Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Quick Part 3 to Bathing Suits and Hiking Boots

Just a quick helpful hint....That new kind of sunscreen is great. Just push and spray in one continuous motion. You don't even need to rub it in. Just make sure you spray everywhere and don't miss any spots.

Otherwise you could possibly end up with a long 2 inch wide streak of sunburn going down one leg only and 2 sunburned tops of your feet. (which is especially bad if you hate going without shoes.) Now I'm not saying this happened to me today. This is just a friendly reminder so it never happens to you! where did I put the Aloe Vera and the Solarcane.....

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Anonymous said...

I so love that new sunscreen too--it's almost fun. If you go to riteaid they usually have good deals like buy one get one free. Be careful they haven't jacked the price up on you though. And, I did the same thing that you suggested "might" happen to someone--I have two burnt underarms (okay not really underarms but the place where all that fat gathers when you put your arms down)This is why you see me walking around with my arms in the air all the day!!