Friday, April 24, 2009

Exidia The Word verification Box

It's time to kill the WVB ( Word Verification Box).

A moment of silence please, while we all remember the good memories we shared. Ah, what fun it was to try to read the scrambled letters, only to mistake an "r" for an "n". Oh, the joy of being able to re-type our comments. Yes indeed, Those days gone by, will forever be remembered.

Alas, The WVB will be missed, but fortunately, its passing did not take away the knowledge of all the new words that we never even knew existed.....until now.

exidia- gracefully depart the room. "It is now time for the WVB to exidia."

alized- to understand something the FIRST time around. As opposed to the 2nd time (which would be RE-alized. "As soon as I saw the storm I alized I was going to get wet."

adrima-When an Italian gentleman has thoughts, while he is asleep. "Last a-night I had an adrima and it-a kept me awake-a all night-a long."

mitess-The Golden Touch. "Every investment he makes, turns out great. He must have mitess."

nonflo- what the water does when you put a plug in it.

civeri- It's that same Italian gentleman. "He has a big smile on his face. He's-a-very (He is civeri) happy."

lexomed- Medication taken for those who aren't satisfied with the car they own and want a Lexus instead.

dompulf- The kid wearing the dunce cap.

musigne- A word invented for a new movie that is being released. It is a knock off of Planet of the Apes. It is called Planet of the Moose. That is if the moose will sign the contract. "Hey Bob, we need a musigne before we can start filming!".

andum- The word used when you are finished talking and or writing, and can't think of anything else to say.....

"Well, andum, I guess I'm done with this list now."



Edie said...

WAHAHAHA!! You so crack me up. Oh I've been missing these laughs lately.

You've got one incredible dictionary at your disposal. Can these words be used in scrabble?

I think adrima is used incorrectly in your sentence. Shouldn't it be "Last night I had adrima..."? My Bumpa (grandpa) was Italian and I'm sure that's the way he said it. :)

I just alized that I've been using REalized incorrectly all these years. :o

civeri - Yes I beleive that word is used in Lady and the Tramp.

These are just so funny you almost make me want the WVB back.

Chatty Kelly said...

I wish I had paid better attention to the word verification thing. I didn't know they were real words. (*wink*)

Blasé said...

All about CountryCrock-

-yes, it's a tub of butter...but it's the Best

-The World loves Butter

-Butter is a Good thing

-Gives things a lil' smile (i.e. Toast, Muffins, Popcorn)

-Give me CountryCrock, or give me death

Bonita said...

Okay, now I'm absolutely going to have to start my own word verification dictionary. I've seen some that were real doozies and some that made me laugh off my rocker. Yours are hilarious. Thahk you civeri much for sharing them!

Blasé said...

Are you SURE??

It sure taste like Butter. I hate it when me and mothernature get fooled.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Your posts
always make
me civeri

Edie said...

Now I can't do a WV without thinking of the definition of the word. Ugh!

I came over here to share my latest word with you. Cause I know you care. lol.

snesi - Wasn't he one of the 7 dwarves?

Beverlydru said...

I just failed to leave 2 comments because of the WVB. Andum only you would think to make a brilliant post from those crazy squiggles.

Edie said...

Where are you today?

Bee said...

These are great!