Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ignorance is Bliss.....NOT

I go to Edie's Blog, Rich Gifts, regularly. Every Friday she asks a Random Question and if they are not too far over my scope of comprehension, I answer them.

I read her Random Question last Friday. The title was Take Your Pick. I particularly liked the thought that I would be sure to find one question that I could answer.

I believe I have mentioned once or twice that I am computer illiterate.
Anyway, under the box that says Random Question, The following is typed:

Right click in the box below.
Select All-Copy (ctrl+c)
Paste in HTML (ctrl+v)

Underneath those words there is a box.

Anyway, under the box is a Random Question. She wrote about what those verses were saying to her and it really was great, (probably exactly as I would have worded it myself.....ok, maybe not exactly).

Where were the other Random Questions?
Did I mention that not only am I computer illiterate but It appears I am also just plain illiterate.

I went back to the little box, followed the directions and kept waiting for the other question choices to pop up on my screen. Finally I gave up.

Chatty Kelly and I are on the phone and she mentions that I had said I was doing the Random Question but hadn't yet. I explained "computer" problems to her. There was a moment of silence and then, holding back extreme laughter I am sure, she responded....."Honey, oh honey...let me explain...." It seems I may have been looking for Random Questions inside the box where her logo is.

OH..............Now I get it!


Anyway, so my answer to Edie's Random Question is "Ditto". I think she answered it just perfectly!


Edie said...

As CK would say ... WAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Love your honesty here. I am so impressed that you decided to give the ctrl+c & ctrl+v a try. I need to put some instructions up for those who have difficulty with this kind of stuff. I mean real instructions.

So after you did the ctrl+v, did the code show up in your post area?

BTW - You forgot to use Mr Linky to link to this post. Yes I think you should.

My ADHD Me said...

Patience Edie, Patience.
I THINK the Mr Linky thing is done now.

Did the code show up? What code? hhmm. Guess that answers that question.
I did get the Random Question Logo up...finally.

Chatty Kelly said...

Edie - you understand that she was pushing ctrl+V to get a new question right? A new question! WAHAHAHAHA!

This just cracked me up so much. And I love that she was willing to share it.

Edie said...

Doctors have patients. Not me.

Yes CK I did understand what our dear little ADHD-Jo was expecting. (seriously loud laughter over here)

Laughing WITH you ADHD-Jo, laughing WITH you. I just figured that if you did the ctrl+c and ctrl+v correctly then something would have appeared in the post editor even if it wasn't what you expected. Should have known due to the absence commentary on the code.

So just how DID you get the RQ logo up? LOL!!! Life with you is such a fun adventure!

Edie said...

And let me just add that none of my RQs are over the scope of your comprehension.

OH NOW I SEE!! You never even tried to do the ctrl+v in your HTML editor (like the instructions said). You did this all on my blog?

Don't worry, I'll show you the ropes (eventually). :)

Barb said...

I have to admit that is extremely, seriously funny, but my foremost emotion is irritation that after all that, you DID get the Random Question logo box on YOUR blog, and I couldn't. Maybe I should be asking for pointers instead of laughing...hmmm...????

Tammy R said...

My Mom always said "if at first it doesn't work...try,try again"

But I think someone said that before she did. :)

Chatty Kelly said...

Now you got it Edie. She was at YOUR blog hitting ctrl V waiting for your blog to shoot her a new question. WAHAHAHAHAH!

An interactive blog! Wahoo. High Tech over there.

She just copied and pasted the picture. She is not allowed to go into HTML without me either physically present, or on the phone with her. She may wipe out the entire internet otherwise. :-D

But isn't she cute?????

Chatty Kelly said...

Oh and hear I am talking about you ADHD like you're not in the room. Sorry.

I like you, I really like you.

My ADHD Me said...

Geez. I am away from the computer for 12 hours and have, once again, had a chat room taking place in my blog...btw....I love that, really.

Edie...WAHAHAHAHAHA!! Don't know why I'm laughing...just love the sound of that laugh with the "wa" in the front.

CK-Thank Goodness I have you here to explain my posts. Otherwise, everyone would be in the dark. :)
Note the smiley face. That was a joke. Satire. Dark comedy. I don't want to disappoint the entire family with my "humor". Good thing I don't have a guilt complex...oh yeah...I do.

Edie- Yes, I just cut and pasted. Now would someone show me what to do about this big hole in my screen and glue that dripped on the keyboard.

barb-WAHAHAHAHA!! (don't you just love how that sounds!). Cut and Paste. (But I still haven't found the other questions.....KIDDING!)

Tammy R- Actually, in my case it was try, try, try, try, try again.

CK-OK, they GET it...really, they do. I'm the illiterate one, not the readers. But, even more importantly...I am NOT cute!
Oh, and I cannot find ANYTHING in my closet that is pink to wear tomorrow. I checked drawers, hair accessories, closet EVERYWHERE. I have about 20 black shirts, 3-4 army green colored ones, and 2 burgundy. Oh, and about 25 blue FD T-shirts. Finally, I did find a burgundy-ish pinkish hairbow that someone once put on my fire helmet as a joke. It was said we all looked alike in our uniforms and I got there one day and there was a bow on my helmet. WAHAHAHAHAHA!! (I love that laugh!)
Oh yeah...and I am not cute..yes, I know I already said that. d:)

Edie said...

I really want to see a picture of you in uniform with that bow!

CK - She really gives me waaayy too much credit!

Irritable Mother said...

Oh, ADHD, I have had so many DUH moments with the computer...
The thing is, some of this stuff is really quite simple. And now that I know how to do it, I feel silly for being so impressed with the abilities of others to do it when it was still foreign material to me.
But we'll keep on learning, and discovering fun things with each DUH moment.

Beverlydru said...

This would be funny... except it reminds me that I am not a patient computer teacher. I roll my eyes when builderman gets on the computer. Granted, I call him to fix 95% of things around the house. But when he gets on the computer, mercy. I might as well just sit right there.

And yep- I think you have your own private chat room. : ) I love it.