Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bathing Suits and Hiking Boots

Today is the day. The day we dread. It will be a wonderful day. A fabulous and pampered day but Never-the-Less it is also the dreaded day that comes every year. Today is the "First Day I Put on a Bathing Suit Day". (first day of the season, I mean, duh)
I'm going to an event that I went to last year with my sister, CK. We had a blast. It is at a local pool. It's to give moms that "last day" to be pampered and free before summer vacation. It is entirely set up so moms don't need to lift a finger. 2 big pools, lunch prepared and served (by local high school and college boys), (and by served I mean literally brought out and handed to you while you're laying out in a lounge chair). They come and refill your drinks continually, there's even child care provided (mine are in school but I can definately remember a day when that alone would have been a blessing). AND Door Prizes! They gave out tones of them last year. Of course we didn't win one but that was ok, we really didn't expect that----it's in our genes when it comes to winning (or should I say Not winning contests etc).

OK, ok, ok, ok, ok...I'm back on track....THE DAY WE DREAD!! The official putting on of the swimsuit day. Now I shouldn't worry too bad. I went last year and survived and I've lost over 40 lbs since then (thanks to a diet of starve yourself until you feel like you're going to pass out and then eating 2 cheese nips while you sit down and put your head between your legs so you don't hit the floor). Please now, no comments on the correct way to lose weight. I know, I's that instant gratification thing I struggle with. I'm not doing it anymore (for now) and I know that the weight will come flooding back as soon as I eat a regular meal but hey, at least I made it til today.

OK, back to the point....even with the lost weight, the bathing suit Is SO Intimidating!! I'm still bigger than I would like to be (but hey! I just had a baby, I'll use that excuse.....of course "Just" had a baby is a relative statement. My "Just" is 12 years ago...but who's counting anyway) My legs are so white they glow in the dark....except for the few uneven dark streaks around my knees and ankles where I tried to apply self tanner. And yes, I exfoliated and yes I moisturized, but I always get the dark patches yet I still insist on retrying.
ALSO, among other things, I have a foot thing. NOT A THING ON MY FOOT, but a "foot thing". Meaning I ALWAYS wear shoes or hiking boots and socks or tights/hose and closed toe pumps. ALWAYS. My feet are normal, (I think) I just always keep them covered. Well, that's a hard thing to do at the pool. But today I will be bareing it all. Even my feet! (and you thought YOU had issues! ) I'll be brave, I'll do it and guess what! I'll have fun!! (I wonder if people would notice if I wear hiking boots with my bathing suit??)


The Patterson 5 said...

This is so funny and true! I don't care how great or not so great our bodies look we still do not like exposing them at the pool! A friend who did just have her third baby last Sept. put on her bathing suite and looked in the mirror. She was shocked that things just were not the same! Hope you have a fun day and know that all the other women feel just like you do!

Chatty Kelly said...

I was thinking of wearing a bikini. JUST KIDDING! Everyone does hate this day, except there is always 1 person who looks fantabulous, and we all join in mock hate of that person. Actually its just jealous. And hey, if real beauty comes from the inside, who cares what you look like in a swim suit? (who indeed!)

Anonymous said...

don't hate me because I'm beautiful!!