Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sydney Update

I think things are going to work out just fine.

The comments I read on the last blog were all correct and even though I had been hoping that alot of her actions were due to a new house, new family, being out of the cage at the kennel, etc, it was good to read that someone else was thinking the same thing.

48 hours has made a huge difference, (alright, it's only been about 43 hours...geez, you guys, give me a break!)

She's still active, wild and crazy but in a good way. AND, she stopped banging her head on the wall.....and so have I.

Alberquando took her for 3 walks around the block....actually it was 2 1/2. On the first walk, Sydney saw a squirrel and Alberquando learned that you need to hold the leash with both hands. Unfortunately he learned that after being dragged about 10 feet on his hands and knees. (The bleeding has stopped). I was really glad when after about 20 minutes of laying in the recliner like he had been run over by a truck that Alberquando picked up the leash and went and tried again. He asked me to go with him but I told him that I wanted him to try it alone again first (get right back up on the horse). After I gave him a few quick instructions on trying to let her know who was in charge, they left again....and made it home intact.

The first night she never stopped panting. Hard and loud panting. We would try to console her or love on her but she wouldn't hold still long enough. When we took her outside she would run back and forth across the yard as fast as and as many times as she could, then she would come in and lay there prone and panting, and then do it again inside. She also wasn't a "touchy-feely-lovey" dog...sounds like someone else we all know...except for the dog part....I'm not a dog (Really, I'm not.....I'm not a Junebug either).

Already now she will lay down beside us and the panting has subsided considerably.

Oh yeah...AND SHE IS HOUSE TRAINED!! That was my #1 concern when we went and picked her out, but at the pound they can't be sure if they are or aren't. Whew.

Well, I better go check on her. She's been awfully quiet for a while. She's probably in the other room quietly and calmly eating the sofa.

(as in Purina)


Anonymous said...

last line=funny
not funny gay (not that there is anything wrong with that)funny haha


Chatty Kelly said...

Hope your sofa is in tact. Who picked ou Sydney's name?