Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SO CLOSE...yet so far

Yesterday and today, in my personal chat room (the comment section of my posts), we discussed the album cover of The Mama's and The Papa's If You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears. I had used a picture found on Google. Sue J commented that the original cover was declared indecent and was quickly edited. The originals are considered collector's items.

I went on a scavenger hunt, quite sure I was about to become an instant millionaire. After searching boxes and thumbing through old albums I finally found my copy. ALAS, the EDITED version.

This is a copy of mine. (note the mustache and beard drawn on John Phillips face).

So close.....yet so far.

Surprisingly....NOT....I got sidetracked while looking for the cover. Now I need to go dust off the record player, yes I have one, and jam out.

What to choose! Simon & Garfunkle, Queen, Olivia Newton John, Eric Clapton, John Denver, The Who, Peter Paul & Mary, AC/DC, Earth wind & Fire, Soundtrack of Hair, Led Zepplin, Barry Manilow (sshhh, don't tell anyone), Karen Carpenter, ZZ Top.........

No wonder I have ADHD......even then I never stayed on track!

Oh GOOD! Steve Martin Live Stand up.....I'd like to thank each and every one of you for coming tonight...thank you....thank you....thank you.....thank you....thank you.....thank you.....thank you....thank you.....thank you....thank you......................


My ADHD Me said...

Hi God's Girl-I just left you a response on the last blog so I thought I'd let you know that it was there so you wouldn't think I was ignoring you because I would never do that unless of an extreme emergency and since I was able to wash my hair today without incident I think all will be ok and I also needed to let you know that you are very good at long run on sentences that never come to an end but the question is can you read them and still remember what you are reading about?

God's girl said...

I have to let you know that I just replied to your comment that you just talked about from your last post on your last post which I thoroughly enjoyed by the way because it made me really think and use my brain and now I like the challenge of trying to make the longest run-on sentence while trying to keep a little resemblance of a put-together thought but I usually forget what I am usually talking about and have to back and glance at what I was writing but I am sorry that you aren't rich because you had an edited version of your album and I'm running out of breath now so I have to go...passing out...no...air...batteries running out...done

Chatty Kelly said...

Too bad, not an instant millionaire. Cause I know you'd remember your sister. :D

You know, I think "God's Girl" really fits in well here.

On a separate note (off topic, here?) I was on a blogging tutorial website and there is now a function where you can add a "chat room" to your blog - and I'm thinking - haven't we already done that? We invented that. But do we get the millions. No.

*sigh* - story of our life.

Beverly Lewis said...

Oh! I have a box of albums too. And a turntable. Under the guest room bed. I think my albums include: Joni Mitchell,
Crosby, Still Nash & Young
Carly Simon
The Beatles
James Taylor... I was pretty laid back when it cane to music anyway. No Led Zepplin for me.

Edie said...

I agree with CK. First that God's Girl fits in really well here. Second that we DID invent the blog chat room and we SHOULD get the millions. Who do we write to!?

I'm sorry you won't be getting BIG BUCKS for your album cover. But I still enjoy reading your blog ... and your chat room comments.

I don't have my albums any longer but when I did, I had Led Zepplin, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Janice Joplin, The Beatles, Ringo (after the Beatles), Pink Floyd, The Carpenters, Carly Simon, Alice Cooper (yes I know, it gets worse), and Black Sabbath. Now I listen to Christian Worship. Ha! Proof that no one and nothing is too hard for God!

God's girl said...

To the precious Chatty and precious Edie: You girls are darling and I am so honored first of all that you are a follower of my blog because I love your blogs as well (suck-up note: I love ADHDMe's blog the most!!!) and second of all that you think I fit in here and the reason it means so much to me is that I have been locked inside of myself forever with rambling notes of rambling with no one to ramble to because I am a great listener and when you are a great listener people expect you to listen and not talk so thank you very much for the "fitting in" award but I think the best blog award should go to ADHDme's comment blog (another suck up note)because it is bravo, bravo, bravo and she definitely should have gotten rights to creating a blog chatroom so way-to-go girl and I am not sure what my main idea was anymore so I think I just voided out my last comment where I thought I might just know what I was talking about so anyway you ladies are the best funnies in the world and that...no air...thing is happening again so I guess that's my cue to end....for now.

Barb said...

The only album I have is Burl Ives: The Good Ship Lollipop

Chatty Kelly said...

God's girl - unfortunately ADHD will not follow your blog - unless I log in as her and do it, because she doesn't know how to.

By the way, I am ADHD's real life sister, Chatty Kelly.

You do fit in well here. You & ADHD are becoming fast friends. And don't worry, my wounds will heal that you like her best. It's okay, really, don't give it a thought. Really, seriously, it's not an issue. I don't mind. It's okay, Seriously. Really, I'm fine. Where are those kleenex?

Chatty Kelly said...

...or should I have said "MAY I HAVE A NAPKIN PLEASE!?!"


The link is in case you're new here and don't know the napkin joke. To be a regular, you must know the napkin joke, the hair thing (Rosanna danna), and the Sally Field "You like me, you really like me" academy award winning line. I think that brings you up to date. :D Also if you know the words to lots of songs & musicals, it helps.

And you already know we chat & leave comments about things not remotely involving the blog post. We just come here to hang out. If only she served coffee.

Oh, hey ADHD, how are you? I haven't even left you a comment. I love how you are seriously looking for a new church. How aobut this Sunday? LOL! Just don't smoke in church, cause it's in the video.

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

Nilsson, the Point? "Me and My Arrow..." I think your music and mine is a lot the same. Add in some Chicago...and Iron Butterfly. Inna Gadda Da Vida had a 16-minute drum solo!
My boss (pastor) knows how much we hand on to stuff...yes we have a turntable...and a few years ago even unearthed an 8-TRACK!!! (alas, no player!). You may be the run-on sentence queen, but I am the queen of ellipses and parenthesis..... (I think, anyway). You girls all crack me up! Now I know CK is your sister, is Edie, too?

HisPrincess said...

Go ACDC! I love ACDC! Of course I'm a little biased. I don't have any of their albums on vinyl though. We took Stephanie to see ACDC live once (she was in utero), probably explains a lot really!

Sue J. said...

So I guess you'll not be going to "Antiques Roadshow" when it hits our town? Actually, I think the guest museum curator/LP specialist dude would probably have some bad words to say about the added adornments to the cover. (My Hallmark Christmas ornaments will not pass muster, either, because I threw away all the original packaging--HORRORS!)

I'm getting so wrapped up in god's girl's comments that I completely forgot what your post was about beyond that....

I have to pick my hair out of the shower drain because it clogs things up for hubby later...probably why I'll never use a sink until I get a haircut which will be....?

Oh yeah, turntables! I just brought home my childhood turntable from my folks' and all of our SINGLES! Everything from Perry Como to Nick Gilder to Bay City Rollers to Neil Diamond. (My Barry Manilow is still in the upstairs closet, I think.)

Chatty Kelly said...

Edie is a sister in Christ, but ADHD & Chatty Kelly are the only real sisters here. (Occasionally we get an anonymous comment signed ET - that is our other sister who doesn't blog).

Blog on, Sistahs!

My ADHD Me said...

His Princess- I went to see AC/DC too but didn't write it because I have an image to keep up. Not MY image. Good Grief, NO. Chatty Kelly's image. Being her sister is hard work. Now that she is a PUBLISHED Christian writer I have to be sure I don't show up on the front of some tabloid. The caption would read, "PUBLISHED CHRISTIAN WRITER HAS BLACK SHEEP SISTER! Actually it would say that anyway. So, don't tell anyone but I did see them in concert. As a matter of fact, I think I even have AC/DC on 8 track that my brother used to listen to.
Saw Robert Plant too but was too young to see Led Zepplin.
I was also always a fan of Peter Paul & Mary, Karen Carpenter etc but back then always listened to them with the windows rolled up so no one would know. (That teenage cool image thing) Now I even listen to Veggie Tales with the windows down.

Beverly Lou (I always call you that in my head, never remember beverlydru) How could I have forgotten The Beatles! I even have an album with an orchestra playing their music. James Taylor was cool too.

Edie- Yes! Elton John! Billy Joel too. Janice Joplin's Bobby McGee is awesome (Plus she is in the Rosanne Rosanna Danna hair club!)
And we DID invent the blog chat room. It's MY Money and I WANT it NOW! (since you don't watch tv, I 'll have to fill you in that that is from a tv commercial---once you have to explain a joke it kind of kills it but, oh well).

God's Girl- Would you like to borrow some of my Adderall? I think I figured out how to add you to my followers list. I'm going to go and try so if the world wide web shuts down you will all know it is because I was trying to do something on it.

Barb- I have Shirley Temple singing Good Ship Lollipop.

I wonder how long a comment can go on before they run out of space. I'm going to end this one so you can all have a coffee (yuck) break and then finish because I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY...............

My ADHD Me said...

Ok, where was I?

Who am I?
Why Am I here?

trivia Question.....Who notoriously said the last 2 questions on live tv?

Well, anybody know?

God's girl said...

I don't know the answer to the trivia question because I don't really watch TV as I have made our house a Rated G or PG house and most of the stuff on TV is sooooo not G or PG although I do miss some of the crazy commercials which really are crazy and I don't really know the Mamas and the Papas but I do know ACDC and I also know the Beach Boys and I also know "I gotta' have faith, uh faith, uh faith" by George Michael and when I was in High School I went to a Chicago/Moody Blues concert where my friend and I were in the third row and would you believe that we each caught one of their drumsticks they threw out but would you believe we had to fight for them so anyway I don't think I need adderol but do you well obviously you think I did because you offered me some but both of my children have ADHD and I've always heard it's genetic but I wonder if it really is because I don't think I would be a candidate for ADHD but what are talking about here again? oh, my sentence ended, bummer. I could start using those ...3 dots things so I could keep going. I can't wait to hear your next post!

My ADHD Me said...

Sue J- It seems like the "original packaging" is more important to collectors than the actual product. Hhhmm, maybe I'll start saving all my boxes when I buy something and throw away the product. Just a thought.

A&O X 4:In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida...sigh...
(I had to wikipedia the spelling)

To everyone, Mary Hopkins single said it best...

"Those were the days my friend
We thought they'd never end
We'd sing and dance
Forever and a day.

We'd live the life we choose
We'd fight and never lose
For we were young and sure to have our way."


Chatty Kelly said...

I had something to say...but after reading all the comments, I've forgotten. *sigh* No I have to go RE-read to trigger the memory.

Oh, music/concerts. I saw Billy Joel & Elton john together in concert in Las Vegas! Let the tabloids write about that one...they can't because you know, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

My ADHD Me said...

CK-I remember when you saw Billy Joel and Elton John....That HAD to be awesome!

Our dad saw Elvis!!

My ADHD Me said...

Well, does anyone know the answer to my trivia question from a few comments ago?

God's girl said...

Ah...I am so proud of you ADHDme! You are a follower now. I am honored. Actually I think you are actually a leader. You and CK sound like my sister and I. I really should talk her into getting a blog. I really thought Edie was your sister too. I have a lot to learn *sigh*

My ADHD Me said...

Edie really is our sister...Chatty kelly just says she isn't as a joke.

On Purpose said...

To become the "instant millionaire" wouldn't you have had to part with the album...which would have meant parting with some great music!

See it all works out for the good!

Chatty Kelly said...

No comments since 10 a.m.

Time for a new post. :D

Edie said...

No I have a comment! I'm just late.
Hold on, I gotta go look it up...

CK - Did you hear what God's Girl said? We're NOT the favorite! .... but I'm not offended ....
.... Can I get a napkin please!? :)

Pam - Yes Edie is too! I've been grafted!

CK - ;) Love ya Sis!

ADHD-Jo - You still there? Sorry I didn't get the TV joke.
Oh ... Trivia Question (TQ) - Was it the missionairies from Spain?

Sue J - I used to listen to my aunt's singles when I was a kid. Those go waaaayyy back. That was how I really learned the Witch Doctor song. It was one of her singles but it wasn't the Chipmunks.

Ok, I think I'm done.

HisPrincess said...

You know I'm tempted not to comment, because I'm suffering from comment envy. But I can't help myself because, well, I struggle to shut up. Even when I want to. Especially when I want to. I had a point. Seem to have lost it now. Sorry. Must be all those brain cells I've killed by listening to ACDC. Thunderstruck.

Chatty Kelly said...

Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap. Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap.


Sue J. said...

I though AC/DC had something to do with electrical currents. Clearly, if it's not in my box of singles, it's not on my radar.

But, I do have "Those Were the Days" by Mary Hopkins, which is not the "All in the Family" theme song, by the way.

As for your trivia question, I had no idea and, thus, went to the Internet:

Admiral James Stockdale, who ran for VP with Ross Perot. This excerpt is from Wikipedia (the source of all things at least partially true) though confirmed in a Jim Lehrer commentary on a PBS website.

"Perot eventually re-entered the race in the fall of 1992, with Stockdale still in place as the vice-presidential nominee. Stockdale was not informed that he would be participating in the October 13, vice-presidential debate held in Atlanta, Georgia, until a week before the event.

He had no formal preparation for the debate, unlike his opponents Al Gore and Dan Quayle. Stockdale infamously opened the debate by saying, "Who am I? Why am I here?" Initially, the rhetorical questions drew applause from the audience, seeming to be a good-natured acknowledgment of his relatively unknown status and lack of traditional qualifications.

However, his unfocused style for the rest of the debate (including asking the moderator to repeat one question because he didn't have his hearing aid turned on) made him appear confused and almost disoriented. An unflattering recreation of the moment on Saturday Night Live later that week, with Phil Hartman as Stockdale, cemented a public perception of Stockdale as slow-witted."

Those were the days..... *sigh*

My ADHD Me said...

His Princess---I thought you knew..the secret to having so many comments is to comment on your own post multiple times!

Notice there are really only 9 commenters (9 VERY SPECIAL Commenters!)

Plus, out of almost 30 comments, including this one, 15 are from Chatty Kelly and myself (you should see how long we stay on the phone!) :D

Think CHAT ROOM, not comment section.

My ADHD Me said...
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