Friday, August 29, 2008


My good blog friend, Edie, left SUCH a nice post and AWARD for for me on her BLOG.

She said my blog was funny? I had no idea. This is supposed to be a very serious blog recounting the life of a typical modern housewife/firefighter. Although I knew there was drama and suspense in my blog, I had absolutely no idea that people came to me for comedy. Comedy? What an awesome concept!

"Comedian-a person who amuses others by behaving in a comic way. an entertainer who tells jokes, sings comic songs." (hhmmm, link, link, everybody link, linking on computers is makin' me think. Click this, Don't click that, can't you learn to link?)

"Comedienne" (from a 1953 dictionary) " a woman comedian"

"Comedo- 1. glutton, 2. a plug of dirt and fatty matter in a skin duct"
Why would they put such a yucky word in the dictionary right between comedienne and comedy?---other than the fact that it falls there alphabetically? I'm going to change that. From this day on, whenever I use the word "comedo" in my day to day life (as that word does typically come up at least once or twice a day), I am officially changing the spelling of it to Komedo.

(hold please while I post an e-mail to Webster so he can officially fix it for future dictionaries)

OK, I'm back.

Comedy....I think that could be fun! I could write comedy. That would be something new and fun.

Funny....I could be funny....maybe...

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen.
A funny thing happened to me on the way to the computer....."

hhhmmm, I think that's been used.

"Good afternoon ladies and germs...."

already been done.

COMEDY. Comedy. comedy. CoMeDy.
Comedy. Comedy. COMEDY. Comedy. Comedy. comedy, comedy, comedy, comedy, COMEDY!! Comedy, Comedy,Comedy, COMEDY, comedy.

PRESSURE. This isn't as easy as I thought it would be. HHmmm, I think I'll try this a different way.

"Teacher: Jason, go to the map and find North America.
Jason: Here it is!
Teacher: Correct. Now class, who discovered North America?
Class: (in unison) JASON!"

"How did the giant's wife know that Jack was coming? She could hear Jack and the beans talk!"

"What sound does a chicken crossed with a cow make?......Cock-a-Doodle-MOO."

You aren't laughing.....(starting to sweat) According to Alberquando's JOKELOPEDIA , those jokes should have you cracking up.....I know I feel like I am.....cracking up that is.

Ok, I have one of his other joke books.
"What do you call an elephant that never washes?.........A Smellyphant!!!!!!


I GIVE UP!!! I can't take the pressure! I'm sorry but if you came to me for comedy I cannot do it. I'm going back to my old writing style. Just the typical mundane, day-to-day, normal, routine, PROSAIC (is that where they got the idea for the name of prozac?.....not that I would know), everyday, commonplace, banal, ordinary......OK, PUTTING AWAY THE THESAURUS NOW......writings of your typical housewife/firefighter.

Thank you.....Thank you very much...........


The Patterson 5 said...

You are hilarious just being you so keep on writing the everyday mom/fire fighter stuff and we will continue to laugh! My guys will love the jokes! Smellyphant -the giggles will last for at least 10 minutes!

Sue J said...

That you can write (or not write) a blog that encourages all of us to laugh hysterically and to tap into that inner place of humor that we all have (because we know God has a sense of humor and thought we would do well to have one, too), is enough.

And, when that fails,
Monkeys are funny....
Monkeys are funny....

I will never say those words in the same way ever again--forever changed! And, congrats again on your certificate. I'm proud to be on your blog list, even if I can't always find the way to link to your blog.....

Chatty Kelly said...

I am laughing the hardest that you called yourself a housewife. LOL!! I never thought I'd hear you claim that one.

Dorothy says:
Following the link on the blog, follow the link on the blog, follow, follow, follow,follow, follow the link on the blog.....

My ADHD Me said...

CK, A Domestically Disabled Housewife is still a Housewife.

Sue J, There's no doubt in my mind that God has a sense of humor. All you have to do is look around...

Mrs P, believe me, we've got a million of 'em.......What's the difference between a red light and a green light?.......the COLOR!

Why don't elephants like computers?....they're afraid of the mouse! (these are REALLY bad...the kids should love them!)

Edie said...

Why should pigmys never go in the jungle between 2:00 and 4:00?
Because elephants are jumping out of trees.

What do you find between elephants toes?
Slow-running pigmys.

(OK, they were in a book called 101 elephant jokes back in 19..... a long time ago.)

Hey did you notice what else I said about your blog? "If you want to have a great time just being yourself..." I love to laugh, but it always feels so good to be able to just be yourself. This is a comfortable little hang-out you got here. Wow I love what you've done with the place since I was here last too!

Edie said...

You sure are a musical family.

Rhonda's Corner said...

I won't be at all offended if you, or anyone doesn't feel like doing the RQ, it's for fun, or thought so really, no pressure there.

But... (of course there's a but... don't go there) God has given each of us a very unique design that He gets to (funny that, He "gets to") impart His own character through. He lives out His character through our personalities. You are fun and funny because He made you that way. He likes to laugh, and has quite a sense of humor.
"A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." (Proverbs 17:22)
You make people laugh. That is an awesome Christ-like quality that has healing in it.

Ok - really NO PRESSURE!! :D You didn't see my spiritual gift of lecturing coming out in this comment did you? :D

Rhonda's Corner said...

Ooops - I'm really edie that just said all that. I forgot I was signed in on another blog.

I'm designing a blog for a friend of mine that's why. Sorry.


Rhonda's Corner said...

Do you see His sense of humor. I just Know this was a setup! LOL

Edie (Not Rhonda)

Edie said...

Look, I'm Edie again. Just in case you were thinking that someone was trying to impersonate me. Ha!
Ok, I will stop being a pain. Bye.