Wednesday, October 15, 2008

THE CONCLUSION!! FBI Case Number 85427...No Longer Pending

FBI Document: Case Number 85427
Segment 4

Good Afternoon. I am Special Agent Manziola of the FBI. I am a member of a Special Task Force.I have been working on a case concerning the conspiracy of MY ADHD Me and her effort to spread ADHD around the world. It has been decided that there is no way a single individual could accomplish such a thing. Or is there? Not even with the help of friends. I have friends of my own. We aren't always out shooting and spying. Sometimes we go fishing. I once caught a fish in a contest that was enormous (the fish, not the contest). My friend went with me. We had a great.......STOP. SOMEONE SOUND THE ALARM! THE ADHD IS CONTAGIOUS!

There are just too many of them! And there aren't just the regular readers. There are also the ones that stop by randomly and check her out. Don't they know that each visit to this blog can cause serious problems. Don't they know that, as with potato chips, it's hard to visit just once? Do they really want to feel like Alice in Wonderland? Do they, too, want to be a whirling dervish? Why are they putting themselves in this situation. What kind of spell does she have!!

There have been other visitors also.
There was, of course, The Number One Fan,
The Junebug,
Multiple Attornies.

There have been people that have stopped by for a visit, but are sure to return one day. We're talking about Responsible, Sane individuals! people that actually tuned in to watch ADHD in a Monkey Mask (we haven't figured out the secret meaning of the mask...but we will.)

There is
Lea, at the shabby olde potting shed,
Greg C,
growing w/it,
huse blog is it anyway,
Amy B,
edwina @ the picket fence,
and more!

And then there are the hundreds of thousands of anonymous fans that visit daily but are undercover and are unable to leave comments.

There is also Chen, Shun Chun. We aren't worried about him having ADHD problems. It is obvious that ADHD would be at the very bottom of his list of issues.

There is also Meyers on the Hood...she's been affected. She, and she alone, created a dessert that even ADHD affected individuals can make without burning it, (candy corn snack).

Daddios Daily Dose who wrote an incredible tribute about 9-11 and posted it on 9-27.

Notes in the Key of life has been looking for a comedy movie that doesn't involve cursing, sexual innuendos, and violence. Is it possible she has been scouting out MyADHDMe to make a movie? If that was the case there would be no stopping this epidemic.

So, in conclusion, it has been decided that the only way to handle this MyADHDMe character is watch her closely. STOP, LOOK, and Listen. Stop, Drop and Roll, Stop, In the Name of Love, Stop Mr Postman,Stop sign, Stop light, Stop and Go.....STOP IT!! Don't you all see what she is capable of!!!! Stay aware of what she is doing and saying at all times. Do not allow her to make your mind spin like a whirling dervish. Do not fall into the web that Agents Mac and Bob were so easily coerced into. (Please take a moment to wish them both a speedy recovery). Tell your friends about this blog and make sure they read too. That way, when ever you feel yourself start to slip into the AHDH trap, you can hold each other accountable. Tell your co-workers, car mechanics, assistants and accountants. I had an accountant a few years ago but I wasn't sure if he was keeping all my figures straight so I had to let him go. I don't know where he went. The last I heard he had a few new clients. I miss him. We were friends. When you work for the FBI, it's hard to have many friends. There is that trust issue. Speaking of issues, have you read the latest issue of The FBI Weekly Magazine? It had a great article in it about focusing on the job. I really like my job. I like mint chocolate chip ice-cream too. I hate it when it drips down the cone but that's just a minor problem. COULD I HAVE A NAPKIN PLEASE!!!!!!....................


Chatty Kelly said...

Wow - I loved the ending. You pulled it all together so perfectly, are you sure YOU have adhd???? Maybe you're just very entertaining. Loved it.

Although this is another tightly wound post that make it hard to comment.

Great post! Love your blog!

I guess we'll just need to open the chat room again.!!! don't you just hate it WIN that happens. LOL!

My ADHD Me said...

You said end it with a "light' question. I said Can I have a Napkin Please?
It's too late now anyway. The ice-cream is all melted and on Special Forces FBI Agent Manziola's boot.

Edie said...

For someone with ADHD your focus is awesome! I can't even remember the beginning of a post by the time I get to the end and you remember scads of posts, what they said, who wrote them, and what day! What did you say was the name of that medication? I need to get me some.

Hey isn't there something in the contest rules about making up words as you go along? LOL

Have a great day! I'm going to whirl my dervish now.

My ADHD Me said...

Making up words? Who me? That would be garbafungal!

The Patterson 5 said...

I just love how the FBI man breaks into song at the end!!!!! Very funny!

HisPrincess said...

Hundreds of thousands? Gee I wish I had that many visitors! LOL!

My ADHD Me said...

Hundred and Hundreds of Thousands!!

Chatty Kelly said...

My blog reaches tens of people every day. :D

God's girl said...

Too funny! It gives me hope for both of my boys who have ADHD. LOL

Beverlydru said...

You're the best. You should consider stand-up comedy as a potential job. You could wear your monkey suit if you are shy. Or you could be a comedy writer.
We certainly all have to keep our sense of humor in the times we live in. You do your share - thanks!
PS I may have accomplished a miracle today... you - speechless??? LOL

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Now hand over your ice cream. LOL!
or Maybe chips first then ice cream.. ya know.. something salty something sweet?
Loved your conclusion.
I'll be back to read more! But gotta run.. Myguys in and wants me to watch CSI ... sure wish I had ice cream now. ;) oh well... think I've got some M&M's hidden round here someplace*

I'm with Kelly...


My ADHD Me said...

Chatty Kelly-You may borrow a few hundred thousand of my viewers. They're all sitting here with me now.....ok everybody....I'm joking...I don't have multiple personality disorder on top of everything else...(hey, move over, It's my turn to it's not it's mine...would you stop...ok!)

We have another CSI fan! LEA! Ever notice how when something awful happens on one episode, they barely mention it on the next? IE.. Greg gets beaten beyond recognition and the next week he has a band-aid. It happened when Sara almost died and then tonight, Catherine sees Warwick's name on her cell phone and they mention they are short handed. And that is it. It's like, Warwick? Warwick who?

Beverlydru--As you see, the speechlessness was only a temporary fix. As for stand up comedy. I wouldn't have a thing to say...really. Well, maybe I'd have something to say. Something like "excuse me, where's the ladies room".

God's Girl- One of my sons has ADHD too. It does make it easier to relate to him but it doesn't make homework time any easier. On the brighter side, if I get too frustrated I can always start to hum the Brady Bunch theme song.

To the hundreds of thousands of viewers-thanks for visiting my blog!

God's girl said...

I'll have to try that tune. I'll either bore them to death or make them crack up. We've resorted to morning homework time. It may not be a very good training for life, but 15 minutes of A.M. beats 2 hours of afternoon screaming/pulling hair/"I can't do this"/what? what? what? what? what? what? I don't know. I don't know. I have no clue. what? what?

Praise God! They will be have bright, wonderful, and successful futures! woo hoo!

My ADHD Me said...

You must be looking in my window in the afternoons. That is what happens here. 2 hours of homework that realistically should take about 15-20 minutes. If only he would FOCUS! (what were we talking about?) Oh yeah, it was about the camera I want to buy. I has an automatic FOCUS button. It's too expensive. maybe next year. Maybe in the spring. I love the spring. (don't worry, I'm kidding. I'm not really THAT crazy...well...)

Edie said...

Just stopped by to see what was happening in the chat room and say hi. Hi!

God's girl said...

Focus girl! Focus! We're talking about homework, not cameras here. Great, since you're not that crazy, I have to stop coming by. I was beginning to feel at home, because I felt 'normal' here. You go on your 'not so crazy' way, and I'll endure my days now without laughter and humor.
(I'll be back to see if you changed your mind) LOL

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