Friday, June 27, 2008

Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice

I have 2 boys. I have been thru Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pokemon, and an entire arsenal of weapons. Before the first one was born, I had decided there would be no toy guns or knives in the house. That lasted about a minute. I discovered that if a little boy doesn't have a plastic gun to play with, he will make one out of ANYTHING. Guacamole once made one out of a piece of toast.

For 4 days this past week I had the pleasure of having my niece stay with me, (ET's daughter, not CK's). Taking care of and playing with a 10 year old little girl can't be that different from having boys...right? WRONG.

Did you know that there are probably 100's of Littlest Pet Shop animals?
Did you know that each one has a name?
Did you know that 10 year old little girls can name them all?
Did you know that Polly Pocket probably has 2,783 different outfit ensembles?
Did you know that each one is SO cute?
Did you know there is a new Disney movie out about a Panda?
Did you know that there is a child that can tell you the entire story and it only takes about as long as the actual movie?

I have saved odds and ends for craft projects in a large tub for years. I always wanted to sit down with my children and make fun crafts. My crafting skills are very limited but I had visions of my boys and I making all kinds of neat things to play with and to decorate our house with. They have always loved making crafts about as much as they love trips to the dentist, homework and housecleaning. Alas, the tub of craft supplies sat unused except for the occasional last minute scramble for a school project....that is due tomorrow.....that I just found out about 5 minutes ago...that was assigned 6 weeks ago......that is more intricate and complex as anything I could ever imagine. You just wait until you need to make a nucleus out of packing popcorn, string, paperclips, rubberbands and fruit loops. (It was complex, there were 3 pages of instructions, it took him all of 15 minutes to literally throw it together and he got an A......I got a migraine.)

SO, the craft supplies sat and they sat and they sat. Although I tried on numerous occasions to get them to do just didn't happen.

Did you know little girls love to do crafts?
Did you know that glitter and feathers make great outfits for little people made out of clothespins?
Did you know that some vacuum cleaners don't pick up glitter?
Did you know that you can name every craft you make?
Did you know that if you have enough small boxes, you can make an entire village for clothespin and cork people?
Did you know you have to drink alot of wine to get the corks to make all those people?
Did you know that you can reach a point where you are completely "crafted out?"
BUT, ha ha
Did you know that you can "surprise" your sister when your niece goes home with 3 boxes and 2 large department store bags of decorations for her house?......all adorned abundantly with glitter that will be floating thru her house for months and months to come?

Did you know that little girls never ever ever stop talking? I think I finally met my match.
Did you know that Drake and Josh's little sister is now iCarley?
Did you know that Disney has it's own channel?
Also, who are these Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montanna people?
Did you know that everything small is SO CUTE?
Did you know that all animals are SO CUTE?
(did you know how refreshing it is to hear something is SO CUTE instead of calling it fat or gay.... not that there's anything wrong with that).

Well, my sweet niece's dad picked her up Thursday afternoon. I laid down on the sofa and listened to the quiet. Alberquando was quietly playing a game on the computer. Guacamole was either still asleep or at a friend's house (I can't remember).

It was so quiet.
It was so peaceful.

I opened my eyes and looked around at the sleeping bags, the large tub of left over crafts (considerably smaller), the box of dozens of polly pockets, the 2,783 outfit ensembles, the littlest pet shop animals (all borrowed from a neighbor with girls), the borrowed videos ( Hannah and Lizzie).

It was so quiet. (except, of course, for the thoughts that continually are rushing thru my head.)

Did you know that little girls smell so good?
Did you know that little girls have pretty pj's?
Did you know that little girls are fun?
Did you know that little girls are SO CUTE?
Did you know I miss her already?


Truth4thejourney said...

This was a sweet post. I'm glad you had a chance to play with your neice for a few days. Making memories for both of you.

PS. The glitter will probably be around for years to come! Don't be surprised if you find it on your clothes, in your hair, on your face..... it should come with a warning --- PERMANANT!

The Patterson 5 said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!
The world of little girls is so different than little boys! CK daughter #1 showed me all about the Polly's and all the outfits, pets and accesories!

Chatty Kelly said...

This is one of your best blogs ever. SO CUTE! Seriously, you stayed on target nearly the entire time, and it was really a great tribute. I enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Do you know that I already had 7 cut out shoe boxes that "home" little sponge people that she has named and can tell you who each one is even though they are the same color. But, apparently we got to throw those away because yours are better??
Did you know I got introduced to each and everyone of those crafts by their name?
Did you know that CJ has glitter in his hair today and he wasn't even there??
Do you know how much I appreciate you taking care of TNT???


HisPrincess said...

Did you know that little girls grow into big girls?

Did you know that big teenage girls grow horns and a spiked tail overnight? And then wings and a halo the following night?

Did you know that big teenage girls still thing everything small is SO CUTE?

Did you know that big teenage girls turn into mini mothers of their younger brothers, and all the younger brothers of her teenage friends are SO CUTE?

LOL! They don't really change all that much!