Thursday, January 21, 2010

Could I Borrow a Couple of Those Knitting Sticks?

According to Albert Einstein, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Sometimes I actually enjoy hard strenuous labor. I like the feeling of accomplishment. I like the feeling when I'm finished of just laying back in complete exhaustion. It makes me feel stronger and healthier. I even like the feeling of breaking out into a good sweat while I'm working....that is if I don't have to worry about going anywhere after wards without any make-up.

I heat my house with a wood burning stove. It is a great money saver, not to mention very cozy. Last year when the tree fell on our house, the men cut it into pieces the correct size but didn't split it. I'm sure they would have....$. Much of it has been laying in a pile in the backyard ever since then. I used to split wood to help make myself stronger for fire fighting. Also, as you may recall from one of my recent posts, we do a lot of work with axes and I had never swung an axe at all before becoming a fire fighter.

Well, I know that I can not/should not do that anymore because of my back.

Oh great, how did I start underlining everything. This is annoying. How can I think about what I am writing while everything is being underlined. It would be different if I was underlining a certain statement, but not the entire post. I don't even know how to underline something. I have NO idea what I did to make it start doing this. That is why I never underline. Instead, to emphasize what I am saying I always put it in CAPITAL LETTERS.

Monkey are Funny.

Underlining is annoying.


OK, anyway. I'll try to ignore it. Hope you can. Where was I...

I'm not so incredibly dumb that I would go outside and start trying to split that wood. I know I would hurt myself.

But it was all laying out there in a pile and I knew it was going to rot it if didn't get stacked.

This underlining is driving me crazy-er. I'm going to take a break from this and call Chatty Kelly. She'll be able to fix it....

Whew, thank you Kelly. This is SO much better...(note the capitalized letters in the word SO).


So, I decided that I would just stack the logs...not split them. Just stack them. I know how to lift properly. I know how to use my legs instead of my back. I know that I need to be careful and not to lift to much at once.

It actually felt good to do some hard work.

Well, it felt good at the time, that is. Today...not so good. You would think I would have learned and that I would know better by now. Ol'Albert knew what he was talking about. I guess I need to find a hobby. Something that makes me feel good about myself but doesn't make me walk like a little old lady for days afterwards. There's always knitting. I wonder where I should go to get some of those knitting sticks.....


Sue J. said...

I can't help you with this.... My mom could--she made the new scarf I'm sporting in my profile picture.

Cross-stitch--that's very repetitive, except for the change of color in the floss. Rug-hooking... It's time for rug-hooking to come back as a "hot" craft.

Or, you could just keep posting!

Feel better today....

Greg C said...

If you split the logs first they won't be so heavy. My wife split most of the wood we have and she would complain every night about how bad her back hurt. I can crochet if you need any help with that.

Mocha with Linda said...

You are so funny. At first I thought "why is she hyperlinking so much stuff?!"

Kelly Combs said...

I am laughing because she really did call me, and I had to log into her post and fix it.


Stop doing MANual labor! It's for men. Duh!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your back hurts!! :(


Bonita said...

I can really relate to this post because I picked up an axe and split wood for the first time ever a couple of weeks ago. Granted, it wasn't full size logs, but it was very hard nonetheless. After the first time I felt a little sore, but okay. After the second time I felt a little more sore and in odd places and I heard a little voice telling me that this probably wasn't the wisest idea I'd ever had considering how many times I've seen the chiropractor for next problems over the last decade.

Anyway, please take care of yourself and your back. Backs are just too hard to fix.

KrippledWarrior said...

Here's what to do. Go to a pay phone and call the local police and tell the that you saw someone hiding Cocaine inside the logs stacked in the backyard of a house. Make sure they understand that the drugs are inside the logs and not just under the pile. They will come and chop the wood for free.
Love ya bunches,

Irritable Mother said...

OK, so I just have to know. Does saying MONKEYS ARE FUNNY really help you get back into focus?
Matthew just wrote a story about monkeys, and I'm wondering if it's a focus thing. Cuz I'll walk around saying MONKEY all morning if it will help him get ready for school faster!

Thanks for the laughs this morning. As usual. *grin*

My ADHD Me said...

Karen...Read the comic strip at the top of the page.
Monkeys are funny.

Edie said...

You cracked me up with the underlining. I know it was annoying. I have a real hard time getting past stuff like that too when I don't know how to fix it. I will spend hours trying to find a solution.

I know you may not remember this, or care to remember it but here goes.

1. Highlight the text that is underlined.
2. Hold down the "ctrl" key (bottom left) and press the "u" key. Make sure you are holding down the "ctrl" key or you will just type a "u". :)

That's it. It will work to underline or to remove the underline. Since you're looking for a hobby you could go practice that. Who knows, you might receive another Certificate of Achievement. Woo Hoo! :)

Knitting isn't just for old ladies my friend. I haven't done it in a while but I have knitted many very nice sweaters. I was actually in my 20s when I was doing most of my knitting. I don't think it's the hobby you're looking for. :)

I'm so sorry about your back. I will be praying for you. For the back as well as the hobby. He knows. He has it all planned out.

I think you need to get out for a while. Come on over and I'll help you find your hobby. :D

Edie said...

Oh my goodness. I didn't mean to take up so much space in the chat room. :)

My ADHD Me said...

Edie- Don't you know, my friend, that you can take up as much room as you want....anytime.

Believe me. I would already be over there if I could....possibly with a suitcase...haha.

Get out for a while??? What does that mean?

Monkeys are funny????

Irritable Mother said...

Yes, I have read that comic. So, I guess it isn't really the trick, huh?
What IS?
What do you do to keep yourself and your son on track?

My ADHD Me said...

on track?? lol

Edie said...

Get out for a while. It means go to Edie's house. :)

Beverlydru said...

Good morning!! Happy Saturday. Hope your back is better. I've been working and not blogging and you are one of the first I wanted to come visit. You always make me smile. And yes, thank you Massachusetts for drawing a line in the sand. hURRAY!

Irritable Mother said...

I love you! *grin*