Saturday, August 23, 2008

"ET Phone Home"----well, come home, and Welcome Home

Today is our last day of staying at ET's house.

My intention was to have everything packed and partially loaded into the car last night....oh well.
I'll get on that soon. I'm going to make the boys do most of it anyway.

It is somewhere around 9:00 AM right now. I forgot to ask ET when to expect them back. Hopefully it will be after I finish cleaning up the kitchen. Most of the other cleaning has been done. The boys did most of it. I waited on them all week and even chauffeured (I'm tired of looking up that word on really should remember it by now) them to the mall twice more after the first fiasco!

I really enjoy getting away from home with my kids. It was a fun week. No matter what we do or where we go, it is almost always a stress-free and relaxing time.......after all, if no one lost their temper during the first 24 hours here, I think we are doing pretty good. When we are away from home we are all more relaxed and even my headaches seem to subside. Too bad those darn voices don't subside too!

NOTE: Please realize that when I refer to the voices I am KIDDING!!! is more of a general humming.....which is better than a admiral humming....or a lieutenant humming----KIDDING!!) Actually ( and really) it is just the typical ADHD rush of thoughts that are always swirling much to little of it matters...most of it is random....but it there just begging to be said.

Anyway, as I said, ET will return home, she and her family will get their van unpacked, they'll do a few things, maybe relax and grab a bite to eat....uh there any food left? Oh yeah...there are plenty of cans of veggies...sigh. Anyway, then she will sit down at her computer. She'll probably check up on her e-mails and do some random things. At that point she may decide to see what is going on in blog land. She is a regular reader of mine.....I'm pretty sure she'll read my mini-series....gulp......I think I'm going to go and finish cleaning up that kitchen now. Maybe I need to run to the store and buy a bottle of wine too. Remember that one that was already half empty....remember those 2 glasses I had on the first night.....did I fail to mention the glass or two that I had on a few other nights? (OH STOP.....Just a glass or too in the evening....not even tipsy------"Have I been drinking officer? Well, Just barely. I only had 2 beers with dinner." (a few of my policeman friends say that is one of the most heard phrases they get).

Well ET, hope you enjoyed your vacation. I don't think we broke anything. Actually, there was that door knob on one of the closet doors but Alberquando said it just fell off in his hand. I think I'll go see if I can fix that before you get home. Also, you may want to go to the grocery store soon.....after all you did say help yourselves...once again, "peas and corn anyone?".

What is that you asked? Of course we'll come back next year! Looking forward to it already.
(ok, now I'm reallly going to go and clean that kitchen!)


Chatty Kelly said...

Will see you soon. Glad you had a really nice time. That is great. You blogged more than normal too, so we all had a great time while you were at ETs.

Drive safe on that 45 minute cross-country trek.

And don't forget all the Baptists that read your blog won't get your wine jokes. Especially since not everone knows a bottle of wine is only about 4 glasses, so if you drank 1/2 bottle, you had maybe 2 -3 glasses. Unless it was the gallon jug. :-) Next you'll tell me it was Red Duck.

Sue J said...


I guess every great adventure has to end sometime.

Hope you remember how to get home. And what will await you all there?! No doubt, something to blog about....

Enjoyed it!

HisPrincess said...

Your few days away were very entertaining for me!

Travel safely on that big trek home!

HisPrincess said...

Oh, and don't panic, I'm not a Baptist so I realise you aren't an alcoholic!

Truth4thejourney said...

Coming home from vacations is always difficult! Hope the transition isn't too hard. Glad you enjoyed your family!


Truth4thejourney said...

Coming home from vacations is always difficult! Hope the transition isn't too hard. Glad you enjoyed your family!


Truth4thejourney said...

OOPS! Sorry I posted it twice! I'm so impatient.

Tammy R said...

Thank you for stopping by and caring about the state of my heart,it touched me.I wanted to email you but couldn't,so I hope it’s alright to leave my message here.

Writing about my abortion has brought on some saddness,as I'm sure with any lost.But God has blessed me with wonderful comments,from who are now my blogging friends,reassuring me shame only came from hiding my sin not revealing it.

For years I carried my sin around even after I confessed it and had received God’s forgiveness,until one day when God lead me to Proverbs 28:13,since then I have come to realize I needed to leave my burden at the foot of the cross and except God’s forgiveness and live in His grace.So,today I walk in complete freedom and yes,I’m glad God is so patient with us.

By the way,I always watch Gone with the Wind every February; it was my mom’s favorite movie.
I would go to her house and she would make fudge and popcorn to have as we watch the entire thing.

Edie said...

So much to say, so little time. Well, first of all I really loved reading all about your adventure away from home.

CK says this is more blogging than you usually do. Well that has to change. :) You are far to fun and entertaining. We need to laugh and since God made you good at making us laugh, the job is yours. :D

About the Baptists and your "wine incidents"... well, I'm not a Baptist (even though I go to a Baptist church), but I do have the spiritual gift of Lecturing... bet you didn't know that was a spiritual gift did you? :D Ok, maybe it's not but I am good at it. It's a highly under appreciated talent so I will just walk away, shaking my head instead. ;)

Praying for TS&P. (That's travel safety and protection.) Be sure to let us know when you arrive home safely. As Sue said, you are sure to have something to blog about when you get home.

Thanks for joining my meme. Mr Linky automatically links for you when you put your name and blog url in the boxes. I loved hearing about your passion!