Thursday, January 14, 2010

What is ADHD?

Often I am asked what it is like to live with ADHD. Usually by the time I am finished trying to explain it, the person that asked can see it for themselves. AND they are usually more confused than they were before they asked me.

This clip is a speech given by an 11 year old girl that has ADHD. It is called "Living With ADHD". Between the visual and the speech, this is probably the best way I have ever seen it explained. I think that by the time you get to the end of this clip you will get a glimpse of what it is like.

She did an amazing job.




Jenny wren's nest said...

Wow, that is a perfect description of my life.

Sometimes I lose my patience with my son and need to keep in mind that he goes off in his world too.

Disaster is looming on the horizon, Grandma(the teen sitter) got called for jury duty while we will be gone.

and that leave Grandpa, who has no patience with our 15 yr. old ADHD son. Pray for my poor innocent kids.

Kelly Combs said...

And here I always thought you just weren't "cool." It's the ADHD!

Irritable Mother said...

Oh, that line about "We aren't trying to upset you."
I know that's true. I know Matthew doesn't get off task SO MUCH just to spite me. But I get so frustrated.
I'm trying. I'm trying. I want to help both the boys learn how to get organized so they can manage their own stuff, so they don't lose it or forget about assignments. But it feels like walking across quicksand. (Not that I've ever walked across quicksand. I'm guessing!) It feels like a losing battle.
Anyway, thanks for posting this clip and reminding me that my sons are not "doing this to me."
And thanks for the little therapy session. It's good to get the feelings out. *grin*

KrippledWarrior said...

And I always thought of myself as having a faster brain, and a lower tolerance for stupid, unobservant people. But nobody called me un-cool. TO MY FACE.
You rock on girl.

Sue J. said...

I think it's very difficult to explain things like ADHD. And, for some folks, they don't even have words for their diagnosis. Maybe they have a combination of different things. Can you hear the experts...Well, we're not really sure, but there's a little of this, that and the other thing, and it's all really hard.

But, all of these folks are God-created individuals with unique talents and attributes that need to be embraced, regardless of our ability to explain why we are they way we are. We just are!

I know you have ADHD, but you have always talked about yourself and presented yourself in such a way that it is not the focus--even when it IS the focus!! You just keep doing what you're doing.

In Fonzie's terms, "Heeeeyyyyyyy...."

Sue J. said...

I have noticed your thumbnail shot is grayed out on other blogs. (It's like that on CJ's, too.)

In-Between Time is only publishing once a week, not daily. There are no questions, it's just commentary. So, don't feel intimidated. I'm taking it slow because I want to understand everything these guys have written for us. Just come and learn!

If this were Facebook and I could give you a Diet Coke (icon), I would....

Kelly Combs said...

Are you signing up just you or you & Sydney for obedience school. LOL!

Yup, Sue J in on facebook now. You should join. iT's fun! And now that you have your own new laptop - woohoo!

My ADHD Me said...

CK- I probably need it more than Sydney but it sure wouldn't hurt her either.

I'm not THAT cool yet!

Edie said...

Watching that video was really hard for me. So it's kinda like the days that I find myself wandering around the house accomplishing nothing because there are so many things in my mind that I can't seem to focus on just one? Oh my! I feel for you!

But I always thought you were cool! ;)

Lea said...

I'm glad I got to see this. I've wondered ya know?
and for the record... you're very COOL.

My ADHD Me said...

The big surprise to me was that Jim Carey and Robin Williams have ADHD. I NEVER would have thought...!!

Debbie said...

Great clip and message. I think it would help quite a few parents to understand their kids better.

samurai said...

WOW ... i am speechless... LOL