Friday, January 8, 2010

Top Five....Day Five

I would have loved to have been involved in something like this. Oh yeah, I probably would have to be able to sing and dance.....oh well.

This has to be my favorite.

I first saw this at Sue J's blog. I just love it!




Mocha with Linda said...

I absolutely love this!

Kelly Combs said...

My kids had to watch this one before school this morning.

Sue J. said...

I would so be there dancing along, with that unexplainable lump in my throat!

Sound of Music was on over the holidays, and every time I see that shot of the kids jumping up and down on those steps, with her voice zooming higher than her hand up in the air, I just lose it inside.

So, what I was saying was that I have the DVD with director's commentary (and Julie Andrews' commentary, too, I think), and I've always wanted to watch that but never have. You could come over and watch that with me (with refreshments), or we could do like they do (or did) in Wash D.C./Bethesda area and host a Sound of Music party, where we come dressed as our favorite character and sing all the songs. (Like a healthy Rocky Horror experience....)

One of these cold dreary days with no place to go....and you could come here, with invited friends....sisters...countrywomen....

Thanks for a great Top 5! You DID save the best for last.

Beverlydru said...

This is one of my all-time favorite you-tube clips too! Way to wrap up a week of classics.
Are you warm up there? I'm bundled up down here. It's supposed to be 20 degrees tonight. In Florida. Might as well snow if it's going to be this cold. : )
And I'm coming to Sue's party - sounds like mighty fine blog material!

My ADHD Me said...

Sue- What a WONDERFUL way to spend a cold dreary day!! Whether it is just the 2 of us or a group....count me in!
I'm even making a conscious effort to keep up with my emails...not great yet, but working on it.

Yoo-Hoo- 20 degrees in Florida! WOW! It's supposed to be cold here tonight too, but not quite THAT cold!

Edie said...

That was GREAT! I'm with you. I would love to participate in something like that.

I took Word Girl to the orthodontist yesterday and they had HS Musical playing. I asked her what she would do if the receptionists started singing and dancing like that and then the dentist and assistants came out and joined in. She said she would probably join in. She is a lover of musicals. :)

Debbie said...

That is so incredible! I loved this.

Lea said...

I can't get this to play right... will have to come back and try again after abit.