granted, quite often many of you don't "get" my posts.... usually because they may not be "getable"
(another new word). But a least you understand the words. (even when I use words like squigally and getable).

Also, there is something about this individuals comments that make me think that we really won't be following his/her blog either. Perhaps I get that feeling because of the fact that the comments usually read something like...
Chinese symbols for about one or 2 lines...then the word PARTY in English, followed by more chinese symbols.
Do you think....Is it possible...could it be....Canned Corn Beef? Or even worse....SPAM!!

ANYWAY, I will be adding the word verification to my blog for a week or so. Then I'll remove it and see if I was able to get my blog off of this individuals mailing list..... actually, CK, could you do it for me?

SO, bear with me....or monkey with me??

Chow! (as in Chow Mein) MyADHDMe


Blasé said...

Yeah, I hate it when that happens too. I get finished responding with a lil' something, have to type in the 'word sqribble thingy'..doesn't work, have to do it again..and then I've fogot what I just finished typing. Makes me just want to Bitch-Slap the computer or the nearest person to me. Unfortunately, the 'trolls' come with this territory, sometimes. You are doing the right thing. I'll do the same if I ever need to.

Now, I can only hope that when I type in the 'word'...that I'll get it right the freakin' first time.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I've never seen anyone talk about the dreaded "re-type" of the word verification. Funny stuff! I get the same Asian writing comment. I just don't publish it. But still, I'd rather have tons of spam than one mean anonymous comment.

Chatty Kelly said...

PROFANITY!!! Blase used profanity on the blog comment. I'm telling!!! He didn't even make the "i" an asterick, so it could say b*tch. Then we'd all know what he meant, but it just seems...nicer???

So what was your post about again? Oh yeah, the word thing. I'll do it for you if it doesn't come up when I add this comment.

But my comments don't go away when I miss the word verification. They stay there, I just have to retype the word. Strange.

Beverlydru said...

Oh yes, I'm with you all the way... I almost always have to retype. I hope yours will indeed be temporary. I'm guessin' I struggle with those things for the same reason I struggled with math- careless mistakes. (Big eye roll here)I have had the comment disappear more times than I can count. I usually give up at that point.

Greg C said...

I am with you funny monkey. I hate that word verification thingy too and have done the same thing when my comment got errased after two failed attempts. I also have to contend with the fact that this computer sometimes blocks that word picture so I start out with one strike already. Talk about pressure. I am feeling that pressure right now because I know that once I hit publish that little word thingy is going to pop up and It is going to be like Jeopardy and I am going to forget to put it in the form of a question or something and then the monkey will hit that little buzzer and and and. Can you tell I don't like pressure. Oh well here goes nothing. Oh and if all you get is a comment that says "nice post" you know what happened. Or do you, because this post will be missing, Ok here goes.....

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

And to think that you're the one who bullied me into taking the Captcha *which is what those 'in the know' call the word verivication thingy* off my blog....sigh...

Mocha with Linda said...

Sorry to disappoint you, but I've always had word verification and I still got about 6 spam comments one day. Aggravation.

Monkeys are funny but spam is not.

Anonymous said...

The word verification is now on. It's says the blog author won't see it, so if you (ADHD) don't see it, that's why. I'm not logging in again, that is why this is your anonymous sister.


On Purpose said...

You my friend keep the blogging world fun...and just so you know how fun it is I am going to leave in my comments the letters to the verification I have to type to leave this message to you...hey why not? If I get to see you should to right...I am a girl who likes to share!


Now how many words can we make from that?


I love you my friend!

samurai said...

I just wanted to say i like the randomness of your blog posts. :)

God's girl said...

I loved the "spam" (canned corn beef) comment you made in your post. You "IS" a funny girl! (I know it should be 'are', but I like "IS")

What was your post about now??? You tend to be contagious. LOL

OH YES!!! The word thingy!!! I believe...actually I know...I took mine off in the beginning because of YOU! You said it annoyed you! I was such a People pleaser back then...*sigh*

So my word thingy says: reasi

are, is...ear, um...I am not coming up with too many words. I need a new one. This word thingy is broken!

God's girl said...


ton, tan, oat, lot, ant,

This one is broke too!

God's girl said...


THis is a good word thingy! I will work on this one:)

God's girl said...

This word thingy is soooooooooooo annoying. I don't like the word thingy. *whine* *whine* *whine*



Hey, I have been extremely blessed and I have not had any spam thus far on my blog, so just know when/if I ever do, I'm going to do the same thing. Prepare yourself girlie!

In the meantime, I'm off to play a game of "word verification mix-up! The game where you see how many words you can make out of the letters!"

Hasta La Vista! Como estas? Buenos noches! Party! Te quiero! Muy bien! Party! Me llamo Heaven! Adios!

Irritable Mother said...

Monkey with you? Very cute.

I used to get so frustrated commenting - not because of the word verification, but because sometimes I type in a comment and do the verification or whatever, and when I click on publish - ZAP! - the comment is gone. Grrrr!

But my wise husband (He is to me like CK is to you.) told me to get in the habit of copying my comment before I submit it, so if it disappears I just need to hit ctrl + v, and I have it back again. It's an extra step, but it saves me frustration.

Wish it was that easy to get around ADHD homework frustration...*sigh*

Edie said...

You are still my funny friend even though you're going to cause me to use up even more of my time that I don't have taking the word quiz, but I guess I deserve it since I haven't been able to come visit in what feels like forever!

Thank you for not giving up on me. The Tea Party was incredible!! We had about 2500 in attendance. It was amazing! God was all over this! He orchestrated all of the details in amazing ways and still is!!

Congressman Joe Barton and Gov Rick Perry spoke and dashed off. This movement is continuing until WE THE PEOPLE are heard. So you will have more opportunities to participate.

I'm so far behind on everything, but it should get better now that I have a committee formed and have help. Yay!!

I have to go do a blog design for someone now so I'll talk with ya later!!


Edie said...

Man I miss the chat room!


Edie said...

I'm organizing a protest to get you to reconsider. :)