Thursday, August 28, 2008


I'm sure everyone's been to Google for some reason or another. You key in your word or words and 10 million (possible exaggeration) sites come up.

Well, I typed in Alberquando and ONLY links to my blog and blogs belonging to those of you who mentioned my little Alberquando, came up. (and a few that weren't written in English). Can you imagine? There was that "wonderful" name that I passed up and NOT ONE other person in the entire internet universe has chosen it! Amazing. Those of you that haven't been here from the start may not realize it but my 12 year old son's name isn't really Alberquando. It became his blog name by accident. CLICK HERE to read how. (yes, this is a BLATANT way to show off my new linking skill!)

"LINK: establishing a connection or union between objects. To join. A connecting ring of a chain."

"A torch can also be called a link. hence the definition of a "Link-Boy" is a boy or man formally hired to carry a link or a torch to light one's way home at night."

"Link, link, everywhere a link. Blocking out the scenery making me think. Click this, don't click that, can't you learn to link?"

"Link Link bottle of ink, cork fell out...I learned to link"

"Linkoping- A city in South East Sweden"

"A tiskit, a tasket, a red and yellow basket. I mailed a letter to my friend with info and I linked it"

"Peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold. Now that I have learned to link, I'm feeling rather bold!"

"of course, Art Linkletter"

"Big wheels keep on linkin', Proud Mary keep on thinkin'. Linkin'! Linkin'! Linkin' on computers!"

"Four score and seven years ago...." --who else---Abraham Linkin' (ouch)

"Linkin' Logs and Linkin' Blogs"

Whew! I'm exhausted. Oh by the way. Did I mention that I learned to link?


My ADHD Me said...

Next time I link, maybe I'll even link to someone else's blog!!
Are you excited?
I thought so.

Chatty Kelly said...

I'm trying to figure out the "Link" between google and linking, but I realize this is just a shameless opportunity to show that you can link. I love all your "link" words - Abraham LINKin. hahahaha! I never SAW SUCH a link! (I can't believe more people didn't find that incredibly funny - come on!)

I think you & I are the only people that appreciate our strange sense of humor, and I feel being raised by a mentally ill person may some how be LINKED to humor, or lack there of. LOL.

Chatty Kelly said...

p.s. I just figured out another reason why I love your blog. I do not have to take the "what letters are above" quiz to leave you a comment! I hate that quiz. :-)

You let everyone comment, even if they can't figure out the jumbly letters.

Sue J said...

Winkin' Blinkin' Nod and Linkin'

Went for a ride in their Hot Rod Linkin'

And my dictionary pretty much ends where yours does, so I'm done.

So, does this mean we'll have more adventures of Alberquando? And, when someone mistypes Alberquerque, (just like I did there) does Google say, "Did you mean Alberquando?"

My ADHD Me said...

To Sue J,
If you type in Alberquando they want to know if you meant Altroquando.
If you spell if like you did they assume you mean Albuquerque which is in New Mexico and probably where there may actually be someone named Alberquando.

To anyone:
And ALSO, If you answer and respond to peoples comments it looks like you have more readers.

It also helps if your sister makes more than one comment. I think I'll respond to her....but WAIT! I'll make another comment for her so it will be her very own AND it will look like I have even MORE readers!!!!

My ADHD Me said...

To Kelly:
I think that "Saw Such" comment was probably one of the funniest ones I've ever received. It ALMOST beat out Abraham Linkin'!

Perhaps we were raised by a completely sane woman and WE are the mentally ill ones.

Perhaps it was all a secret to protect us from the truth....

Perhaps we are on a reality show like The Truman Show with Jim Carey and everyone is watching us......hhhmmmmm....

Perhaps I should go and take my Adderall....

Edie said...


I'm on to your strategy here. One by one you will find a way to get everyone who ventures by to read every post you've written by including a simple little link (and I will fall for it too.) :D

"Link, link, everywhere a link. Blocking out the scenery making me think. Click this, don't click that, can't you learn to link?" This tune.... it sounds so familiar... it kind of reminds me of.... Chatty Kelly...
Ha! This totaly cracked me up.

Ok, the reason I came over here is to let you know that we are having a little ceremony over at my blog and you are the guest of honor so please do join us.

Edie said...

Oh... one more thing. I thought up one of those before you did. You will understand when you get tom my blog. :)

Edie said...

"TO" not "tom". Geeeez it always happens when you try to hurry.

Chatty Kelly said...

I thought Edie's blog was called "Rich Gifts", not "tom". Wow. okay, whatever.

Congrats on your achievement. I'm so proud. :-)

Edie said...

Loved the speech you gave at the ceremony. There is a respone.

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

I knew a boy named Link when I was in school. He was also a preacher's kid, and he told me that every year on his birthday, the church gave him the entire Sunday offering as a present. He said all preachers' kids got that benefit.

I believed him, and was hoppin' mad when I got home and asked my dad where all my cash was! :)

And that is my tribute to random ADHD-ness... and to the word "link"!

HisPrincess said...

Ok, being a wee bit of a competitive person I'm going to have to learn this linking business too!

But well done on your award! I'm impressed!

HisPrincess said...

I can link too!

It wasn't so hard! Don't know why I didn't try sooner.

On Purpose said...

Okay its confession time...are you ready...are you sitting down...even after this huge big fanfare and celebration of you learning to link, me reading the blog and everyones help to get you to link...I am not a "linker", and I am having a hard time really getting the whole thing...the one thing I can "link" is a great pair of shoes to go with an outfit...HA!

Edie said...

Well doesn't that look nice hanging on that wall there? It's even hanging straight (one of those things I notice). :D

Looks like you need to start giving Linking Lessons! Ha!