Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Random Dozen....whew

Time to jump on the bandwagon and try out the Random Dozen from 2nd Cup of Coffee.
Thank you to A&OX4 for trying to help me get the questions on my post so I wouldn't have to re-type them seriously....

Still not sure if I did it correctly, but it all showed up so that was a good start.

Hhmmm, I probably should have read the questions before I committed to doing them. Oh well, too late now.

On your mark.....Get set.......Monkeys Are Funny!

1. When was the last time you craved a food--what was it, and did you cave?
Yesterday......Nutty Buddy......Yep

2. M & M's or Skittles?
I'm pretty sure that I am in the minority here....Skittles.

3. Have you ever read the Bible completely through?
No but I did read a layman copy which is a book that has the entire Old Testament written in the form of a novel but it is all factual from the Bible. It is called The Book of God.

4. How long does it take you to really wake up in the morning?
I'll let you know when it happens......Way TOO long!

5. Have you ever been on a cruise? If not, would you like to?
No........No desire really......I much rather be in a burning building with a fire hose....(and some more firefighters).

6. Who is your favorite actress?
I have favorite actors but really no favorite actresses that I can think of.

7. ______ is something that I will just never understand.

8. How much of a technology junkie are you?
See answer to #7.

9. Do you enjoy selecting greeting cards for people, or is it more of a cultural "have to" for you?
I enjoy getting them for "off the wall" reasons or randomly but really don't like that feeling of "Oh No! Tomorrow is so-an- so's birthday and I don't have a card!

10. When was the last time you got a new style/haircut?
Hair Style? What's That?

11. What do you enjoy shopping for most?
Anything at Thrift Stores and or Consignment Stores.....Especially Books
I also love it when I find another pair of Chuck Taylor Converse Hi-Tops. I don't like the new ones but once in a while I'll find a very old pair that is still in good condition AND in my size......They were all marked in mens sizes so I wear a size 6 1/2 or 7 mens. SO, when my next birthday comes up, you can skip the card and now you know what to get me, My white ones are getting a bit ragged so white would be great. I also have black, black patent leather, denim, mustard yellow, purple tie-dye (when I got them they were purple only but they were too bright for me so I tied them) I like shoes. Mostly sneakers and boots. Beside my Chuck Taylors, my favorite sneakers are my Sam & Libby hi-top sneakers with a 2 inch platform. Also my White Leather lace up, hi-top sneakers......oh yeah, they have a 3 1/2 inch heel. haha. You can't tell by the picture but they really are sneakers. I'm almost positive that I'll never wear them but I couldn't resist buying them for all those times when people comment that I always wear sneakers. Plus, I don't own the sequins spandex mini-skirt that would surely go with them.

12. What's the last thing you think of before you leave the house?
Dog on Cable
Back in House.
Remember dog needs water to stay alive.
fill water.
where are keys?
Check to be sure all lights are off.
Blow out candles.
Close windows if needed.
Turn back heat or turn up air if needed.
Go to bathroom.
Re-Brush teeth
Re-Appy Lipstick
Look at hair, smile and shake head because there's nothing I can do with it.
Where are keys?
Grab water bottle.
Grab diet coke.
Put on watch.
Quick peek at email or blog.
Find keys.
Find cell phone.
Grab a jacket or sweater...just in case.
Go to car.
Go back inside.
Grab a few mints.
grab any needed lists..
Grab a book for if/when I need to wait.
Grab purse.
Where are keys? I JUST had them!
Yell at the kids to hurry up.
See kids waiting for me in car.
Find keys.
Start car.
Alberquando forgot the CD he wants to listen to.
He goes back in to get it.
He comes back to the car.
He leaves door not only unlocked, but open.
He goes back and shuts and locks door.
Where were we going?
Is that the phone ringing?
um....what was the question again?



Irritable Mother said...

How do you do it???
You always make me laugh!
"Quick peek at email or blog."
I am sooooo with you there.
But for me? It's M&Ms all the way.

Have a great day, my friend!

samurai said...

ROFL - i loved #12

Mocha with Linda said...

Yay! I'm so glad you jumped in. Your answers are so hilarious, especially all of them@

(I was going to list so many I figured it was pointless@)

My ADHD Me said...

Favorite Actresses...after reading a few other Random Dozens, I can't believe I forgot about Julie Andrews and Sandra Bullock!

Jenny wren's nest said...

Isn't having A.D.D. fun, especially when you had the keys when I went back to get the list, then you have to find the keys again. love the shoe thing, you are a funny monkey.

Bonita said...

You took a rather odd set of questions and put your unique spin on it. Love the thoughts about leaving the house. Me too. I don't have one, I have a zillion.

Right there with you on #7!

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

You are so funny!
I read the Book of God, too...not all that impressed. Liked the real thing better (except for Numbers...yawn)
As for the sneaker boots...I'm pretty sure you could pull them off if you got a pair of leggings (any style, color..thinking...zebra?) and a pair of really short shorts (Daisy Dukes).
Amy home from wisdom teeth. She seems a little dumber. Oh,wait. That's the drugs. Poor baby. She cried a little, but she's trying to be nice (which she generally DOESN'T do unless she's drugged). Better living thru chemistry...

Kelly Combs said...

Loved the list. I linked you up to Linda's Mr. Linky so she will actually know you played along. Hope that is okay.

Amy said...

Very funny...but oh so familiar!! I am glad you have enough self preservation to be in the burning building with other firefighters :)

Great answers and love your blog!!


Greg C said...

I should have known you would excel on that last question. YOu are so funny.

Edie said...

There have been days when I have done #12. LOL!

1 Love Nutty Buddys!

2 Not a huge fan of skittles or m&ms except My Little M&M, Miss Personality.

3 Several times. I need to keep at it, it's been a while.

5 Me too... except the burning building part. :)

9 Me too.

11 I love your white leather lace-ups. There was a time I would have worn those. I love boots, have always loved heels, but alas, my feet can't take it any more. :(