Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where Are You??

Dear My ADHD Me,

Where are you? You last posted Sunday morning. I read your post and laughed my head off. After I reattached my head, I continued to check your blog for new posts throughout the day. After all, you have been known to post one, two, sometimes even three posts per day! I waited all day. I sat up all night and was still trying Monday at dawn. I was eagerly anticipating reading your blog.....nothing.

That's ok. I can handle it if there is only one blog per day. I waited all day Monday. I must have checked 500 times. Time after time I got the same response. No New Blogs.

I stayed up all night Monday night just trying and trying again. I double checked my computer connections, thinking that maybe I had a loose wire (no pun intended). Everything was connected. I called Comcast and told them there must be a problem with my internet service. They kept insisting that there was nothing wrong with my computer or my internet and that they had been receiving hundreds of calls all day regarding this.

Surely by Tuesday morning you would have a new post but to my dismay....nothing.

It is now Tuesday evening, about 9:00 PM and still nothing. I have been sitting here for over 60 hours. I'm pale and shaking. I can barely type as my fingers are cramped and my vision is getting blurry. WHERE ARE YOU??

Aren't Monkeys Funny Anymore?????

Your #1 Fan


Sue J said...

(WILD HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER that I can't find the keyboard characters to successfully illustrate)

It's OK....it happens to all of us--except CK and Mrs. P. ...but.... You might want to take that counter off your blog so it doesn't send you into panic mode!

Also, I suspect the monkeys are a little bananas this week, yes?

You can always pop over to CK's blog. She has a solution for that this morning :-) [Just kidding, CK. Don't go there!]

Chatty Kelly said...

I thought I was your #1 fan? No you've gone and hurt my feelings. :-) JOKING! (From your "high maintenance" sister.)

Love it!! I do think you may need to check your computer however...no wire problems, but you may have a screw loose. hmmm.

The Patterson 5 said...

This blog is so great for a laugh! I did check and recheck and recheck again, hoping for a new entry to brighten my day and give me a belly laugh!
I am not sure about CK but Mrs P LOVES schedules, structure, lists, she said she was a planner :)