Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Don't Need To Post Today

I don't need to post today.

I just read a new post on my friends blog. She hasn't written in a while. I was so glad to see she was able to start writing again.

I left her a comment---ok I left 2.

Comments: short, sweet responses to another persons blog.

Short? I cannot say hello in 50 words or less.

I left a comment. It is probably as long as her post.

Her post was great, so go and read it and my comment is my post for today.

Too bad I don't know how to write it in so you can just click a button and end up there, so this is going to require you to go thru a few steps. JUST A FEW!! Come on, I know you can do it. The name of her blog is Create: Making Something Of Today.

To get there, go to the comment section on my last blog and click on her comment. It's the one that says Sue J. Then you can read her blog and my comment is my post for today. Two birds with one stone.......not to mention a great way to let everyone know that Sue J is back!

Oh Come On! It's easy! If I can figure out how to get there, then I know you can!!

Well, I did it again. Said I wasn't going to post today, and here I've gone and written half a page.
Well, what are you waiting for...go read Sue J's blog.

P.S. Thanks Chatty Kelly, she just commented on this get to Sue's blog go to


Chatty Kelly said...

Sue J's blog is:

I can teach you ADHD, how to link to a blog, if you just call me while you are on-line.

And your comment is longer than todays blog - which is more of a comment on the blog you wrote over at Sue Js.

She's right, the kids are taking over the store!

My ADHD Me said...

I'm so confused.........

Chatty Kelly said...

You comment on Sue J's blog was longer than your blog here. And your blog here is more of a comment (on your blog at Sue Js), than it is a blog.


The kids taking over the store was from the stale reference.

Marina said...

I haven't been there yet but I am on my way to ready your post,but thanks for stopping by today I am glad I was able to bless you is its hard to let God and know that God is in control of us b/c after all he is God !! and he loves you ,marina

Marina said...

and have you notice what ever happen to public phones last time I forgot my cell phone at home I thought oh well I will just use a public phone then I remember I haven't seen one around in years....yes we are spoil and too think our kinds will never know what a public phone was or tv with just 3 chanels before cable.,marina

Sue J said...

OK, who's spoiled now?

Anytime you want to blog on my blog, just ask. You could have been my fill-in while I was on vacation.

The "kids taking over the kitchen" actually refers to the 9 kids we had on our beach vacation. CK, you are off the hook. See, it's a problem with the condiments!

And now back to ADHD me's blog....

The Patterson 5 said...

Your blog on Sue's blog was great as well! Sue has something with the writing on each others blogs or even a blog we all do together-we could call it some kind of meeting place or something.