Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rosanna Rosanna Danna And ME

I've read blogs this week about body image, how much primping is "too much", being happy with what God gave you etc so I thought that today I would write about my hair.

I have long, brown (thanks to Revlon), curly hair. Those of you that are old enough may remember the musical "Hair" --"long, curly, frizzy, nappy, streaming, blowing, showing and SPAGHETTI!" (those of you that don't remember that can disregard the preceding sentence.

When I was growing up I HATED my hair. It was during the time when the style was stick straight, long and parted down the middle. (Picture Cher during the Sonny and Cher show--showing my age again). Well, my hair was anything BUT that. Picture, if you remember Rosanna Rosanna Danna (played by the late, hilarious Gilda Radner) from Saturday Night Live. Picture Janice Joplin. Thick, coarse hair parted down the middle that gets bigger and bigger as it gets longer (like a Christmas tree). I tried everything, curlers (to actually calm it down and even ironing it). There weren't many products out at that time (that I knew of anyway) so I just had to live with it. The boy that sat behind me in elementary school used to pretend there were little people living in there and would poke at it during class. (I may not have too many memories of my childhood but I remember you Devlin Harris!).

The Dorothy Hammil phase and the Farrah Faucet days were torture! The eighties were a little easier, after all, the style then was the bigger the better. Still I was never really satisfied with it.

Well, thanks to growing up, a little bit of maturity, the nineties (where anything goes) and the mass market of styling products available I learned to accept it. Not love it but accept it.

Well, now we are in the 2000's. And guess what my favorite feature hair. It is still wild and crazy and everywhere but well, to me, it kind of is like my personality. I think my hair has ADHD. I never know what it is going to look like, Each day is a surprise, Some days I have these wonderful little ringlets all over, some days it has a kind of wild (dare I say, sexy-eat your heart out Devlin Harris) look and yes, of course some days it is still Rosanna Rosanna Danna. Some of my friends advise me to cut it. I wore it short once and yes it had a nice tailored, sophisticated look but it wasn't me. I think I'll keep it long. I'll be one of those eccentric little old ladies walking around talking too myself wearing a long hippie skirt, hiking boots and a braid going down my back.

Well, here is my laugh for the day. I was washing my hair this morning by kneeling beside the bathtub with my head under the faucet. I had on shorts but no shirt (it always gets wet). I'm washing, rinsing etc. The water is still running and I try to lift my head up. WELL, my hair has worked it's way down the drain and entangled itself around the little metal parts that keep things from going down the pipes. I was in guessed it....A QUANDARY! I pulled and twisted but couldn't get it loose! The water was still running...I Could Have Drowned! (yes, I know I could have turned the water off but for dramatic effects lets just pretend I couldn't). So there I am, literally stuck, shirtless, on the verge of drowning and not to mention feeling just a little bit foolish. So I finally did what I had to do. I held the hair by the top and just pulled as hard as I could! OUCH!! But it worked. I must have lost about 1000 (major exaggeration) strands of hair!

So I dried it, cleaned out the now majorly clogged up tub, added a little bit of product, looked in the mirror and do you know what, thanks to curly, frizzy, every which way, never has a real style looks just like it always does! HA!! Let's see Cher or Farrah Faucet get away with that!!

Have a great day!


Chatty Kelly said...

Oh say can you see, my eyes...if you can then my hairs to short!

What a mature and great blog. Several women have told me that the 40's are the best years because you accept yourself as you are and I have to agree. So far 40 is fabulous. Glad you are accepting you as you - just like God made you. And even with the missing strands, he knows just how many hairs you have.

Sue J said...

So, given that I have hair like Cher did on "Sonny and Cher" (was one of my favorite shows!)...only now....

Funny how hair is often THE thing that gets to us. I have done the Hamill and Fawcett looks. I tried to get to Rosanna Rosanna Danna, but the hairdresser my mother found to do the cheap perm actually chemically burned my hair so as to leave 1/8" stubs! Needless to say, that was a look that would never be.

Thanks for making me smile today!

Anonymous said...

I just got my hair cut and hate it. Perhaps along long time for now, when I hit 40 something I will like my hair. Yuck!! Or maybe my eye site will start to fail and I will like my hair--whichever works!! Thanks for reminding me I need to color, too!


Sonya said...

Cute post, glad you didn't drown! Or worse, need to call the other EMT's for help. I can hear the call now, "emergency, woman stuck in drain, topless". Then the news headline would ask, "why so many stations responded!!" LOL!

Always fun to read your blogs.

The Patterson 5 said...

Hair tends to be of importance to us women. Once I tried to put some red tints in my hair, well it looked like Ronald Mcdonald and though it was suppossed to be temporary wash out...well it didn't. Now only my hairdresser knows the truth! And you and whoever reads this blog and I think maybe KC might remember.

My ADHD Me said...

Regarding the post from Sonya, even worse, it would have been MY crew responding to the 911 call!!

Edie said...

Now what I want to know is, does your crew know about this little emergency? Do they read your blog? Do they know you have a blog? What did you say was the station number? :D