Thursday, October 9, 2008

PART 2 !!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! FBI Case Number 85427....Pending


To Whom it may concern,

My name is Bob. I am an agent for the FBI. At this time, I will be taking over the case for Mack. Please join me wishing him a speedy recovery.

From this point on, or until further notice, all references made regarding we, previously meaning him, now mean me.

We, at the FBI (and by "we", it is quite apparent who is being referred to), have been studying Agent Mack's notes. They were found beside him, at his desk, covered with ashes and coffee stains. He hadn't completed them or any of his daily routines. He just kept saying over and over...."bubbles ....bubbles ......bubbles .....bubbles.....". He has been "reassigned".

And so, to continue.
The next suspect on our (my) list is...

Nichole- It has come to my attention that this woman, who purposely is -- Living Her Life on Purpose -- may have an agenda of her own. I believe that she is trying to single-handedly take over the entire shoe industry. This of course would make an impact on the hosiery and sock industry. This, in effect, could end up jeopardizing the entire clothing industry...and eventually...the world. It is also apparent that she has made it her goal to spread the word of God. This, of course, is a very noble endeavor. It has been decided (by me) that this obsession with shoes has come into effect in her attempt to stomp out the devil. OR maybe she is a huge, closet, Nancy Sinatra fan.... HHmmm, we'll be watching her...

"These boots were made for walking.
And that's just what they'll do.
One of these days these boots are going to
Walk all over you!"

ah hem. Excuse me.

The pinkshoelady...hhmmm, note to self...trend on shoes. Here is another seemingly kind, wonderful, Christian woman. Yet, like the others, she has been drawn into MyADHDMe's web. She, like Edie, also fell into the "free giveaway" trap and ADHD was able to get her address in return for a free gift. I have heard (from an undisclosed source) that this generous and loving mother actually argued with her 9 year old over a homemade keychain! (another note to self....arguing with her 9 year old is very out of character for this women...or is it just out of the character she portrays..?) I have come to the conclusion that this southern, "laugh til you cry", minister's wife from South Carolina may very well be one of ADHD's ringleaders. There have been reports that she is in charge of the New York division and that she is actually a fast talking conspirator working side by side with ADHD to, "THAT' is the question!

beverlydru....I think I am on to another trend. Another SOUTHERN woman. (no, not Ann Sothern). here again..a kind, wonderful, Christian woman who has fallen under the ADHD spell. Although I haven't quite figured out her "Role" in this conspiracy. It has been noted that she has posted a recipe for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies on her blog. It is obvious she is one of the most recent arrivals to the ADHD conspiracy. Otherwise, those cookies would still be in the oven, burning, while she was on the computer typing about them. She was last seen running on a hilltop singing about hills being alive. A-HAH! A clue. How many open plains are there with mountains in the background in Florida! We will definitely be watching this woman!

Speaking of running on a hill and singing about hills being alive brings us ("Us" being me) to 2nd Cup of Coffee. Although she may not be aware of it, she has been our biggest asset to solving this case. Because of this woman, we now have a face to go with most of our suspects. This woman, singlehandidly put the entire blogging community into a frenzy and actually stopped all productivity in households across the United States and possibly worldwide. There have been reports that for an entire day, normally responsible and hardworking women, sat in front of their computers watching videos. One source reported that many women are still finding paperwork hidden under desks, laundry stuffed under beds and multiple coffee stained glasses that are a result of this halt in productivity. It only makes us think...what chaos could she create with a THIRD cup!!!

The Notorious Missionary in Spain.....She came crashing into this conspiracy during a contest. At first ADHD wasn't sure how to handle this woman that quietly put in her ballot for a free gift (we'll get to THAT later). But ADHD quickly regrouped and visited this woman's blog and found that she would be a wonderful member of her conspiracy. What better way to spread ADHD throughout the world than to give it to missionaries! Within a matter of days, this notorious missionary became part of the "clan" of blogging women. It is obvious that this was her plan all along. It is our concern that in the months to follow, the entire Spanish community will be baking odd shaped pound cakes, taking cold showers and driving maxi-vans around and around in circles trying to find a parking spot. CHAU

I am now going to conclude this segment of Case Number 85427 (which, by the way EDIE, is a RANDOM number). I am off (who knew?). I am off now to research more members of this conspiracy.

Signing off,


"Take me for a ride on your bobsled.
Take me for a ride on your Sled Bob.
Take me for a ride.
Take me for a ride.
take me for a ride on your Bobsled....Bob."


Chatty Kelly said...

I almost missed this...I didn't notice the "Part 2." ADHD? ME? Gracious, I thought I was the organized one. Perhaps this Bob is right? It is a conspiracy to give everyone ADHD.

On a second note, I think people just love to see their name in print, and read about their "friends." Thoroughly enjoyed this.

-My ADHD Kelly...I mean Chatty Kelly

My ADHD Me said...

ADHD -CK- I changed the title to make it more noticeable that it is PART 2...just for you, my faithful ADHD conspirator.

My ADHD Me said...

Now I changed the picture too. That way all the hundreds of people that are reading but are forgetting to leave a comment won't be confused.

Chatty Kelly said...

A picture of Bob & Mac! Great!! Or was it Will & Tommy? Or Agent J & Agent K? Or ADHD Me & Chatty Kelly dressed up for Halloween? (not that we are in any way endorsing Halloween - it was an example). Monkeys are Funny.

My ADHD Me said...

ADHD-CK- So which one are you? I think they are both terrific actors. Actually, I think we ("we" meaning I) should try to draw them into the ADHD conspiracy. Hhmmm, just a thought.

Look, I have FIVE comments!!!

Edie said...

You are such a NUT! Of course that's what makes you fun. I'm not going for that Random number story one bit. Maybe it's your goal for number of comments you expect to see on this post. Ha!

I'm really feeling bad for Mack. Maybe we should send him a card or something. Do you think he won before being reassigned?

You are so sweet to include all of your bloggy friends in your posts (I think). We have to keep reading to protect ourselves. LOL

Beverlydru said...

What IS the deal with all these Southern women bloggers? I think it was "Rocks in My Dryer" that even posted on the proper use of "ya'll" if you're not Southern.
I read her because I know all about foreign objects in the dryer.

I love your accurate description of what happened on "I See What You're Saying" day. Chaos. Addiction. Negligence. These words all come to mind.

Monkeys may be funny but you are funnier.

Pinkshoelady said...

Hmmm? Am I who I say I am or am I an inviltrator posing as a Southern Woman.

If you knew my fanily you'd know the truth in a skinny minute unless of course "Your tetched in the head!"
Now I'm going to go make biskits and bake my sweet tators.
Then I'll eat them there vitals and go sleep at the foot of the bed so I can hide under the Kivers!

Love you guys! I mean Y'all

The Patterson 5 said...

I've been away from my computer too long doing mountain loads of laundry! I'm glad to be back over with all the laughs!

HisPrincess said...

Does being from "down under" make me southern? Or is it northern from where you are (I'm so good at geography!). All I know is that here where it's hot in January south is down and north is up. What was my point? I've no idea, I think I'm going mad.

On Purpose said...

I am SO glad you invited me to come see my name in print on your blog...this is a HUGE feel totally blessed...thanks!

I am also wondering if this is one confirmation of how God could use my speaking you really think He would include my passion for shoes in with my passion for loving people to Jesus?!?! Wow...this is awesome! I will have to run it through my God confirmation filter checklist!

Have I told you just how awesome your blog brings smiles and laughter to the WORLD! Thank you for bringing joy to my Friday!

Edie said...

Are you working on your RQ? Come on, let's see it, I mean hear it. LOL

I'm glad you visited that blog I wrote about yesterday. Now you can Follow it! I noticed that you were turning My comments section on My blog into Your chat room. Haha!

Come on over and chat anytime. I consider you a friend too. "I like you! I really like you!" ... and now that I have your address ... I own you. ;D

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Girl, you are creative! Ann Sothern ... you crack me up. Thanks for the laughs and the shout out.

The Patterson 5 said...

Hey! I did put June Cleaver on my blog!!!!! I don't mean to be June Cleaverish it just happens. I think my mom is June Cleaverish too- although she would definately deny it (she's a feminist wanna be). I will reccomend your blog to her reading list. She won't comment though. She likes CK's and I think she'd enjoy a laugh from yours!

Anonymous said...
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Chen,Shun-Chuan 2002.10.13* Republic of China (Taiwan)

Chen,Shun-Chuan said...

China - Rising by stamping skulls of our fellow countryman who were mercilessly slaughtered

Chatty Kelly said...

Hey look, you got spammed.

If you keep getting spammed, you'll need to put the letter quiz back on for a while, until they stop using you for a chat room. Or I guess, I'll have to do it for you. HAHA.

Well, everyone else comes here to chat, why not the chinese....

"Those crazy Americans!"

My ADHD Me said...

oh brother. it really is going world wide. If this happens again, I'll need to put those annoying letters back up...and by "me" you know I mean "CK"

Chatty Kelly said...

Chinese Chen left the same message on Patterson 5 and Rich Gifts.

I tried to visit his blog to leave him a nice long Jesus message, but unfortunately is was in chinese and I couldn't figure out how to comment.

You know those electro magnetic waves could be what is causing all those problems you talking about, with the smaller letters and face falling off and such. It's a world wide conspiracy, not just in US and Austrialia but also in Taiwan. WOW. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Edie said...

Now see what we would miss if we had those annoying letter quizzes still? What they don't realize is that we already have an enemy who tries to plant those thoughts in our minds and he has been DEFEATED!

Chatty Kelly said...

You keep saying your going to write your design blog (Edie's RQ) but I keep checking back and don't see it.....

Give a girl something to do on a Saturday. Write a new post!