Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Part 2 of Bathing Suits and Hiking Boots

I DID IT!! YEA!! I wore my bathing suit (along with sneakers and socks---which I DID remove--the sneakers and socks, not the bathing suit). And I had SO much fun. CK and I went to the pool and had a blast. It was just over SO fast. Time really does fly when you're having fun. Of course there were some typical "Me" moments: I told you all on another blog that my sister, CK is VERY punctual and pulled together. Always on schedule, remembers the sunscreen etc. Well, I was going to prove to her that I could be that way too. I got ready, set my timer for 10 minutes before I needed to leave (I live by my timer), did some stuff around the house (ok, spent too much time reading and writing this mornings blog), and anyway, just puttered around.

The timer goes off so I take everything I need to the car AHEAD of time so when it was time to go I could grab my H2O bottle and go. AAHhh, if life was just that easy. Everything is in the car, I grab my H2O, lock the door, get in the car, I'm going to be where are my keys? I started to sweat. I emptied my purse on the ground, emptied my pool bag, shook out the towel, checked inside the car and under the seats (luckily that was unlocked) I checked everywhere! I was sure that when I had earlier put everything in the car that I had thrown my keys in. I went to the place we hide the spare key and it was gone! (I was sure I put it back last time....didn't I?)

OK, it's really getting hot now . I read somewhere that the definition of insanity is trying something that doesn't work and repeating it over and over again hoping it will (well, it went something like that) (kind of like putting more money in a vending machine that just ate your dollar) . So what did I do? I re-emptied my purse and pool bag, re-searched the car, re-searched the secret hiding spot and wonder of wonders....STILL no key. I had definately left it locked in the house. I was in a quandary. ( I was going to say I was in a state of quandary but actually I am in the state of Virginia and you can't be in 2 states at once...well, I think there is one place where that is possible but it definately isn't here) By now it was approx 11:05. I am supposed to meet her at the pool at 11:00.

Poor CK, there is my name on her cell phone's caller ID----again. Of course she was already there, had dropped off her princess in the child care and was getting us a great place to sit .....and I'm standing in my driveway. She's a trooper (not a SUV). She came and picked me up ( about 8-10 min away at most-thank goodness). She didn't complain and only laughed at me for a very short time. I'm starting to think I really owe her big time.

When we finally got there and were situated we really had a great time. I got to talk to some of the moms of kids I occasionally babysit for and realized they they have real names besides "so-and-so's mom". I even REMEMBERED their names (CK did have to remind me once....or twice) So, Hi to "V" and "S''. It was fun spending some time talking to you both today......I did stop talking enough for you to get a word in edgewise, didn't I? (the amazing thing is they still let me watch their children!)

AND, AND, AND....after posting this morning that CK and I never win anything, we BOTH won a door prize. Also, I now remember that she usually does win that kind of thing but seriously, I never do. So, never say Never. Yippie. OK, it wasn't a million dollars but it was 3 free trips to the tanning booth. That means for a short time my legs and arms will be the same color as my ankles, knees and elbows!!

Happy Day!!


Anonymous said...

Actually you can be in 4 states at one time: Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona, so you can still be in the state of Virginia and the state of quandary. PS glad y'all had fun while the ugly little sister sat at home and did laundry and had to take it upstairs (up hill both ways!!)


Sonya said...

I laughed today when I read your post. I am sorry you lost your keys, but such is life. Stuff like that actaully does happen to most of us, CK excluded of course.

Chatty Kelly said...

I think you also live in the state of confusion, so there you go!

It was fun. Since you didn't say - I won a $20 gc to a mexican restaurant. I wonder if I'll see Alberquando and Guacamole there?

Thanks for coming. Same time next year!

Sue J said...

You could be in a New York state of mind.... and CK could be at the Ball of Confusion (HA!)

I laughed so hard at part 1 of this story that I had to save part 2 for later. I am so glad that you survived. I have visions of this playing out like an episode of the late Steve Irwin's crocodile adventures. "I'm approaching the keys and--WHOA!--squirrely ones, aren't they?"

I chatted with my sister today. She says my blog sounds like I'm talking with her, and she says she wants to talk back. I told her she needs to blog. She laughed and said, no....for similar reasons as someone else who didn't want to blog :-)

I'm linking her up with you! (But, remember, this was all CK's idea!)

Enjoy these last days of freedom.

Anonymous said...

YEAH! You won the tanning booth sessions - no more self tanner issues for you! I too had a wonderful time yesterday. They really need to do that more often! And of course I still want you to watch my little angel. Because one day she will stop crying!!!

The Patterson 5 said...

I loose my keys sometimes (actually a lot so I know the feeling) I am glad the day did go well!