Thursday, July 3, 2008

Here I Sit

Here I sit.

I sit and I sit.

It's not like I have nothing to say.
I ALWAYS has tons to say.-----Not always important, not always interesting, not always consistant and not always making any sense.....But I always have SOMETHING to say.

But here I sit.

"She sat and she rocked and she rocked and she rocked that great big boy....." ooooppps....someone get that creepy book out of my head!!

Here I sit. I'm staring at that white screen that is saying WRITE SOMETHING!

But here I sit.

The kids are still asleep (no surprise there). The house is peaceful. I have my diet coke. Writing conditions are perfect.

But here I sit.

I look around the room. Maybe something will pop into my head. Ouch. Bad idea. the only thing popping in my head is YUCK. I need to clean up this room.

So, I look back at the screen.

Here I sit. (yawn)

Monkey's aren't even that funny right now.

OH yeah, I just remembered.....I'm supposed to take my Adderall (ADHD med) AFTER I blog. I forgot. So here I sit.

I could sit here and write all day about not having anything to say.

I have plenty to say.

I know the problem! Between already taking my meds, the quiet house and the dog not even's too quiet.

Here I sit.

You know what? I don't think I'll post today.

Here I sit. She sat and she sat and she sat......

I could get up. There's always laundry, housework etc to be done. I'll get busy. Tons of things to blog about will come into my head but I'll either be too busy or someone else will be on the computer. What if the thoughts fly into my head and then fly out before I can write them down?!? What if you miss out on some incredibly interesting, enthralling, witty thing I have to say? It could be clever, capricious, jocular, hilarious, bizarre, remarkable and even intriguing. Ok, I'm putting the Thesaurus down now. That didn't help either.

Here I sit.

I guess I won't post a blog today.
After all, it wouldn't make any sense at all to sit here and write about not having anything to write about.

Here I sit.

You know, if you skip lines enough it makes your blogs appear longer than they are.

Here I sit.

Repeating yourself helps too.

Here I sit.

OK, really, I'm done now. I'm definitely NOT going to post anything today. You can go ahead and disregard anything you have read.

"Would the jury please disregard the last statement made by the defendant?" How can you disregard something you just heard? "OK, your Honor. It's forgotten."

Here I sit.

Maybe I'll write tomorrow instead.


Bonita said...

You are too funny, girl, and an amazing writer! I never thought I'd read a blog about not being able to blog and enjoy it, but that was just so crazy funny!

Do yourself a favor and buy a little hand held voice recorder to capture all those witty things that come to mind when you're in the middle of something else or someone is using your computer. I wouldn't want to miss out on any amusing things you have to say!

Anonymous said...

There you sit broken hearted meant to **** nevermind....


Roxie said...

You need a new book to read to the kids-LOL! Maybe "Guess How Much I Love You!"

The Patterson 5 said...

I even enjoy reading about you sitting! You even sit witty!

HisPrincess said...

I know exactly how you feel!

But sitting is fine. It still beats washing, ironing, working .....

Sue J said...

You are so fortunately to be able to SIT! I can hardly get on the stool here at the beach house with 18 other occupants running around to read your blog.

But, you are coming through loud and clear here in N.C. (OBX)

Smoke still smells all the way out here. Had ice cream with C.K. yesterday. Missing the chance to blog.

Now, you want to blog about something....write about how my blog sits and sits and sits and waits for somebody to update it! I'm embarrassed to go over there to visit!!

Enjoying the time away, but missing the time at home as well. We'll read you from there soon....soon as we leave here!