Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Art "Link"letter

I have 2 friends who are desperately trying to help me learn to link.

My normal way of linking about things while I'm writing my blog is to give these directions:
1. Minimize my blog page.
2. Reopen your internet home page.
3. Type in www.whatever
4. Search for whatever it is I was talking about.
5. Read it.
6. Close that page.
7.Enlarge my blog and continue reading it.

My other way is to say:
1.Go to my comment page
2 Click on Chatty Kelly's page from one of her comments
3.Find the person I want you to link to and go for it.

Anyway, these 2 friends insist there is a better way. They say there is a way to do it where people will actually go to the page you want them to. One of these friends I've known forever and one I've know just a few short weeks (Chatty Kelly and Edie).....actually, I cannot honestly say I've known Kelly forever because since she is younger than I am (and believe me, she would be the first to let you know,), the first 4 years of my life were spent not knowing her. BUT she's known me all of her life....and I can assure you that there was a time span during my teenage years when she would have loved to NOT know me. I'm not sure why. As I'm sure all of you can imagine, I was the most angelic older sister ever born.....NOT.

Our dad worked all the time (4 kids and a mentally unstable wife). Our mom was....hhhmmm....I have to phrase this delicately....."mentally unstable" (and believe me, that IS phrasing it delicately). I was the rebel. Kelly was the quiet one that did "everything" right. She did everything she could to please others and I did everything I could to make sure they knew that I didn't care. She got her feelings hurt easily and was emotional and I went out of my way to prove to the world...and the family, that I had NO emotions or feelings.

Those of you that know us personally and even those of you who only know us through our blogs probably could have already figured all that out.

Well, we grew up, life goes on. We have our issues. But don't we all?


Monkey's are funny. Monkey's are funny. Monkey's are funny!!

Do you know why I say Monkey's are funny when I get off track. I explained it all in my first post. I'm sure that all my readers that began to visit my blog after I had written numerous posts went back and read all the previous ones....what do you mean you didn't? Didn't the curiosity drive you crazy? Or maybe you had such a headache after reading just one that you had to take 2 Tylenol and lay down. NOT TO WORRY. To get to my first blog to find out whether or not I really think monkeys are funny:

1. Just go to my older posts.
2. Scroll down to the earliest ones..
3. .....KIDDING.

It would be so much easier if I could link you there. You might even check it out if I make it easy. Kelly sat me down and showed me how. Edie sent me detailed instructions. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

To see whether or not I think Monkey's REALLY are funny....Click Here!!

Well, did you do it????? Did It work???

I had a hard time coming up with a name for this post. For some reason the name Art Linkletter just kept popping up. Some of you will know who is he and some won't. I don't know why I thought of him. The only thing I remember about him was that he was the host of a video (I think they probably called it a movie back in those "olden" days) I watched in elementary school. It was about not getting into cars or going away with strangers. He was the host of a tv show called "Kids Say The Darndest Things" (before Bill Cosby). He was a huge anti-drug advocate. He has been quoted saying "Sometimes I'm asked by kids why I condemn marijuana when I haven't tried it. The greatest obstetricians in the world have never been pregnant". If he said that today, it would be wise to change it to "MANY of the greatest...." You've come a long way baby!

That is your trivia for the day.

Losing focus...Monkey Are Funny!


Chatty Kelly said...

You did it! Hooray! And "all by yourself!" (well sort of).

Anyway - now you will no doubt becoming a linking fool. No I'm not calling you a fool. That is, you'll be able to right off the cuff, link. No, not cuff link. I mean, I never saw such a link. No not sausage link, SAW SUCH a link. Oh, nevermind!

HisPrincess said...

Yay! Now you can do it I must figure it out!

I have a bloggy friend here who can help me...perhaps I will ask her, if I get around to it.

HisPrincess said...

And yes I had worked out that you were the rebellious one and Kelly was the quiet one...

If you are wondering, I was the whingy, pain in the butt, annoying one! Little sister. It was my job!

Eve said...

Well now. I feel like I fell down a rabbbit hole. Some of it I understood..for instance I know Art Linletter. I know what monkeys are and I know sisters. LOL
Congratulations on getting the link out...: )

On Purpose said...

So it takes me longer than the rest of the world...but this is what I learned from your blog today:

You and Kelly are sisters!

Yeah for me...to make the connection...and I am laughing because everyone else knows that but not me...until now...now I feel like I am part of something...okay maybe I just have more knowledge than a second ago..anyway...thanks for that great bit of information!

Edie said...

Oh dear I'm a day behind! No wonder you came looking for me. The suspense must have been killing you! I was so worried after hearing of your fall, and all the way from a star, I rushed right over to see if you were ok. Now I have THREE pages open that I have to go read cause of all those LINKS! :D Ha!

Yaaaayyyyy for you!! I'm so proud. I'll be back in a bit with your certificate. ;)

The Patterson 5 said...

You sisters are so funny!