Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's Just One Letter (or is it?)

My deepest apologies go out to the late Gilda Radner. You went out and made a character that I based my own image on and then I inadvertently say and spell it incorrectly.

For The Record:

It is NOT RoseannA Rosanna Danna
It IS RoseannE Rosanna Danna.

(And I'm still not sure of the spelling)

To the hundreds of you that read my blog and cringed each time I said her name incorrectly, I also apologize to YOU! Yes, YOU. The huddled masses that spend each day patiently waiting for my blogs. You have put your own lives on hold just to read my blogs. And what do I do to thank you? How could I have been so insensitive?

What if I referred to CK as TK? A Chatty Kelly sounds SO much better than a Talkative Kelly. It changes the entire meaning, the good feeling you get inside, the, the point of view, the palpability, passion, pathos, sentiment, understanding, reaction, perception.... OK, I'm closing my Thesaurus now.

Back on Track

What if I called The Patterson 5, The Patterson you think they would still be so cheerful? What about CREATE: Making Something of Today? What if I changed that to CREATA: Making Something Of Taday? How could she possibly Creata something of Taday? And think about how tired Blessed With 6 would be if I changed her to Blessed with 10!

I am SO VERY Sorry!! It will not happen again, (unless it which case it will be unintentional).

As I finish up here I do have a final thought. To the people I have mentioned today, I am not a free advertising agency. I will be checking my mailbox for my "cut" aka payment for mentioning your blogs. Monthly installments are perfectly ok. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to refer them, in writing, to my attorney within 60 days. After the said 60 days, according to Article 6498327D, I will no longer be liable for any negative feedback you may receive, as a result of being linked to this blog. You will, however, still be expected to send your payments. There is a 5% late fee. Paypal and Money Order accepted. No Checks Please and Have A Great Day.


Chatty Kelly said...

Ummm, since you didn't actual LINK to our sites, I don't think we have to pay you. And I know you don't know how to link to us...but for a small fee I will be willing to link everyone up. Also, you owe me for uploading your photo, as well as for creating an account for your site meter and uploading it. And for putting your photo on your profile.

Or we could just call it even. :-)

Love - Talkative Kelly, oops, um, I mean Chatty

Sue J said...

You make my site sound so Italian! Creata! A bloga so fina....Ciao, bella!!

If you watch Daughters 1 and 2 for a short while, I will bake you all some muffins AND show you how to include all our blogs on your site.....

Although why the monkeys and the Junebug haven't bribed you to do this, I don't know....

Sonya said...

This was fun! Although, I should be sueing you for even suggesting that I be blessed with 10, have you lost your mind!!! Don't you think that 6 is enough? Maybe I should change the name of my blog to 6 is enough, or quiver full to capacity!! :)

Have a great week!!