Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Let me start off by saying I am NOT an animal person. I don't dislike animals but never had any desire to own one myself. Well, I have 2 sons and a husband so I am outnumbered. We got Liz, our dog, about 8 years ago and sadly she passed away this past April. We knew she was sick for 2-3 weeks before she died and that it was coming so we were able to soften the blow to the boys. It was difficult, but she didn't appear to feel any pain and I was with her when she died. I must admit that for being someone who isn't an animal person, it was very difficult. But, she's resting peaceful now and maybe even catching that rabbit somewhere up in "dog heaven". (if she catches the rabbit in dog heaven then rabbit heaven must be somewhere else).

Anyway, yesterday we went to the pound to get a new dog. We found Sydney. She is a black Lab, German Shepperd, Chow....mix. Before we went to the pound I had the mandatory talk with my 2 boys about taking care of her, walking her, doing "poop patrol", brushing her, bathing her, feeding her etc. "Oh yes Mom, we promise''. Somewhere in my head I can remember those same words right before we got Liz. Right before I ending up taking care of her, feeding her, walking her, brushing her etc. Oh well.

I had thought Liz was a bit wild. She would bark her head off (not literally...that would not be good) sometimes for no reason and when she got loose she would play cat and mouse with you until you were ready to explode (again, not literal as that too would not be good). Then she would calmly walk back in the backyard.

Anyway, I thought Liz was wild, maybe a bit crazy.....I was WRONG! Sydney is CRAZY. She runs back and forth thru the house at high speed 4 or 5 times until she ends up running head first (as opposed to backwards?) into the sofa or wall or door. Then she lays there panting like crazy, jumps up and does it again. Then she spins in circles until I am almost sure she has gone mad, then she runs again. She's not old but she not a puppy either (about 13 months old). Can a dog have ADHD? I know animals pick up some of their owners traits but WE JUST GOT HER!

I'm hoping she is just excited and or nervous being in a new home. She had been picked up as a stray so who knows what she went thru the first year of her life. But she's driving me CRAZY---er.

So now I am going to go feed her, walk her, brush her......wait a we go again.


Chatty Kelly said...

I cannot believe you got a dog. I'm shocked. The things you learn in a person's blog. And another huge dog. My little daughter will be thrilled...not.

I also laughed out loud at the rabbit heaven comment. Only your mind thinks like that.

I do so love your blog!

By the way, I think Syndey needs to go for a walk. If you (or Alberquando) walk him 1 mile every morning and 1 every evening, he'll be less crazy and you will be more fit too! Win-win.

Anonymous said...

Wrong--I use to walk Polar 2 miles a day and she is crazy as a march hare (hair??--another rabbit??)Anyway--congrats on the dog. I never thought Liz was hyper--have you met Jackie??


The Patterson 5 said...

I've heard the oh we will walk, feed, brush, bathe, train, take them to the vet etc. too and Toby, my sons dog really is mine. Oh well so goes the life of a mom!

Sue J said...

Technically, I'm a dog person. We actually had puppies growing up. But, marriage and allergies can change your situation. So, we have a stuffed golden retriever.

Because Sydney is a mix, you have to expect some different characteristics, tied to the different breeds. (At least you know what they are. My sister is still trying to figure out what her dog is!)

I'm sure you can go online and do some dog personality research. Sydney is probably just fine.

Multiple personalities and ADHD aren't the same thing, per the DSM-III manual. (You're off the hook, except to take the dog for a walk, wash, feed, etc., etc.)

Anonymous said...

Sydney is probably so happy to be out of the pound and free that she can't stop running until she hits the sofa! Hopefully she will calm down in a few days once she gets use to her new home. Congratulations on your new member of the family. I love dogs, but I'm more of a "little dog" person.

Deanna said...

People should read this.