Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today Is Tuesday. You Know What That Means

Today is Tuesday.
You Know what that means.
We're gonna have a special guest!!

With so many people getting sick with colds and the flu, I think today's Special Guest is the perfect choice.

Got Flu?

......cause Tuesday is Guest Star Day!!!!!!




Sue J. said...

You mean Cher didn't think this was worthy enough to lend her voice to?
(Of course, Sonny is no longer, so that makes his vocal even more impressive....)

Next, you'll be pulling out Frank singing "I've got flu...under my skin..." Ewwwww.....

My ADHD Me said...

Sue J- HAHA. How about people with Munchausens?
They could sing the song by Cheap Trick..."I want flu to want me. I need flu to need me. I'd love flu to love me....."

My ADHD Me said...

P.S. You mean that wasn't really Cher singing??? : **

Mocha with Linda said...

That was pretty funny.

And Cher's voice might explain her daughter's recent change.

KrippledWarrior said...

Your Tuesday guest spots break me up.

Kelly Combs said...

I got nothing. Trying to think of a witty retort. Nothing.

Ah, great post!

Edie said...

How in the world do you find this stuff?? LOL!

Anonymous said...

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Kelly Combs said...

Tell anon to go burn a theme somewhere else. :-)