Tuesday, October 7, 2008

FBI Case Number 85427....Pending

To whom it may concern,

My name is Mac. I am an agent for the FBI. It has come to my attention that there are some questionable activities going on within this blog and any others that are associated with it. By associated, I am talking about people who follow, read, or even glance at the blog written by an individual that goes by the name of My ADHD Me.

Although we do not have any solid evidence that there is a problem, there are just too many strange things going on for us, the FBI, to ignore it.

First of all, there is this business about Monkeys. Monkeys are Funny? What kind of code is that. Sure, monkeys can be silly and they do tend to act goofy at times, but to base ones entire personality on the actions of monkeys is just odd.

My ADHD Me? How can one individual claim that the ADHD disorder/syndrome is their's alone? I do not believe I have seen a patent or petition of ownership in this situation. I am quite sure that there are other individuals out there with the same diagnosis. Also, after extensive readings of the above mentioned's blog, I do believe she is trying to spread this ADHD phenomenon throughout the blogosphere. We ("we" meaning I) have been investigating this individual and the people that read her blog. It seems that everyday, perfectly sane, responsible, and intelligent people are falling under this ADHD spell.

Although inconclusive, we ("we" meaning I) have observed the following strange occurrences spreading quickly through other seemingly innocent blogs....

Chatty Kelly- A seemingly fine upstanding member of the blogging community. A few weeks after Chatty Kelly began blogging, this My ADHD Me character enters into the blog world and claims to be her sister. The next thing you know, there are coded references being made in MyADHD Me's comment section. In the past, it has not been typical blogging procedure for the comment section of one's blog to turn into a forum. It isn't just the forums that have us ("us" meaning me) concerned. it is the jibberish nonsensical banter and referrals to songs that makes us ("us" meaning me) believe there is some underlying secret coding going on here. If this is the case, how many other people is Kelly "chatting" to? It is enough to make a Wonder Woman wonder.

Edie- A seemingly kind and loving woman gets drawn into the conspiracy. The next thing you know, MyADHDMe has convinced Edie to send her address to myADHDMe, in return for the promise of an undisclosed prize. There also seems to be a secret regarding Edie's middle name. Our records indicate that this name is confidential and is not to be mentioned, however, MyADHDMe has made several attempts to draw it out of her. And these Rich Gifts.....there are absolutely no records of any income tax forms filled out. There is also a so called "Bubble-Game" on her site that has the ability to mesmerise people and make them lose complete track of time. It is almost as if this so-called Edie wants you to waste your time popping bubbles. Is she participating in some sort of conspiracy while the rest of us ("us" meaning me) are wasting our (meaning my) time popping bubbles? In other words, this is another person that we ("we" meaning I) will be watching.

Sue J- An incredibly intelligent woman who is able to Create; Make Something of today. Regardless of all of our ("our" meaning my) research, we ("we" meaning I) have been unable to understand how this woman could have fallen under the spell of My ADHD Me's blog. Also, the comments that she leaves on ADHD's posts seem to have an underlining meaning that we (you know, I) have been unable to de-code...yet. This woman is entirely too intelligent to be ignored. We ("we" meaning I) will be assembling a special task force, armed with multiple Bibles, dictionaries and Thesauruseseses to investigate. I am calling this the Brown Project.

His Princess- It is completely beyond my comprehension that any member of royalty, whether she be a queen or a princess, would have any interest in this blog. Now it has been brought to my attention that the cloned sheep, Dolly, is being held in Australia. HHHmmmm, I hear that people there actually prefer January to July because January is too hot? Stange. It seems she is trying to convince the entire world that, contrary to popular belief, the entire world does not rotate on the same time system as the United States. This, of course, is a ridiculous theory. We ("we" meaning I) will be keeping an eye on her.

The Patterson Five- "Mrs P". We (meaning I) are not even sure if this individual actually exists. It is our (my) conclusion that the entire "P" family is a fabrication that has been made solely to make everyone else think that there actually IS a family that, on paper, seems as close to perfect as any family could possibly be. Has My ADHD Me invented this wonderful woman and her family to distract us (me)? It has been noted that around the blogging community, more and more women have been kinder and more loving towards their husbands and children after reading this blog. We ("we" meaning I) will be keeping and eye on this mysterious Mrs. P.

It is quite obvious that something strange is going on around here.There are quite a few other individuals and blogs that we ("we" meaning I) need to check out. I ("I" meaning I) am on my way now to investigate these individuals. I will report back with my findings.

To be continued on next post.


"Take me for a ride on your Mack Truck.
Take me for a ride on your truck, Mac.
Take me for a ride.
Take me for a ride.
Take me for a ride on your Mack Truck....Mac."


Chatty Kelly said...

WAHAHAHA! (That is another expression used in place of LOL! This is closer to ROTFLOL.)

Loved it. Your blog is just good clean fun.

But this Mac guy, he seems right on in his observations. Be alarmed...be very alarmed.

Beverlydru said...

You are keeping me laughing. Fast becoming a favorite - as soon as I see you have a new post up, I've got to get here.

Edie said...

Where do you come up with this stuff!!

Yay for Sue J who has yet another person searching Bibles for answers!

Side note - Hey did you know that you can highlight text in other peoples comments and drag it into this comment box and it copies it in here?

Edie said...

85427 - Is that a code?

Edie said...

Like a *ZIP* code!? Highly suspicious.

Irritable Mother said...

The blue ball is underneath the green table.
Stars only twinkle in the east.
Monkeys are funny.


Wow, ADHD this case sounds a little frightening. I, however, am not afraid. Since I am neither sane, responsible, nor intelligent, I am not afraid of falling under your spell. Besides, your spell always makes me laugh! *grin*

My ADHD Me said...

Irritable mother-take the blue ball and proceed.

Edie- RANDOM Remember RANDOM. Also, I would try to drag the text but it is too heavy to lift.

beverlydru...It's working. You've GOT to get here.

Chatty kelly...don't worry about mac. he's resting comfortably.

Chatty Kelly said...

Oh where, oh where, have our bloggey friends gone? Oh where, oh where can they be...except beverlydru, irritable mother and Edie!

Oh where, oh where could all the others beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?!?!

The Patterson 5 said...

Oh I can't believe I missed this one! I really need to just let the house work go to the wind.....Some one just this week called us the Cleaver's. I think I will go put on one of those dresses and make my boys comb their hair all neat! :) I could ask 2nd cup of coffee how she put her picture on The Sound of Music cover then paste my face onto June Cleavers!

HisPrincess said...

Honestly...I want to get inside your head and just watch that brain of yours tick over!

Where on earth do you come up with this stuff! What a crack up!