Monday, August 4, 2008

I'll Be Back

About 5 or 6 times a year I spend a lot of time posting items on ebay. After I submit all my auctions, they run for a week, then I wait on payments, box up the sales and mail them off. All together each session probably takes about a month (at least). It is very time consuming (remember my typing skills---aka lack of). So it keeps me busy (and productive!!) . It also takes me a while to get everything posted, especially clothing since I have to measure each piece--arm inseams, leg inseams, lengths, widths, waists, etc. Then I have to type in each piece individually (including material content, size, condition, and brief description). It's very time consuming but the payoff is usually quite substantial.

ANYWAY, It's time to get started on that. For about a week, I'll be spending most of my available time working on it. SO, I have decided that I won't be blogging while I am posting my auctions, otherwise I'll get sidetracked and never get it done. NO WAIT! Don't go away. It has taken me all summer to get my 6-8 faithful followers, (plus of course the 90-100 followers that my #1 Fan keeps trying to send away).

I'll be back in about a week. We'll just pretend I'm on vacation. Remember vacations? They are those things that people go on to get away from home and "relax". We usually go to Cherry Grove South Carolina once a year but things didn't work out this year so we weren't able to go. Hopefully next year....

Also, We will be going away in August for a week to house/dog sit for my sister E while she goes away with her family. It's only about 45 minutes away and we do it once or twice a year. We kind of make it into a mini vacation and try to do fun stuff while we're there and actually we look forward to know...a break from the norm. But, it isn't Cherry Grove, South best thing. Also when we go there, they have a computer (actually I think they have 6 computers) so I'll still be able to do my computer stuff including blogging. (whew, I bet you were worried that was going to mean another week of no new posts from me...don't worry). Anyway, that won't be until the end of the August. And to all you stalkers that are just waiting to hear when people are going away on trips so you can break into their homes, please be advised that He's Not ADHD He will still be here....better luck next time.

SO, back to my original thought....(wow, I made it back). After today, I'll be gone from here for about a week. I'll take a few breaks to still check out all of your blogs but just won't be doing any of my own. You better come back and read my blog when I'm back! I MEAN IT!! I'll be crushed without you. Please, please stop crying. It will only be about a week.


So Long
I'll even say good-bye.
I hate
To leave
And miss this pretty site.
(All together now..)
Good Bye..................................................

(I'll be Back!) aka Arnold


HisPrincess said...

I am crushed!

I tried selling stuff on ebay once, but found I just didn't have the patience for it. And I tend to forget stuff, people want you to send them stuff when they give you money. Who knew?

The Patterson 5 said...

I'm just back from vacation and off you are going ebaying! I will miss you. I will just catch up on all the post I missed last week! Please don't leave the country -never to return- like the Vontrap family

Chatty Kelly said...

If you have a chance, read this blog post. The lady posted a cow figurine on ebay for $12.95. She got $810 for it!!!!! She even emailed someone bigging to make sure they didn't think it was a real cow or a diamond encrusted cow or something. Turns out it was a collectors item. One man's trash....

Have a fun ebay time!

The blog:

Sue J said...

So long
Auf Wiedersehen

Because I've had so much German (NOT!) but know that the Von Trapp's would want you to be linguistically correct.

How much for the cowbell on that $810 figurine???

Take care of yourself... Don't get your hair caught in anything while you're gone.

Marina said...

sniff sniff sniff I already miss you!! LOL!!!!
love that song now you got me sing it
long Farewell ......
hope you have a nice day.:) marina

On Purpose said...

May your time with ebay be blessed and you can bring back some great stories to share!

Bonita said...

Hope your ebay expedition went well. I actually tackled bidding on ebay for the first time a couple of weeks ago and won something! I'm really moving up in the technology world you know. Ebay has only been around for how long now?

When I was just a little girl we used to vacation in Cherry Grove too. I don't remember much about it, but were sort of looking for a new vacation spot so I might have to check into it further.