Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TVs, Computers, and Cells...oh my ...PART 2

I see that 3 faithful readers have commented. The rest of you will need to read the previous post before you read this one for it to make sense. Well, to make as much sense as I normally do anyway.

Where were we.....

Oh yeah, I was on the phone with Chatty Kelly while house sitting for my other sister ET. (for those of you who are too lazy to go back and read the previous post, I am writing a recap of the first 24 hours spent housesitting and/or on our mini vacation.)---really, it would be much easier if you just go back one post and read that before you read this one. Go ahead......I'll wait here for you.....dum dum di dum dum dum (that is me humming while I'm waiting for you to catch up and read the last post.) All done? ok.....

I'm on the phone with Chatty Kelly and I hear....
"Mom, do you know where they keep the toilet plunger?"
I hang up with Kelly and warily walk down the stairs.
"False alarm mom, the second flush did the job."

We take a few moments to talk about the importance of sometimes needing to flush in the middle of your business. (Sorry about being kind of gross. But, those of you with kids have probably been there, done that.)

OK, I call ET's husband and leave a message on his cell so we can figure out how to watch tv and get on the computer. Alberquando has most of it figured out....he's my 12 year old computer prodigy. But we still have questions.

He calls---computers and tv all working fine now----after he walks us through it. (us, meaning Alberquando).

At this point we have been here all of about 2 hours.

"Mom, I'm bored."
I say go for a walk.

While they are out walking I scavenge throughout the house and hide any open bottles of alcohol that I may find....no, I'm not ready for a drinking binge.....yet. But, there are 2 17 year old boys here all week and even though I like to think that my angel and his friend would NEVER EVER indulge.....I need to be realistic. Why leave temptation right there in the open....just calling their names....plus, maybe I'll need a drink before the week (day) is over. Oh, and don't think ET has hundreds of liquor and beer bottles all over the place. Just a few. What I don't hide, I count.

They are back from their walk. Big boys are watching tv and Alberquando is on computer. I'm STILL unpacking. Alberquando calls me to come downstairs. He hears something. I hear it too. There is this very high pitching screaming sound! It wasn't a human sound but it wasn't an electronic sound either. It also wasn't the tv or the computer. It sounded like something that was alive!!

To be continued.................


The Patterson 5 said...

More suspense! ET's house must be very exciting! I can't wait to hear what the high pitched noise was! Could it be the plumbing actually needing the plunger? A cat that found all the bottles you hid? A CD needing repair with toothpaste (I am really impressed by your tip- I can't come up with one that every one does not know already!) Tuesday's almost over and I haven't thought of a tip!

Chatty Kelly said...

What ever could it be?? I know, I know!

Can't wait for part 3. I feel like it's one of those made for TV mini-series.

HisPrincess said...

Oh come on! You can't leave me hanging like that! I need a diversion from my miserable tooth centred life....come back and finish the story! I hate suspense! I read the last page of all the suspense books!

Sue J said...

Although I believe CK has already given away the plot (unless there is some amazing plot twist and Jason Bourne shows up to fight off aliens, only to have the whole incident sealed by the FBI in a secret basement vault that Nicholas Cage will uncover in the third installment of his search-and-rescue adventure, which will, in turn, prove to be an X-File case for Mulder and Scully that will lead to the arrival of either the Dark Knight or Superman--a newspaper story for cub report Kit Kittridge, for sure....)


Your writing is so engagingly humorous that I am glad to await part 3.

Edie said...

I love your writing style! Patterson5 has some great guesses about the screaming sound, I'm not that witty. Were you making tea? I told you I wasn't that witty. I'm on the edge of my seat here. Fortunately, part 3 is already right above me and all I have to do is scroll up. I'm on my way, are you still waiting for me!?

(I was delayed in getting there cause I had to write this twice due to a computer or internet hiccup.)