Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sister Number Three

The other sister----Once upon a time there were three really, I'm not talking about that kind of sister. I'm talking about my OTHER sister. You always hear me talking about my sister, CK, but there is another sister too. We'll call her ET ( as in ET phone home). I thought about her yesterday as I read her comment to my blog....she's the anonymous one that said she was sitting home doing laundry while CK and I were out at the pool. She's just as important to us as we are to each other. We just don't see her as often as she lives on the other side of the world....ok, it's actually about 45 minutes away but CK lives about 7 minutes away. So you see, we aren't cruel and hateful and don't leave her out of everything. As a matter of fact, we "Let" her fix Thanksgiving dinner every year!

I am truly a hermit. (do you like the way I easily moved into that last statement, This is flowing like a best selling novel ) My very good friend RB tells me I am agoraphobic but I find that completely utterly ridiculous as I have absolutely NO fear of rabbits...Agoraphobic can easily be mispronounced ANGORAPHOBIC (I got the red line...don't think there is such a word). Since Angora is the wool or hair of a rabbit...or goat-but I'm not talking about goats so get off that subject- then you would automatically assume that an ANGORAPHOBIC is one that is afraid of rabbits or rabbit hair. Well, I AM NOT AFRAID OF RABBITS---well, I might be if one ever attacked me but I don't think they do that. (the mention of angoraphobia was not completely rambleing and losing site of what I was talking refers to the reason I don't get to ET's house as often as I would like to)

Back to the other sister, ET,I go to visit her as often as possible but you wouldn't believe the preparation that goes into those visits! You would think I was packing for a trip to Florida!

GREAT, Now I have completely forgotten what the point of this blog was.

When I started this, I was thinking about how amazing it is that 3 women born of the same 2 parents could be so incredibly different. I mean you see it all the time. It was going to be a very introspective and thought provoking blog.....LOST THAT BATTLE! As for CK , ET, and I, We all love each other regardless of the fact that we are so VERY VERY different. But, Look at CK's 2 princesses--night and day. Actually, Look at CK and ME...believe it or not, we are alot alike but to most people it is more like ....hhhmm( I need a metaphor even bigger than day and night)... you know what I mean. Well, ET is even opposite of that. She used to be shy, so INCREDIBLY shy. The kind of shy that looks at the floor alot. She just dreaded going places with me. She would ask me why I felt the need to talk to EVERYBODY....including the lady at the snack bar....the man that runs the elevator....the stranger in the waiting room.....everyone and drove her CRAZY (welcome to my world). She hated it because If I spoke to someone, then they would look at me and then they would see her....trying desperately to hide behind me! She's alot better than she used to be about that. But I think I still drive her crazy...imagine that!

So anyway, this blog has been the epitome of utterly nothing. As I re-read it I am considering deleting and starting over but what would I talk about then....I warned you in my profile I tend to ramble but even I have lost focus on this....ok that's not such a great comparison as I loose focus alot.

Anyway, we missed you yesterday ET. I wish I had known you were home folding laundry because I had some that needed folding also. And to the rest of you that actually finished reading this blog....I'm have just lost 3-4 minutes of your life that you will never regain, well, at least you weren't folding laundry.

I'll do better next time..... really, I will......uh oh....pressure..........


My ADHD Me said...

Losing Focus....monkey's are funny....

Chatty Kelly said...

Loved it. Especially that you comment on your own blog. That is crazy.

Just remember, having lots of "friends" (or sisters) means you do different things with different ones. It is allowed. You spend the night with ET often. This was our annual pool day. No guilt!

The Patterson 5 said...

You all three are great fun to be around! As for making it to the end I literally laughed out loud when you said you wished you knew ET was home folding laundry because you had some that needed folding too!
All three of you are such strong, courageous women and I am so glad I know you!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I did make it to the end of that one. But I must admit that I almost got lost with the "rabbit talk" in the middle. I am raising three very different little girls. They are all very different and I'm thankful for the variety in their personalities. I also have a sister. She and I are truly "Night and Day" even down to the hair color. She's the brunette so I let her be night and I get to be day - bright and sunny!
Keep writing!