Friday, June 6, 2008

Quandarys And Quadrigas

Today is the last full day of school.

I'm sitting here staring at this empty screen. I have written and deleted and written and deleted and written and deleted. I need to start taking my Adderall (Riddalin (sp?) AFTER I blog. AKA---yesterdays blog. The Adderall does help some but not completely. My doctor says I am one of the few people that could probably use a higher dose. The FDA disagrees as I am at the highest legal dose allowed. SO....

What to do today? Another Quandary. I talked about being in a state of Quandary another day this week. I just looked up that word in the dictionary (sometimes I use the book instead of . I knew I had the spelling correct (thanks to the lack of the little red line) but I just wanted to read the definition again to make sure I was using the same word I was thinking of. Well, according to Webster, I don't think it is possible to be in "a state of quandary". The definition of Quandary is "a state of perplexity , a puzzling situation". THEREFORE to say I am in a State of Quandary is like saying "I am in a State of a State of Perplexity". So I am not in a STATE of quandary....just a quandary. (but it's bigger than Texas) Whew, aren't you glad I straighten that out.

BTW, did you know that a "quadriga" is a Four Horsed Chariot? OK, I'm closing the dictionary now. HHmmm another quandary....The word Quadriga gets the little red line. I re-checked Webster and I checked and it is spelled correctly. I BEAT THE LITTLE RED LINE!!

I think my doctor was right. What does the FDA know anyway..............


Sue J said...

Quadriga = Quad + Rig (a rig with four legs, yes?)

Never pooh-pooh the dictionary. It can be your best friend, as in beating the little red line, because the Word Processing dictionary is not all-inclusive. Good for you!!

Your blog is a quadrillion times funny! ( little red line! Even the WP dictionary says you're legit!)

Chatty Kelly said...

I was hoping quadriga would stump Sue J,but of course she got it right away. Dang. That puts me in a QUAGMIRE.

Good job on stumping the little red line. Now who's in charge?

The Patterson 5 said...

You guys are way too smart for me! I have the book dictionary too! :) The computer one-just to high tech for me.