Saturday, January 9, 2010

Words to Live By

Quite often in life, we receive very important advice and/or bits of information. You know, the life saving ones.

I remember one of the first fire calls I went on. The call came in as"Smell of smoke in residence. Possible Carbon Monoxide" As you can imagine, I was nervous and excited at the same time.

It was then that I learned a very important piece of advice. I was following the lead firefighter in the house. We were in complete gear, including SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus).

As we were walking in, I looked at my partner. Hoping for a profound bit of advice, I asked him, "What should I do?"

His response, "Grab an Ax and Try Not to Die."

Man, I really miss those days!

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Mocha with Linda said...

I say that to myself every morning when I get out of bed!

That's too funny. Nothing like boiling it down to the basics!

Edie said...

Sage advice. Talk about clear instructions. LOL!

Just Be Real said...

Wow, Grab and ax and try not to die. Yeah, that would get my attention also. Blessings!

Kelly Combs said...

Well, I don't know about the ax, but I follow the 2nd part of those directions daily. *grin*

Irritable Mother said...

Yeah. That's some profound advice! LOL
Hey, thanks so much for telling me about Thursday's post. I am looking forward to it. There have been several times when I have been aching for some understanding - and I am pleased to know I have an opportunity to hear from someone who KNOWS.
Thanks, again. You're the best! *grin*

samurai said...

That sounds like a familiar refrain. Thank you for sharing this.

I was picturing you, the rookie, looking to the veteran for sage advice, so that helped the mental picture as well. 8)

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said... time I smell a daid mouse, I'll try that!

KrippledWarrior said...

Words to live by. Profound revelation, indeed. And when the cops ask "Why an ax on a motorbike?" I'm say you told me to.
Luv ya bunches.