Thursday, July 17, 2008

Your #1 Fan

Dear My ADHD Me,

Where are you? We've been through this before. Last time I wrote to you, you promised to stay on top of things and try to be consistent in your posting.

But I've been sitting here for days...waiting and waiting.....nothing.

I'm sorry that my adoration made you a bit nervous. The restraining order you filed against me, however, was completely unnecessary. As I told you last time I had to write to you ( re post: Where Are You??), I'm your #1 Fan.

I know you have a life outside the computer. I know this because I "accidentally" saw you. Of course I'm not following you but do you really think trips to the grocery store are more important than blogging? And you spent that day at the lake with your sister E and the kids when you could have been posting.....No again, I wasn't following you...I just happened to be there too.

I'm starting to feel left out. I'm starting to think that maybe you aren't posting Just For Me. Because of that, I got a little bit annoyed and erased the last 92 comments on your last post. I don't want you to think you are so popular that you forget that I AM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN!

Don't you know that I'll "Love You Forever......" (haha I know that creeps you out).

Seriously, I miss you. just like last time, I sit here and find myself continually logging on to read your newest post only to be let down again and again and again. Again and again as dusk becomes dawn I am still sitting here....waiting and waiting. There is no food in the house, the bills are late, I haven't been outside in days and it's ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!! (deep breath, relax)

My dear sweet My ADHD Me.....all I am asking is that you post something new. Is that too much to ask?

Again, I must ask you....Aren't Monkey's Funny Anymore?

All My Love,
Your Number One Fan


Marina said...

thanks for stopping by I can't wait for my husband to get home so we can go I will be sure to take lots of pictures,God bless.marina

Sue J said...

Welcome back, and on your site, no less!

I'm never really sure where to leave comments to questions--your blog or mine. So, check back to an answer to your question on mine, just so I don't create a huge nonsequitur in the midst of your comments page. (Or, did I do that anyway?)

Missed you....someone else who understands me!

The Patterson 5 said...

Glad your back! Watch out for that #1 fan! :)

Chatty Kelly said...

I took the liberty of linking up the previous #1 fan post so that folks who missed it could easily look back. Otherwise they may get confused.

Glad you're back too. I was getting bored without you.

Your #3 fan
(I couldn't call myself a #2 fan - I just know your kids would start cracking up at that one!)

Bonita said...

Girl, you are too funny and a great writer to boot!