Monday, July 14, 2008

Busyness VRS Productivity

I read an interesting quote today.

"Don't Mistake activity for achievement. Busyness does not equal productiveness."
John Wooden.

Hours later when I had completely forgotten about that quote I sat down to write my blog. I scanned my last few posts and 2 of them jumped out at me.
After I grabbed them and put them back into the computer, I figured that there must be a reason they were trying to get my attention.

It was these posts:

"I Won't Be Late"
"I Would Never Do That."

HHHmmm, "Don't mistake activity for achievement. Busyness does not equal productiveness"

Well, That is Certainly Something to Think About................

I'm always busy.....but productive?.......I think in one of my next posts I'll write a short (HA HA HA---Sorry.... me...write something short...IMPOSSIBLE!! The words are all there just DYING to come out! (also it may not be my next blog because I may have the NEED to write about something else...which could happen....but probably won't....but if it does it doesn't mean I won't write about this subject on another day....maybe...I'm just not sure....we'll see.)

A blog about my day would probably be similar to the 2 posts I mentioned above.

I KNOW!! I'll improve my Productivity and THEN blog about it.
Well, if that's the case I'll be back in a few months.

Maybe I'm done with this subject after all.

But it is something to think about.

"Don't mistake activity for achievement. Busyness does not equal productiveness" hhhmmm, definitely something to think about............


Lysa TerKeurst said...

Love that quote. I think I should write that one out and ponder it for a while.

Nice to meet you... any sister of Chatty Kelly is a friend of mine.

What a cool chick she is.

Chatty Kelly said...

Adhd me - You are in big trouble, sister. Stalking me on the internet, going to my writing mentor's website - a published author of TWELVE books, famous speaker, et al, - and saying "I'm Chatty Kelly's sister" like she should have any clue who I am - a little nobody.

Except - she said I'm a cool chick. WAHOO. So you are off the hook this time.

Wonder if I can print off her quote and frame it?

The Patterson 5 said...

Sometimes I feel like my most busy days are my least productive. Once in S.School we were asked to discribe the chapter of our lives. Mr P said it feels like we are on a treadmill-working very hard but feeling like we are getting no where. Although we do feel like we are repeating ourselves over and over we do realize perhaps we are getting in shape for the real challenge----our kids teen age years! (I am imagining a horror movie scream in the back ground!) Thanks for the marvelous quote and I think you and your sister are cool chicks!

The Patterson 5 said...

Really you and your sisters are cool chicks! I don't want to leave out E.

Sue J said...

You have certainly been productive on my blog, if not your own....

My mom always says stuff like, "I don't know where the times goes," and she doesn't seem to do anything. This kind of thinking scares me about my own days. Maybe I'm not doing ANYTHING worth doing?! I like to think that I am, but....

And this is how women, especially, get messed up by thinking they can't do something enjoyable for themselves. The guilt! So, I'll be busy, constantly, but....for what?

So I can blog about appliances?! Uh oh....I see the guilt monster approaching.....

Truth4thejourney said...

You know,
The key to being productive is to get organized and write it down. AAHH! Scary stuff, but it is so true. If I don't plan my day, my day will plan me.

Good reminder for me today. :)

HisPrincess said...

I really really often spend a whole day (week, month) running around like a headless chook. But when I look back on it I can't really see where I've been or what I've done and that frustrates me. So maybe I need a list too.
A "how not to be a headless chook" list.

Did you know that chickens can live for a while (don't know how long exactly) without their head? You really needed to know that didn't you!

Bonita said...

So true! I can't tell you how many times I come to the end of a very busy day and wonder what on earth I accomplished. I think my recent trips away from home have really helped to put things in perspective for me. It helps me redefine my goals and just really see what's really important and what isn't so I can make sure I do those truly important things. the rest is just fluff.

Chatty Kelly said...

It's been 3 days - time to write another post!